NGP gets a hardware downgrade

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Sony has downgraded the specs of its PSP successor, the NGP, so that it can be priced within the same region as Nintendo’s 3DS.

Rumour also has it that Sony intends to release the NGP in Japan this year and the rest of the world next year. The firm is apparently aiming to price non-3G models of the portable competitively with the 3DS, which launched in UK for £229.99 and in US for $249.99.

This price cut is not without sacrifice however, with Sony having to make some downgrading revisions to the hardware specifications it originally gave to developers. On board RAM and VRAM have apparently been cut in half to 256MB and 128MB respectively.

The impact of this change won’t be too significant supposedly, provided the access speed for the machine’s external memory card is fast enough, although Sony has apparently had to reduce the size of the console’s operating system to save space, and 26MB of RAM will reportedly be available for functions that require quick access.

Sony has scrapped plans to include 16GB of internal storage, instead opting to use external memory cards exclusively for storage. Early NGP dev kits apparently features a memory card slot that suggested a new format of memory card designed to provide mass external storage for the device, similar in architecture to SD cards.

Take note potential buyers. Make sure you know what you’re getting into to.

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  • “£229.99 and in US for $249.99”

    They just don’t get exchange rates do they, you do British gamers always have to pay more its biest and unfair, $249.99 is £152.56 going by today’s exchange rate and if it was the other way round £229.99 is $376.84

    Would love for someone to give me a reasonable explanation for this trend that has pissed off us brits for years. Our minimum wages are pretty much the same in the UK as USA (just checked) so why should we pay so much more especially when 2.46 million of the 61,838,154 Uk inhabitants are currently out of work which is about 8 percent (I think, maths never was my strong point).

    • “you do British gamers always”

      Sorry was meant to say “why do British gamers always…”

  • …. not kewl.

  • that sucks, would have much rather paid the extra $ to have a portable device suped up at the same size


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