Nine Things We Want In Mass Effect 3

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Mass Effect, as a series, has come a long, long way. After its initial launch with Mass Effect in 2007, the game was met with overwhelmingly positive response, and seeing how successful the first game was, BioWare soon developed Mass Effect 2, which was even better than its predecessor, and saw even greater success. After the release of just two games, Mass Effect has been touted by many as one of the best- if not the best- franchises this generation has procured.

And now, the conclusion to this epic trilogy is nearing- while Mass Effect 3 will not be the last of this beloved series, it certainly is the conclusion to Shepard’s Mass Effect trilogy.

But with such high standards and benchmarks set by Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 can the third game in the series actually match up to all the hype and expectations? What does it have to do to live up to the sky-high standards of quality set up by the first two superb titles? We will list nine things we definitely want to see in Mass Effect 3 below- nine things that will, most probably, make Mass Effect 3 the ultimate role-playing/action/shooting/storytelling, heck any gaming experience.

Mass Effect 3- Spike Video Game Awards World Premier Trailer

Enjoy the list, and tell us if you agree with it or not in your extremely valuable comments below!

Not So Illusive

After all the mysteries that Mass Effect 2 tackled, the biggest question that it created was the identity of the Illusive Man. Who is this guy? All we have been told is that he is the “boss” of the pro-human organization, Cerberus, that shows a keen interest in the Collectors and Commander Shepard. Other then that, and the fact that this guy is a chained smoker, we know nothing- from the very beginning of ME2, he has been referred to as The Illusive Man. But why is he so illusive? What’s his past? What’s his real name? And the biggest question of all- is he really one of the good guys?

If either of you followed the Illusive Man’s orders at the end of Mass Effect 2 and did not destroy the Collector base, the Cerberus Head is shown sitting in his usual place, with a sinister smirk across his face. Does this mean he’s the bad guy? But if he is, why is he against the Collectors? Why is he trying to help Humanity, and the rest of the Galaxy along with it? Does he have his own personal reasons? If yes, then what are they? Does he have a past with the Collectors and the Reapers, that stretches back to before we can imagine? And what the hell is that huge star that his office overlooks? Well, we know none of that- yet. Hopefully, the upcoming comic book series, Mass Effect: Evolution along with Mass Effect 3 will solve all these riddles for us.

Role Playing

One of the best, and arguably also the worst, things about Mass Effect 2 was how it streamlined the entire experience, and how it made the series so much more action oriented. But many Role Playing fans cried foul at that, and criticized Mass Effect 2 for these very reasons, because it took away a lot of the RPG elements that made the original Mass Effect so good. The ability to level up whenever we wanted, using the XP we had earned through our battles, and many other Role Playing elements were removed, so that Mass Effect 2 felt more of a third person shooter.

We would love to see some more role playing elements in Mass Effect 3. Not the cluttered and untidy inventories and menus of Mass Effect 1, no. Try to keep the game as streamlined and neat as possible, but give us a bit more control over how our character levels up. or the ability to customize our powers and traits at will. A cross between the original game and Mass Effect 2 would do the job perfectly, I think.

Cross Firing

Those who have played Mass Effect 2 already know that Shepard is no longer working with the Alliance, and at the end of the game, we have an option of leaving Cerberus as well. Seeing as the Alliance and Cerberus don’t really see eye to eye, and given the fact that Cerberus is now on Shepard’s tail and the Alliance has little to do with the Commander, BioWare can explore some interesting plot angles keeping all this in mind. Not just this, there’s a hell lot of other wars and battles going on in the galaxy. The quarians are about to launch a full scale attack on the geth, which can turn out either way, depending upon whether you destroyed the Heretics in Mass Effect 2 or re-wrote them (presumably). The krogan look as if they are ready to come out of the shithole that is Tuchanka. The Citadel has a lot of politics going on within itself, and the entire galaxy is just kind of screwing itself up. Not to mention the fact that an entire fleat of Reapers is descending upon the Milky Way.

Seeing as Mass Effect 3 will be concluding the trilogy, we expect it to deal with all the loose ends and questions created by the first two games, and tackle all these plot strands, while not getting convoluted and making sense. I would definitely love to see how the galaxy copes not just with the Reapers, but with its own ongoing wars and battles. It can provide for interesting and awesomely epic set pieces.

Qurians vs the Geth

The quarians created the geth. The geth went rogue, and drove the quarians out of their homeworld, forcing them into exile, and then sided with a Reaper, endangering all of the galaxy. The quarians are now ready to take back what is theirs, and with an army of fifty thousand- and counting- they are about to launch a full scale attack on the geth. One word to describe the situation- epic. Especially considering the fact that Mass Effect 3, as a conclusion to the trilogy, can delve upon this heavily. But our decisions from the past games have influence this heavily. We don’t know yet, but I’m guessing- in Mass Effect 2, during Legion’s loyalty mission, we had the option of blowing up an entire geth station, causing the heretics- the “evil” geth- to be completely wiped out.

The other option was re-writing the heretics’ memories, so that they could join the “good” geth again. Now I’m guessing this story arch here has a lot of variables within itself. What would make sense is this- if we did not destroy the geth base, the geth would have a stronger army, and have higher chances to fight against the Flotilla fleet, meaning that the quarians could very well be facing extinction. However, it can also mean that Shepard has finally managed to knock some sense into the geth, and they will surrender all their evil activities, come to the humans’ aid in the fight against the Reapers, so that neither the quarians, nor the geth have to die.

The third option- If we do destroy the station, the geth would be less in number, and would be much weaker, meaning that the quarians can very well overwhelm the synthetics taking back their homeworld, and wiping out the geth completely. Or we can have the second option repeating itself here again. Whichever variable comes across as the one that finally turns out to be right, it will be interesting to see just how it pans out, and how two species resolve hatred between each other- hatred that has been brewing for ages.

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  • NO multipalyer.

    • Thank you. I completely agree. It would ruin the game as a whole, most likely bogging the experience down by way of forcing the development team to waste precious time on an unwanted component.

    • me

      Totally agree. Do one thing and do it AWESOME. There are plenty of multiplayer shooters in the market. Stick to being epic. Stick to creating the greatest work of interactive fiction ever conceived.

    • If you guys put muitipalyer in “you’ll have to pull a singularity out your ass!”

  • Love the mass effect series. If bioware chooses to implement a multiplayer component, I for one am all for it. This might be a 3 disc game for the 360. I trust this developer like no other and am sure they will not botch it. For those of us who love the mass effect universe how awesome would it be to have a multiplayer where this amazing game could continually reinvent itself over time while awaiting the next installment in the Mass Effect galaxy! In addition to great single player dlc please.. not sure how they will handle dlc for the next game as sheperds story is to be concluding but I’m sure they will have some sort of fan service for us. I am looking forward to this game like no other.

  • Whilst I am looking forward to Mass effect 3 I hope they don’t rush it out and ruin it,also I hope they don’t remove Role playing elements to satisfy shooting fanatics like they did with Mass effect 2,I want more of a Mass Effect 1 game with plenty of interaction,exploration and many more hours of game-play,also regarding your comments about multiplayer,I hope they don’t implement this because it will destroy the game,it will become just like every other xbox live shooter out there,no story line and just a load of idiots running around shooting each other.

  • I think BioWare could easily address the background and minor plot lines AND multiplayer in one fell swoop – save it for a WoW-esque (but not as massively time-consuming) ME4 installment, after Shephard saves the universe and concludes his (or her) personal issues. Players could choose their character’s race, affiliations, and battles to fight.

  • “And of course there have to be more Rachni for the queen to breed… it’ll be kind of hard for her to have children all by herself, you know.”

    Not true. Rachni are insect(oid)s, and many insects can breed without mates. Many species of ants, for example, will often begin a colony with a single female queen, who starts by cloning herself a few hundred times, producing sterile workers to do the initial colony-building work. Once the colony’s in decent starting shape, she’ll start squeezing out males to let her produce proper offspring. Thus, it’s standard practice for them to go from one entity to a full, thriving colony.

    Yay for random wikipedia articles I read years ago! 🙂

  • While I agree that I wouldn’t want to have a reboot of my character again (don’t know how they could do this without it feeling a bit tired), the problem I foresee is huge: I have 2 characters that I’ve played through both games in the series so far, and one I played mostly paragon, the other I played mostly renegade. So, my issue is this: at the end of the second game, the paragon Shepard seemed to walk away from Cerberus after destroying the reaper. With renegade Shepard, I kept the reaper, and stayed with Cerberus. I don’t know how they could jive those two plotlines together without some sort of “whoops, you died again” thing going on. One thing is for sure, November 2011 can’t come soon enough for me!

  • Please whatever you do Bioware, PLEASE stop with the horribly lame mining from ME2 and the even worse planet visiting from the ME1. If you are going to open the world up for exploring at least make it exciting and not mind numbingly dull.

    Also… how about some space combat? I’m flying all over the galaxies and destroying pirate bases and killing bad guys but I never once get attacked by a random bad guy?

    and bring back the RPG! I love the story but I would love at least SOME elements of RPG in this game!

    • In regards to the space combat, which I would also like to see, I really hope you don’t mean random encounters like the Final Fantasy series.

  • I agree with the first guy…NO MULTIPLAYER

  • I really don’t want a multiplayer if it’s gonna be like COD or Halo. Mass Effect is about the immersive and amazing single player.

  • I agree with just about everything on your list. However I think multiplayer, is risky. As long as it doesn’t interfere with the full development of the primary campaign then I’m OK with it.

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  • NO multiplayer. UNLESS it is co-op. I’m sick and tired of not getting co-op in games. If we do get it, it’s horrible. I’m talking Doom 1 and 2 style co-op. The exact SP experience, but with more than one player. There’s 0 reason not to allow that option.

  • I think that you should be able to combine the skills learned in mass effect 1 and 2 so that I can be a soldier/sentinel. Hope someone makes this a reality in the game!

  • I believe in BioWare enough to assume that there will be no multiplayer component to Mass Effect 3. It would go against everything they’ve worked up to in relation to the rest of the series.

    A separate Mass Effect multiplayer game would make more sense, however, it wouldn’t be necessary. Fanboys and nincompoops just like to dream.

  • rak33n

    ive been hoping for cross fireing for the longest i hope it makes it

  • I don’t think i would mind a multiplayer in ME3 as long as it didn’t really effect the game if you didn’t play with someone else.

    I’ll use ME2 as an example, if the other player could take over one of your squad so that they could deploy as a second team such as during the final battle, they could control the second squad and they have to complete that side of the mission, or just as one of your 3 man team.

    They could also have some small talking bits like during Thanes Loyalty mission, you would be Shepard and they would be Thane and between both of you, you could get the info.

    What does anyone else think?

  • You have some valid points in your article but you also have quite a few misconceptions thrown in and as manyhere have already stted: MP is a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad horrible screwed up retarded idea.


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