Ninja Theory On Hellblade Running At 1080p/60fps On PS4: We’ll Be Thinking About It Down The Line

‘It’s too early to say anything about it,’ says Ninja Theory.

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Hellblade 1

Ninja Theory’s next big game Hellblade will be a timed PlayStation 4 exclusive. The studio is famous for several underrated games like DmC: Devil May Cry, Enslaved and one of the early PlayStation 3 exclusives, Heavenly Sword. Given that Ninja Theory are currently focusing only on the PlayStation 4 version, will the game run at 1080p and 60fps?

“It’s too early for us to be able to say. At the moment, we’re only in the prototyping phase, so we’re still just exploring options, and it’s too early for us to be able to say anything more about it,” Ninja Theory’s Dominic Matthews said to GamingBolt.

“We’re just focusing on what the world is going to look like, what the combat is going to look like, what’s the camera gonna look like, all those things. And you know, we’ll be thinking about frame rates and resolution and openly talking about down the line.”

Let’s just hope that they get the gameplay right first and then pump it up to 1080p and 60 frames per second. Given that Hellblade is an action game, expecting 60 fps should be on the cards. But whether they will be able to achieve it is something that remains to be seen.

Hellblade will releases sometime in 2015.

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  • Psionicinversion

    having a laugh, the console look like crap runnigng at 60 with the settings massively reduced. If they want to do it 60fps they need do it now and make sure the engine can handle it with design decisions around it then at leats later theyve got the option of dropping it to 30

    • tom tim

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    • Mark

      I agree. Implement 60fps first. Waaayy more impactful on controller response, and ultimately better GAMEPLAY, than just looking at a slightly sharper 1080p image. It’s truly messed up how some peoples’ demand for 2m pixels are attempting to hurt the decisions of these studios. This is a game I’m eyeing hard, although I ony have an X1 atm. It will almost certainly bring back that Ninja Gaiden feel. Keep the QTE’s down to a minimum.

      But yeah man I’m hoping they shoot for 60fps now. Why the heck is resolution the FIRST DARN QUESTION these journalists ask these guys man?! THAT, COMES TOWARD THE END OF DEVELOPEMENT!


      not all games absolutely require 60fps.
      for example, take god of war 3. does it need 60 or 120 fps? would it play 2 times better than 30 fps ?
      i prefer a monster 1080p god of war 4, with photorealistic graphics, at 30 fps, with perfect crisp textures, little compression, perfect anti-aliasing processing so everything looks like a pixar-rendered movie, with incredible particle effects, tons of enemies on the screen, several huge monsters, perfectly animated, at the same time, and a kratos with 100-200’000 polygons
      … 60fps…
      with empty sceneries, ugly compressed textures, bad antialiasing, low polygons, etc etc. smaller levels, less visual polishing, etc etc, as the quest for the 60 fps will eat up all the resources, coders will have to do miracles in order to have a stable 60fps, while, at 30fps, they can concentrate on making the best visuals as possible.

      so no.
      only the pcs guys suddenly started asking 60fps for console games, like it had to become a true and mandatory standard.
      NO. console gamers aren’t after 3000 fps. console gamers want their next gen consoles to bring much better graphics than the previous generation. that’s why we buy a new console: we don’t buy it, to get 60 or 120 fps. we buy it for better visuals.
      and because the power in consoles aren’t “unlimited” as on computers, as we can’t upgrade parts, we prefer better visuals than twice the fps.

      of course, 60fps IS FANTASTIC. but between visuals
      2 times better, and double framerate, i, and hundreds millions console gamers, we prefer the better visuals OVER double framerate.

      look at forza5. yes, they reached the 1080p60fps. but look at the huge downgrade from E3, look how textures are muddy, compressed, less shiny effects, tracks almost empty, with huge lens flare effects to hide a huge emptiness, even the public was in 2d.etc etc.
      bUT YES, they reached 60fps. but the price to pay is the visuals, that had to be downgraded like 2x, compared to E3.

      that’s the cost of the 60fps.

      i wish studios could give people the option to choose between 30 fps, and much better visuals, or 60fps, and less good visuals. i am sure +90% of console gamers, once they would see the huge difference in graphics, how much better they would look, at 30fps, compared to 60fps, they would set it at 30fps, and never change again.

    • Mark

      Whoa whoa, it’s all good bro. If u prefer 1080p 30fps all or nothing then cool man. To each his own when gaming. But let’s get a few things straight.

      1) I’m a console gamer (Xbox One)
      2) I never said 60fps needs to be in all games.
      3) Resolution is only a fraction of 3D graphics. Really only a slightly sharper image. Depending on size of TV, distance from couch, and if it’s upscaled or not.
      4) Framerate was everything in a game like Ninja Gaiden, one where fluidity of movement and timing is critical. That’s according to Peter Garza of developer Team Ninja, who says maintaining 60 frames per second was a top priority for the game. (Ninja Gaiden 3).
      5) Lastly, here’s a quote from a Team Ninja dev; “Well, this game is going to support 720p, and that is because we have determined that this is optimal resolution to get the best quality images out of the PS3.”

      He was hinting that running 720p instead of 1080p allowed the game to run flawlessly to support the proper combat they wanted. Even Crytek dropped resolution of Ryse to throw in more graphical elements. Look it up. Here, read this interview with Team Ninja.

    • Guest

      You know you fanboys are too funny, because the difference in controller response between 60fps and 30fps is smaller than the difference in image quality between 1080p and 900p. But you’re gonna sit here and downplay that, but play up the controller response? Please! 60fps is too cartoony, to fake, its only good for certain games

    • Mark

      I’m a fanboy of what exactly? Anyway, if u prefer 1080p and a lower frame rate on a fast action twitch based game like Ninja Gaiden, that’s ur preference. I only bring up that game because it sounds like Ninja Theory’s heading in that direction, combat and gameplay wise. 60fps made Ninja Gaiden what is was for me. And Team Ninja would agree, sorry.

    • Mark

      Also, even at 30fps, DriveClub has its own “cutbacks” imo. No car damage physics that affects car control, 2D cardboard crowds, etc. It’s all about the competence of the studio in the end. But I prefer 60fps in certain genres, that’s all.

  • Jecht_Sin

    The Pauperstation isn’t going to be able to run this at 60 fps. Too weak of a CPU.

  • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

    Spoilers: It won’t


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