Nintendo Needs To Ensure Red Dead Redemption 2 Launches On Switch For The Console To Sell Well

“If we’re stuck with just Nintendo content, that’s a problem.”

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Nintendo have always had trouble attracting and then keeping third party support for their consoles- and while the situation appears to be better for the Nintendo Switch so far, there are still a lot of questions about exactly what games will make it on the Switch, and whether third parties will actually take the system seriously, unlike what they did with the Wii and Wii U.

Michael Pachter has long said that unless Nintendo can get third party support for their system, they will be doomed to a niche, and he still maintains his position. In an exclusive interview with GamingBolt, he pointed out that unless Nintendo were to get games like Red Dead Redemption 2 on their system, they wouldn’t stand a chance in the market.

“I think Nintendo is about to embark on its second effort to be different, and I think their second failed effort,” he said. “I just don’t see NX being successful if third parties don’t embrace it. So if I were Mr. Kimishima, the first thing I would do would be to make sure that Red Dead launched on the NX.  You need Madden on there, you need Call of Duty on there, you need FIFA on there, and you need Red Dead on there. And if those were all on the NX, I think the NX would be phenomenally successful. If we’re stuck with just Nintendo content, that’s a problem.”

The thing is, so far, third parties do seem to be taking the system seriously- companies like Bethesda, Ubisoft, 2K, Activision, and even EA are all on board with it. The question of this one specific game, Red Dead, making it to the system is up in the air, but if Nintendo were to get all other games on their system, then I can hardly see Red Dead‘s absence breaking the system’s shot at success all by itself.

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  • d0x360

    Nintendo will have to pay Rockstar a **** load of money to get Red Dead or GTA on Switch.

    These games run on engines that have been fine tuned for 10+ years to work as efficiently as possible on x86 CPUs and pc centric GPUs.

    Running on the switch would require porting the engine and all the middle ware to ARM which is a RISC CPU aka REDUCED instruction set CPU.

    That is no easy feat but it’s possible. It would also take a dedicated team quite a while.

    Let’s also not forget the gulf in power between the switch and the modern consoles. On paper it may look like it can do what the Xbox or ps4 can do but it can’t. Not at the level of completion we are just now starting to see. nVidia is good but not that good. If they could design an ARM based CPU that good it would be in every device which was their original goal with tegra and look how that worked out.

    Nintendo was stupid to go with a RISC setup but they wanted that whole portable deal…all 3 potential hours worth wow! So happy to trade away all that free power so I can maybe game on the go for 3 hours

    Still…I’ll buy one because it’s Nintendo and I’ve owned every Nintendo system ever. Since this is probably their last it would be dumb to start skipping them now.

    I’ll say this… Nintendo is gonna be very unhappy when it comes time to relicense from nVidia. They are known to price low and then back you into a corner later. They did it to Microsoft, they did it to Sony and now they can do it to Nintendo! Don’t they wonder why everyone uses amd?

  • Dave

    you should just accept the fact that Nintendo consoles are designed for 1st party Nintendo franchises, sure you’ll get 1/2 games from other companies,

    i’m laughing at the desperation of trying to convince yourself that 3rd party studio games would come to this garbage under-powered mario console !

    and I’m laughing at the desperation of wanting the console to succeed, it’s prob going to sell less the Wii U and ignored by 99% of gamers

    with xbox one / ps4 nobody needs another home console, yes it’s a home console not portable 3ds

  • Gabriel Porto


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