Nintendo NX: New Trademark Suggests Handheld Support With Outward Facing Linear Image Sensors

Amiibo support is, of course included.

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nintendo nx

Because Nintendo isn’t talking, most of what we’ve been able to gather about the Nintendo NX is from several different patent applications that have been filed. The problem with this approach is that it’s always possible the company is going to file for patents that never end up in the finished product. Still, if the latest patent application can be trusted, it appears as if Nintendo’s next console could feature the ability to sync up with a handheld device (perhaps the way the PS4 and PS3 sync up with the Vita?)

Freepatentsonline was nice enough to give us our first look at this new patent and the helpful lads and ladies at Neogaf were able to break it down and show us the really pertinent info. The first thing that’s interesting is that Nintendo didn’t file this patent themselves. Clearly they’re still working hard at keeping information as quiet as possible. Instead, Fumihiko Inoue is the one that filed these patents, but the community has long known he was someone who files these on behalf of Nintendo.

So what did the actual filing reveal? The most interesting thing is the linear image sensor located, facing outside the housing. It appears that this kind of feature would allow for syncing with a handheld device. The technology included in this patent would also seemingly allow for Amiibo integration easier than it can be done with the Wii U or the 3DS. Check out the images below and see if anything stands out to you when it comes to this latest Nintendo NX filing.

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  • Ronaldo Chambers

    nintendo will be out of the console market within 5 years

    • Boonlumsion Piyapon

      base on Wikipedia

      Nintendo’s (2014) total equity is about 1.1 trillion yen with Total assets 1.3 trillion yen
      They don’t out of the console market any time soon

      but sony’s (2015) total equity is about 2.3 trillion yen with Total assets 15 trillion yen
      They are relies on debt, and have higher risk of bankruptcy.

      and ps is only about 13-15% of sony’s Business Segments.

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    • Ronaldo Chambers

      Its not only about how much money each company has in reserve the cdi didn’t make phillips broke and the n gage didn’t make nokia broke , if it gets to a stage where the nx is selling too few units after the failure of the wii u nintendo will stop making consoles even with large pools of money in reserve beccause their consumer confidence is too low. This is what I think will happen .

      The nx is going to come out either next year or in 2017 during the middle of the success being experienced by the ps4 and xbox one and will get blown away by the ps5 and the next xbox with 3 years from tha point however nintendo will find sucess in making 3rd party games and mobile games unlike sega

  • You should fix the headline, patents and trademarks are two different things

  • shadowhedgehogz

    I hope it’s going to use proper thumb sticks if it’s a handheld.. the 3DS is decent, but I find the slide pad too slippery and it’s not as good as the Vita’s control sticks imo.

    I’m actually hoping the NX is a handheld, and noticeably more powerful than the Vita.. Not that the Vita is weak, it’s just that being new it should surpass it easily.

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