Nintendo NX Reveal in September, Hardware Close to PS4 NEO in Power – Rumor

Most interesting- and a best case scenario for Nintendo as well.

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There is still not much known about the Nintendo NX, which is apparently due out in March 2017 worldwide. Nintendo are due to have their own event for the console later this year, where we will finally learn more about the enigmatic system, and exactly what it entails, but until then, any specific details regarding the system are thin on the ground.

But according to this new, highly detailed rumor by, Nintendo’s original strategy was not going to be this- the system was instead set for a November 2016 launch worldwide, and Nintendo had even committed to a massive publicity budget, before backing out abruptly at the last minute. True to what Nintendo said, the primary reason for this appears to have been games- Nintendo simply wanted to launch the system with a marketable launch lineup, something that the 3DS and Wii U both lacked, and were therefore willing to push the system into 2017 if necessary.

Among the games that were delayed, causing Nintendo to push the NX into next year, were three major third party games, including by Square Enix and Capcom. These two are apparently a part of an alliance of developers and publishers that Nintendo have formed as part of what is apparently internally being dubbed as ‘Operation Reconquer.’ Major third party games, including exclusives, are expected as a result of this strategy. Right now, Nintendo are expected to announce the NX in a major event in September, with a release in March 2017.

What Nintendo will not admit to is the PS4 Neo and Xbox One Scorpio both having thrown a wrench in their plans, as well, at least to an extent. Nintendo don’t want to release a system that is as utterly dwarfed by the competition as the Wii U was with the NX, especially since they are launching mid generation- so some tinkering of the specs has apparently also taken place, with the final system set to be close to the PS4 Neo in specs, but allegedly dwarfed by the Xbox One Scorpio.

Finally, the system will apparently allow eight native controllers to be connected to it at all times, which is a departure from the Wii U, which only allows for one primary controller (although a combination of up to eight controllers of multiple types can be connected to the Wii U as well, the only game to truly utilize this functionality was Super Smash Bros.). The system is therefore speculated to not have a controller like the Wii U, although GameBlog does note that the NX will apparently be ‘interesting and surprising.’ Apparently, developers, including European developers, are all rather positive on the NX.

Nintendo is interested in making it the cheapest machine on the market, but they will also apparently not discount it too heavily- which makes it sound like they are unwilling to take too much of a hit on the hardware.

All in all, this rumor sounds feasible, sensible, and believable to me- and in terms of what the NX is, it also sounds like it would be the best case scenario for Nintendo. Whether or not it is true remains to be seen- but for now, this rumor seems to paint a promising picture.

[Thanks to NeoGAF for the translation]

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  • JuiceMan_V

    Quite frankly i’ll believe it when I see it….After all,It’s just a rumor.

    • Hybrid Gamer Master Race

      I hope it’s true, but won’t be surprised if it’s not.

    • PCMR Truth™ #BlockMeIWin

      Nintendo destroying Sony and sending them back to the garbage movies they make is happening.

    • Joey Hurwitz

      Nope will never happen cause Nintendo is too cheap and once again a Nintendo system will be UNDER POWERED and all the companies will leave just like what happens with WiiU until they get a solid instal base PS4 and Xbox One will get all the good games Nintendo has to come out of their shell and push graphics and willing to sell a system at $400 plus which Nintendo is on record saying they want to sell it cheap and not take a lost TYPICAL NINTENDO which means ANOTHER DOOMED SYSTEM by Nintendo

    • PCMR Truth™ #BlockMeIWin

      Sony released an underpowered console, dumb loser. Wii U at least had games and now Nintendo is releasing a console with more power than the PS4 Pee-O so it will be pointless to buy a Cuckstation poor that still has no games. Keep crying, loser.

  • PCMR Truth™ #BlockMeIWin
    • Joey Hurwitz

      Really Nintendo has ALWAYS lost since Sony came into the picture and the WiiU and the GameCube were such hits NOT even the Xbox destroyed the GameCube in sales. Love Nintendo but if they screw up this time they may become another Sega I hope the NX is successful but at same time you can’t live on first party exclusives Nintendo NEEDS to bring games like Call of Duty,Battlefield,GTA,etc to be a hit otherwise Sony and Xbox will fight it out while Nintendo has another failed system on their hands

    • PCMR Truth™ #BlockMeIWin

      Games better on PC and not on the Cuckstation poor. Nintendo just needs NIntendo games while Sonycucks cry about their “Greatness” still delayed till 2018

    • Valfreyja

      School yard name calling huh? That doesn’t instantly out you as someone to be ignored at all.

  • Trill Talk

    I want to believe in this rumor but looking at Nintendo recent past don’t make this likely it really depends on the gimmicky this time around.then again power doesn’t make a good console games/3rd party support case in point ps2,nds,3ds,ps1.Theyll likely have to win back 3rd party support for the home console after WiiU it wont be easy but I’m sure Nintendo can pull it off

  • Eric Higgin

    Sony doesn’t show Neo at E3 and says that was the plan, similar announcement time frames (Sept ish), similar rumoured initial launch dates (late 2016), new potential launch dates (March), similar potential specs (4-5TFlops), NIN hybrid console theory, NIN patent of supplemental computing device, PS stating Neo sits alongside PS4 and compliments it, PS patent for new DS4 controller that looks like Wii U Pro controller, recent PS PR about how great Zelda is and they cant wait to play it, PS saying they plan to sell 20 Mil consoles this year, NIN rumour they plan to sell 20 Mil consoles year one, Leaked Neo documents showing Neo devkits are codenamed RX and NX, which RX is ironically linked to the AMD polaris GPU naming scheme, NX is the codename for NIN’s new console, also mentions potential launch date for Neo to be March 2017, when NIN NX lauches.MS going all out and launching 6TFlop Scorpio console, Sony (House) Admitting They Were Completely caught off guard and weren’t ready to compete with Scorpio (A blatant lie. No company would ever admit that to the public or you would be fired on the spot! You would however use that to make MS think your weak, then drop a massive announcement that is a hybrid PS NIN console), lastly the theory that Neo stands for Nintendo and X in NX is for PlayStation or Crossover……..


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