No Half Life 3 To Be Shown At E3, Valve Not Attending

Now, where have we heard something like this before?

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ValveTime recently emailed Valve Software as to whether the developer would be attending E3 this year – and also, for the heck of it, showcasing Half Life 3. Valve’s response? Well, you can check out Doug Lombardi’s exact reply in a Twitter post that the news site recently shared.

Now, the interesting part is that Valve announced something similar in 2010, just before E3 that year. You know, the same E3 where Gabe Newell took to the stage and announced that Portal 2 would be coming to the PlayStation 3 after years of the developer abstaining from the platform?

This isn’t to say that Valve has anything to show this year. After all, that Portal 2 announcement had tons of hints and cryptic emails circulating beforehand to indicate that Valve would indeed be there. The presence of a blunt email might be a throwback to the time Valve showed up at E3 2003 and just showed off Half Life 2 like it was no one’s business.

Till, then assume the developer won’t be attending. With a grain of salt, of course.

Source: NeoGAF

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  • iPadCary

    … and, with this, dies my official concern about it.
    I just don’t give a fuck anymore.
    So it comes out *next* year?
    Fine. Wonderful.
    You have fun with that ….
    History is RIFE, with examples of hugely anticipated games taking forever & a day to come out, then, upon release, turning out to be complete & utter pieces of dogshit.
    “Spore” — and soon to be GTA V — being the latest example.

    So to all of you Gabe Newell apologists out there — here’s your guy, yet again, bending you over a chair & sinkin’ it in balls-deep, sans the benefit of any lubricant.
    Enjoy, my friends, enjoy ….

    • Jake Well

      No surprise indeed…though we don’t know if GTA V will be bad or good so there’s no need to be prejudice before the game comes out…though I understand what you mean by being most anticipated and it turning out to be crap like what happened in the past.

      Anyways Indeed it’s no surprise that Valve would be showing off Half-Life 3 after all these years. Though Valve are currently working on Source 2, (Maybe HL3 will be the first game to utilize the game engine!)

      Also they’re working hard on the Steam Boxes as well…who knows what happen with Valve in the future and HL3. I’m already patient in waiting for HL3 to come out sometime in the future…in ValveTime ofcourse.

      Anyways that is all I want to say…

      HL3 is an game and we have to wait for eternity before it’s announced and comes out…but it will be worth the weight…I mean wait.

  • ChaosNova

    Again no Half Life 3?

    I’m so done with this.

    Its like Valve WANTS the Half Life franchise to die off.

    Hurr hurr, steam box, nobody was fucking waiting for that shit.

    Instead of saying “Yeah, Half Life 3 is in development” Gabe just ignores everybody and continouse to make games nobody gives a shit about.

    6 years have gone, no information, nothing. I don’t give a shit about Half Life anymore, none. I have waited so long now, its gonna and up like Duke Nukem Forever,

    They can go fuck themselfs with their CS:GO, I’ll be playing GTA V.

    Thanks for nothing.

    • Paul

      They don’t HAVE to make Half-Life 3 for you, just like they didn’t HAVE to make the first two.

    • Spinner

      So you are saying they made the first 2, and without finishing the storyline dropped the series because they don’t HAVE to finish it?

      Good argument.

  • Brian Powers

    I won’t be expecting Valve to give us what we want, which means no Half-Life 3, ever.

  • hohohohoho

    of course there makin hl3 and it will probably be the best game ever made just like hl2 was before it and hl 1 before that. Every time they release any of their games they innovate. And when they release one using a new engine the blow our minds. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a special game alright. just saying

  • Half life 3 will happen one day. It has to!
    Alyx Vance will get her chance to avenge her fathers death…it’s only right she does.
    Valve would never leave her in this limbo and despair for ever.

  • Old Mofo

    Im pretty sure the audience for this game have grown old and moved on. Its almost worthless to release a game when most of us have shit to take care of now.

  • someone


  • hintoff

    креатив хуйня афтар мудак!

    creative garbage author asshole!

  • But still, this thought keeps repeating in my head. Imagine they have worked on several games which they plan to unleash on the world at once, in one box. Like the Orange Box only now it will be something like the Triad Box, containing Left4Dead 3, Portal 3 and Half-Life 3. Man wouldn’t that be the surprise of the century. And quite plausible looking at Valve’s MO.

  • Lucas Resende Tavares

    LETS SPAM ASKING for Half-Life³ (or episode 3) HAEUHEAHUHUAE


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