“No Idea What We’re Going to Do” for Half Life 3 – Valve’s New Year’s Resolution

And honestly we can’t blame them.

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Take it as a joke, but honestly, the Half Life 3 situation has gotten to a point where it’s not odd if even developer Valve Software has no idea what to do. That was revealed in a special year-end issue for Game Informer, in which various studios were asked to list their New Year’s Resolutions. Valve’s was quite telling.

Half Life 3 game informer

“We promise to stop jerking fans around and admit we have no idea what we’re going to do for Half Life 3,” it reads. At least DICE promised to not include anything from the prequel trilogy for Star Wars Battlefront.

Given that Valve has managed to surpass our expectations time and time again, with Steam, the Steam Machine, SteamOS and new titles like Portal, what are your thoughts on this resolution? Just playing around or a truly honest remark on what Valve has planned for Half Life 3 i.e. nothing? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  • theNO.guy


  • Anonymous

    Except this is from an issue where this particular section is a gag about what developers WOULD say about their New Years resolutions. Nice fact check, Gaming Bolt.

  • Gordan

    JUust make to combine forces scatterd

  • Gordan

    They should go back to city 17 to realize that the combine is still there

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Valve, here’s what you need to do: Reinvent Half Life for this new generation while still staying core to the Gordon Freeman we grew to love all those 15 years ago. I have faith in you Valve-especially you Gabe Newell. You will find your answer soon. You have it-you just don’t know where to start and take it further.

    • Dakan45

      honestly hl2 was pretty overrated.

      Doestn matter what htye do, they cant lieve up to the hype. Its impossible unless they focus on gameplay which is something missing at the generic scripter modern war fps genre.

      I would just release it in episodes, but valve is incapable of doing that apprently as proven with episode 1 and 2.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      What are you saying? Half Life is dead unless they make a big game play overhaul to fit into the modern FPS era and even transcend it?

  • Livrule

    Its actually a positive that they mentioned it at all!

    I’m going to do some reverse thinking and take it as a good sign 😉

  • SAD

    At least yo guy be honest !

  • Franquito

    Valve, cuando hagan Half Life 3, muchas bocas dejaran de maldecir para gritar triunfo

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