‘No Man’s Sky Is Stale,’ Says Ex Xbox Community Manager

‘I haven’t seen the fun.’

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43. No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky appears to be a rather exciting proposition, from everything of it that we have seen so far- a truly boundless and vast game, one that will surely be able to simulate the universe and the wonders of exploring it! Of course, a lot could go wrong with the game- we are taking a lot on face value here, and accepting a lot the developers have told us about what you can do in the game, without actually knowing if you can, or if you can do that well. So, you know, some amount of skepticism about the game is warranted.

One of the people who is skeptical is Raj Patel, who used to be the Canadian Community Manager for Xbox. Speaking on Twitter, Patel really did not sound too enthusiastic about the title and its potential.

“Every gameplay image I’ve seen of No Man’s Sky looks like it could take place on the same planet. ‘Infinite universe’ eh? I don’t see it,” he said, before adding: “I mean it has potential and COULD be great but from what I’ve SEEN so far, it already seems stale. I haven’t seen the fun.”

A fan of the game (presumably) countered with the game’s scale making it impossible for Patel to have seen everything the game has to show beforehand, to which Patel said, “I’ve seen everything that has been publicly shown. As my tweet indicated I’m commenting on what I’ve seen,” adding that he hopes that “maybe there is more to it that we’ll see post-launch.”

I can sort of understand where Patel is coming from here, don’t get me wrong, but on the other hand, No Man’s Sky is just the kind of game i have always wanted- so I am personally very excited for it. Even if it is just me walking around on a hundred different procedurally generated planets, it will be what I wanted.

No Man’s Sky launches in June on PS4 and PC.

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  • Rauwen

    Sounds like Patel might a bit salty about the Xbox not getting No Man’s Sky.

    • Schultz

      Definitely salty. Probably grumpy over recent news of XboxOne exclusives all going to PC, and shutting down Lionhead Studios (Fable). Dude would be singing from the rooftops if it were an Xbox exclusive “Have you SEEN No Man’s Sky?!”

    • d0x360

      Yea because the former community manager really has a vested interest…you do realize its coming to PC right? A platform owned by Microsoft….you have heard of it, it’s the thing that made them one of the richest companies in existence

    • Schultz

      Coming to PS4 first before PC last I heard, and will never be on XboxOne afaik.
      And lol that “MS owns the PC platform”. As far as gaming is concerned, STEAM pretty much owns PC game distribution.

    • d0x360

      Who cares about steam. We are talking about windows. 99% of steam users paid for a copy of windows. That’s my point.

      As for the rest the both of you sound like childish fanboys. The guy was asked and he doesn’t see the appeal of the game and i dont blame him plus he’s allowed the right to an opinion regardless of where he has worked and CONSIDERING the Microsoft team has constantly congratulated Sony and Nintendo on games and ideas do you really think the guy doesn’t like the game because its on ps4?

      Fanboys are childish and act so. This guy is saying a boring game looks boring BECAUSE HE WAS ASKED.

      If you want the game and enjoy then awesome I’m happy for you genuinely I am but that doesn’t mean the game is going to appeal to everyone especially without being able to fly around with friends.

    • Orion Wolf

      “MS is not dominating PC! Yeah ok Windows has like 99% market share, but they’re not dominating OK!” – Holy Sony fanboys/delusion Batman.

      btw I have a Molyneux feeling about this game.


      MS does NOT own the PC Platform. It has a dominating OS but to say it owns PC is just inaccurate.

      MS is simply eliminating the hardware side of things. As will almost all in the industry will eventually do and many other industries for that matter. Why produce hardware which has high expense with little returns when you can stay on the software side and reap most of the monetary benefits.

    • d0x360

      Really cause stats on OS install rate pretty much show ms owns the desktop and laptop market.

      I’m sorry if you can’t accept basic facts we can’t continue. I have no desire in getting in a fanboy war over a game like no mans sky especially since its on PC and ps4, hardly a vote of confidence for its sales potential on console.


      “MS does NOT own the PC Platform. It has a dominating OS but to say it owns PC is just inaccurate.”

      Read and comprehend. Dominating does not mean “OWN” I was only pointing this out. My statement has zero fanboism. You do not need to be defensive with me. Seems that your are just attaching to what you feel is negative in my comment. I agreed with you about the dominant part. Anyway…

      I saw MS doing this years ago. Weighing their options. Why make hardware when the money is clearly on the software side.

    • d0x360

      Domination is owning. Just like right now Sony owns the console market. It means they have certain sway because of the potential increase in sales they can deliver a title.

      Microsoft has owned the PC market for basically 20+ years. Another tid bit. Microsoft owns patents in nvidia and amd GPUs as well as amd and Intel CPUs. Every ps4 sold, every game sold they get a piece. You really think they care about no mans sky? If it sells well they make money, if it sells Sony consoles they make money, if it sells copies of windows or upgrades to windows 10 they make money.

    • Dotcum22

      You don’t have a clue

    • Graeme Willy

      You’re clearly upsetting some Open users…and that’s kind of funny.

      Yes, we get it, People…there’s Linux, there’s SteamOS and a plethora of other PC OS’s. Yes, the PC platform is an Open platform…blah, blah, blah lol

      I agree, Microsoft owns PC.
      Hopefully, one day Steam and Linux will change that, but for now only an Evil entity can own the vast majority of the market, or claim prime real-estate here. It doesn’t matter if that’s Microsoft, or Google, or some new corporation. Open OS’ don’t make enough income to combat this.

    • d0x360

      It really wasn’t my intention to upset anyone lol

    • Callam ‘Doogle’ Lawless

      Just because Microsoft has the highest amount of OS users, does not mean that everyone in Microsoft sees a cut of that money. The majority of people who work on Xbox will be getting their paychecks from Xbox content, and how well the the xbox fares, will dictate whether their division gets cuts or not. Not only that, but a pc game released on a MS OS does not share the profits of that game with Microsoft. It shares the profits with the distributor which in most cases will be Steam when it comes to the PC market.

      Saying that you “can’t continue” and claiming you are basing your argument on “basic facts” is showing your lack of knowledge in the area, so maybe you shouldn’t comment on things you don’t actually have a clue about. It just makes you look goofy, and not in an entertaining way… Well actually, it is sort of entertaining, but more in a way that watching a cat fail at jumping is entertaining.

    • Michael Norris

      Pc isn’t owned by MS so stop lying yes it uses Windows but the hardware itself isn’t from MS.

    • d0x360

      Clearly you dont understand the point I’m making HOWEVER if you want to talk hardware most vendors of PC hardware pay Microsoft license fees for patent use so yes Microsoft does own parts of the hardware side as well.
      You’re welcome. Learn something new every day. Wanna hear something even more fun? AMD owns patents on the GPU (combined vertex and pixel shader pipelines being just one of a few examples) that nvidia has to pay AMD to use in every GPU for the last roughly 10 years. Awesome huh!

    • kee1haul

      There’s a long list of people saying the same who were not xbox community managers.

  • Maximilian

    Why is a community manager considered an authority on, well, any subject?

    • Jason Shephard

      An ex-community manager at that?

  • d0x360

    I dont see it either quite frankly and I was hoping I would. If it had actual multiplayer so I could fly around with friends it would be a different story but with star citizen actually coming together and it offering a similar but curated yet still incredibly enormous universe with way more to actually do…I see no reason to bother.

    No mans sky looks like it will be big fun for about an hour or 2 and then lots of meh

    • Américo Santos

      There is only one thing in the game preventing you from flying with your friends, distance.
      You will start in different spots on the outskirts of the galaxy so it would take some time to meet, but if you decide to do so the game actually shows you where your friend is and if you are close you will be able to see him and “interact” with him.
      This game in not a multiplayer game in the sense that you will probably not meet many people, since if the first galaxy has a billion planets and you have a million people online in it, the chance of you meeting one of those when landing in a random planet is 0.1%, that is not considering people on moons and flying in space, and not leaving the first galaxy…


      I will play it and eventually find myself wanting to play along with friends. Maybe Hello Games will consider this in future updates. Allow those who wish to fly alone to do so but for those who enjoy a party in space we should be allowed to do so.

    • d0x360

      It will never be a feature. Never. I’ll bet you a $60 game of your choice with 1 stipulation.

      If this game bombs and they add it you dont get anything. If this game is a success on both platforms and they add it I’ll buy you a game of your choice. 100% honest to god promise so bookmark this and 6 months we will evaluate who’s right. First we will look at sales then public sentiment at the 6 month mark to determine success. Then we just need to wait and see If they add mp.

      No risk to you I’m not asking you to bet anything. Unless of course you genuinely believe in the quality of this title then by all means make the same offer.


      None of the above.

      Im not that vested in any of this to make bets. I am sure it may never be a feature. It is a suggestion because I know people will want it onve the see how immense and lonely the universe can be.

      Hello Games adding such a feature would give the game some longevity and maybe a shot of adrenaline.

      Thanks for the offer but this game has too much niche written.

    • d0x360

      So you are arguing against a guy who says he thinks the game is boring but you yourself dont find the game exciting either, at least not enough to earn yourself a potential free game. So why argue then why not just drop the whole thing


      It takes two to argue. So I guess you count as two. There is no argument here. Your words make me question your maturity. Not your age mind you cause I know some 50 year old kids that lurk.

      You commented. I commented. When did this become an arguement? I actually somewhat agreed with you on several points.

      Yeah, I will take you last suggestion. Drop you since you seem to be one of those defensive combative types. Passive agressive etc… Is it so important to be RIGHT?

      Don’t answer… I may not believe you anyway.

    • d0x360

      Yea my maturity in making logical points. Very immature.

      Alright then bud. As you wish. Conversation over. You win the debate.

    • Notchbeard

      d0x360 is mad bro. FATHASUN is just trying to converse about a game. Grow up d0x360 and quit being so bitter.

    • d0x360

      I’m not mad in the least. He questioned my maturity which is an insult. I dont continue discussion with people who insult me. Why? Insulting the opposition is an automatic loss in any debate in my books. It means you have no have no argument to stand on so you attack people personally instead of the issue at hand.

      I dont care who enjoys the game, I hope everyone who buys it loves it because I’m a gamer. Platform is irrelevant… To some people.

      If you want to believe I’m mad by all means go ahead its your right. Generally speaking though mad immature people dont bow out of debates they fight and fight…and fight and fight then they insult people

    • Alan Conn

      So mad. So bitter. Who hurt you?

    • d0x360

      A pack of wild monkeys… And they stole my wallet so I need to go to the god damn DMV.

    • Alan Conn

      Ok im upvoting u for that one.

    • d0x360

      Are you upvoting me or the jerk monkeys because I dont think I could take it if you were to support their actions…think of the children.

    • Zoaea

      different types of games appeal to different types of people, it maybe that you just don’t find this type of game interesting. They seem to be going for the solo player experience, online play is really only to share discoveries, and be able to name things.

      I think I’ll have fun for about 3 months and then visit it on rare occasions like i do with minecraft. But i do agree with the multiplayer sentiment. I think I would a richer experience if I could at least choose to start in the same place as a friend (husband in this case) so we could explore together.

    • d0x360

      I believe I said that. I also said I hope those who buy it enjoy it. Its just not for me based on what I’ve seen and I’d rather wait for a steam sale.

    • Zoaea

      Ah, well I was replying for more than just you, but also people with similar feelings about the game. A lot of people don’t truly realise that something can be fun to one person, and then the next person it will be what ruins a game for them. I don’t think that you suffer from it, but if anyone reading this does, they might be enlightened or reminded. =)

      I hope if you do buy it that it ends up being fun for long enough to justify the 60$.

    • d0x360

      Agreed and well said.

  • red2k

    Let’s give it an opportunity to this game. It can revive the spacecraft games on consoles and that will be definitely great. We already have a couple of similar games like Elite Dangerous but isn’t fun and it’s too slow.

  • Obvious-Spy

      This ones a keeper!

    • Notchbeard

      IKR! Great one, gonna use this lol

    • Obvious-Spy

      you’re welcome 😀

    • Aaron Lucas

      Powerpuff Girls eh?

  • Mat

    I can kind of see how some people can feel this way. But Sean Murray specifically says that they didn’t want to show anything too alien or exotic to start out with. That could be why he’s seeing things that look like the same planet.
    Personally I, like you said, have always wanted to see a game like this. I already preordered and can’t wait to play!

  • Darklurkr23

    Man is on point the game is boring as f***. It’s like Pokemon Snap mixed with Destiny

    • Jaden

      Explain…how? You obisously havnt done your research? And if you think this is a walking simulator, you SERIOUSLY uninformed.

  • Riggybro

    “…it already seems stale. I haven’t seen the fun.”

    OK Mr ex-Xbox we’ll add a crew cut ex-soldier who is forced out of retirement to lead troops on a mission to return to the Aliance a secret super weapon originally developed during world war 3 from some ethnic (you choose) bad guys who plan to use it. Oh… and he has flash backs to his wife/kid who died which he will never forgive himself for…. etc

    My point: No Mans Sky is at least trying something out of the [y]AAA[wn] mainstream.

  • Callam ‘Doogle’ Lawless

    I find this very pathetic. Though none of us have played the game yet, the devs have been fairly transparent about the details. Sure, a lot of the universe may look sparse, or even dull, but that makes finding a spectacular looking planet all the more rewarding.

    Not only that, but they have been very clear from the start that the game is mostly about exploration. If you are someone who appreciates the beautiful environments that video games can offer, then this game is for those people. If you want to shoot things and watch explosions then maybe sticking to Gears of War or Uncharted is more up Mr Patel alley. People who are impressed by design will definitely appreciate this game, even if it is a flop. It’s the idea that is important.

    The major thing to take away from No Man’s Sky, is that they are trying something new, and something that can inspire others. I’m sure in 5 years time we will have a game that is far better than No Man’s Sky, but will have been inspired by it. People need to stop being so critical of games, especially before they have even tried them.

  • Zoaea

    Patel might have looked at a lot of images but he didn’t read the interview articles. Sean specifically states multiple times and in different ways that, 1) they are limiting what they show to keep the surprise of discovery for the actual game, 2) they are showing solar systems specifically set up for the demos, not the actual game, 3) 90% of planets will be sparse, only about 1% will be utopias, 4) as you go towards the center it will become more alien and fantastical.

    Also, not everyone will be equally excited about different games, that does not mean it is a wash out. Any game that is a first person shooter, I’d have 0 interest in, but those are some of the most popular games among a lot of players. this is a game that will appeal to explorer types, sim types, and survival types (although it seems like soft survival verses more intense games).

  • textomatic

    I’m with this Patel dude. Game doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t see any fun game mechanics as of yet and from playing other open world games I know that for myself I need something fun to do while exploring.

  • Graeme Willy

    These are all points I have been arguing since the advent of the footage over two years ago. Everything looks the same!
    However, there will be PC mods for changing the replicated textures and color palettes, I’m sure. I wouldn’t quite throw this up there in the ranks with Elite Dangerous, or Star Citizen, though. This seems to be the biggest misconception of all. Everyone compares the three and this is an explorational simulator, not a space SIM. I highly doubt your success will be measured by Newtonian physics systems.

  • eve online > any space game


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