Nordic Games: Working On PS4 More Straightforward Than Xbox One, Latter Will Close The Gap

Nordic’s Reinhard Pollice also talks about both consoles’ power in the long run.

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Darksiders 2: Deathinitve Edition is out now and has signaled the return of Vigil Games’ action adventure for the current generation of consoles. It’s even more interesting how Gunfire Games, the team that handled the porting process, is composed of several former Vigil staff members with publisher Nordic Games also offering its support.

GamingBolt actually spoke to Nordic’s Reinhard Pollice, business and product development director, on the development of Darksiders 2 for the PS4 and Xbox One. Given that the game was optimized fairly well for PS3 and Xbox 360, did the team face any hurdles in bringing it to PS4 and Xbox One?

“Both of them are great platforms to work with. Working on the PS4 was a bit more straightforward than on the Xbox One. On Xbox One we had to learn just a lot of things as they were completely changed from the previous generation. However the more we became familiar with it the more it made sense and the more we liked it. Sony and Microsoft are really competing on a very high level but I hope that some things like patching and certification processes become even less strict.

As for the Xbox One and how its power compares to the PS4, we asked Reinhard how both consoles would fare in the long run especially as PC hardware becomes more advanced.

“The main factor for home consoles is still the price compared to beefy gaming PCs. In the next years consoles will be still a big factor and probably even beyond that if a console manufacturer finds the right formula for price, power, service quality and content offering. Xbox One has just recently announced some great things like backwards compatibility. So I expect them to close the gap.”

Have you played Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition and not been scarred by the game’s obsession with threes of everything? Let us know in the comments.

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  • XbotMK1

    Standby for some delusions, wishful thinking, and self reassuring comments from mindless, rabid, Xbox fanboys about why they think Xbox One will “close the gap”.

    • kreator

      You seem mad tho, why?

    • that guy is always buttmad….

    • Psionicinversion

      seems like the only self reassuring comments are coming from you!!

    • Starman

      lmao !!!

    • Tech junkie

      Stand by for right wing, tin foil hat, off his medication, nut job comments.

      Oh wait you’re already here

    • Michael

      Look, it’s the pony king…lol

  • messiah23

    the sony fanatics will not like hearing that. They cant handle anything positive being said about the the Xbox.

    • kreator

      I agree!

    • Sayonara

      Under “close the gap” they meant about sales, not the power difference.

    • Mark

      Lol true

    • messiah23

      IS that not a positive for the xbox one. Typical of a sony fan not comprehending the obvious. Living in your little sony bubble.

    • Michael

      No , pony. Sales weren’t mentioned any where in that article. Until sony starts pumping 1080 p 60 fps games, there is no power difference.

    • awesome_farts

      All that was clearly mentioned in regards to closing the gap was xb1 announcing backwards compatibility. How does that translate to the power gap instead of the sales gap?

      And…. if there is no power difference…… again how is ‘closing the gap’ not regarding the gap existing in sales?

    • Michael Norris

      Dude he never said anything about the Xbone getting more powerful than Ps4.Too be honest he sounds so flaky to began with.Until the Xone can do 1080p there is still a gap,Freaking Transformer runs at 45fps on Xbone it’s so sad while the Ps4 version runs at 60fps solid while looking better overall.

    • Guest

      Reread it you stupid dumba$ses, he’s talking about closing the sales gap, not the power gap. A lot of the MS fanatics aren’t going to be to happy with hearing that. Stupid fanboys.

    • messiah23

      Typical of you Sonymites not realizing the entire story. Closing the gap is positive news for the Xbox one.

    • Michael

      You mad, pony? There is nothing about sales gap….lol.

    • Mr Xrat

      Xgimps have been insisting “the gap will close” for the last two years. It never actually seems to happen. Poor lambs.

  • ariessiren

    Not going 60fps put me off from buying the game. No excuse for that. Lazy developers.

    • slasaru

      I don’t want 60fps everywhere. it makes graphic with less effects and unrealistic on consoles. It’s not a competitive shooter, it’s rather a slow paced adventure. If finished it on my 360 and bought the remaster. It has much better graphics and now controls. The games looks almost twice as good. And the price – 20 USD, is a steal for such big, expansive game. Not like interactive movies Sony selling

  • what a bunch of bs… lets read this again shall we…

    “Given that the game was optimized fairly well for PS3..”

    “PS4 was a bit more straightforward than on the Xbox One. On Xbox One we had to learn just a lot of things as they were completely changed from the previous generation.”

    remember how much these developers complained about the ps3 because it was so hard to develop for. and the xb360 was so much more easy, because it was more close to a pc. guess what both ps4 and xbone are on the same level with pc components today.. and now its just easier to go from the ps3 to the ps4, than the xb360 to the xbone… if it was that easy now why did these developers complain and cry for years about how hard it was to develop on the ps3??… what a bunch of bs this is… looks like these developers are only crap talking what console that give them the less money in software sales at the moment. because when they praised the xb360 the ps3 was the one that sold lesser software. so these guys have just been caught in a lie right here in this news article..

    • lagann

      Ps4 IS more straight forward to develop for, it’s been stated by many devs. The X1 has DDR3 and esram and from what i understand, a lot of manual programming has to go into esram for it to perform good.

      This is why X1 launch games released at 720p with mediocre performance. Some devs like Blizzard actually went back and updated their games (diablo) once the SDK’s matured more and probably got more experience working on the system.

    • Don Karam

      I think that what is happening is that PS4 versions are ported easily from PC, which I believe many games are developed on initially, even if they are never released on PC. I don’t think they were talking about porting the PS3 code to the PS4; instead they were talking about porting the PC code to the PS4. Regarding the Xbox One, I think it’s too different from either the PC or the Xbox 360. So, they can’t port from either of those directions very easily.

  • HisDivineOrder

    For two straight years, all I’ve heard is, “Xbox will close the gap.” The gap’s only grown since then. Remember when Titanfall was going to be the gap closer? Losing Kinect and a price drop? Halo on Xbox One (via Master Chief Collection)? Another price drop (to $350 last year as a “holiday pricing”)? Black Friday sales (Target had it for $350-30 with a $50 gift card and two free games)? The promise of backward compatibility and an amazing fall line-up? Yet another Halo (and a new one this time)?

    Yet Sony continues to crush Xbox One sales so badly that Microsoft has not only hidden Xbox One sales, they’re hiding ALL Xbox sales now.

    I think talk of “closing the gap” should be relegated to when it actually happens and not as talk of (supposed) inevitability.

    At this point, the only inevitable thing about Xbox is that it seems like it will be perpetually behind PC sales growth (at least according to Ubisoft) yet remain the platform with the second hardest push for no good reason. If these publishers had any sense, they’d shove Xbox One down to third and focus on PS4 and PC.

    • Dirkster_Dude

      I’m sure they have a great deal of business sense and it doesn’t appear you share that. The XB1 is in second place and I have no doubt it will remain there for the entire lifecycle, but millions of consoles is still millions of consoles. Microsoft will only have to worry if developers and publishers decide on a large scale not to develop for the XB1.

    • Guest

      Blah, blah, blah, damage control.

    • Dirkster_Dude

      So glad you agree with me. 🙂

    • BlacKJesu5


  • Dirkster_Dude

    What I thought was interesting was the comment: “Both of them are great platforms to work with. Working on the PS4 was a bit more straightforward than on the Xbox One.” — Notice the word “bit” which implies to me not that much difference at all or say on scale of 1 to 10 if the PS4 was a 5 on difficulty then XB1 would be a 6 if 10 represents the hardest to code. The article title however make it sound like it is flat out easier to code for the PS4 than the XB1 when this isn’t what was quoted.

  • Guest

    What does he mean by “patching and certification processes become even less strict.” I thought they were a lot better now. And does it still cost like $40k to do?

  • Jecht_Sin

    “Close the gap”? More like “Mind the gap”! lol

    (any reference to the London’s tube is intentional)


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