NVIDIA: ‘Consoles are stable but static’

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In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Nvidia’s senior corporate and Tegra PR manager Bea Longworth believes that consoles do have the advantage in terms of their stability but are static as compared to a gaming PC.

“The gap is definitely closing, and that has always been the Achilles’ heel of the console – its greatest strength is it’s a stable platform, it’s very much plug and play, you don’t have to fiddle around with the hardware and have all the hassle that you might get from the PC.

“But that’s also its biggest disadvantage, the fact that they are static from one generation to another, and also that the technology can’t improve. Whereas with other platforms like the PC and now mobile gaming, they will be constantly moving ahead.

“So it will be really, really interesting to see what console technology has to do in order to differentiate itself and stay ahead when it has to compete with a very mass-market mobile format instead of digging in its heels.”

Longworth definitely makes sense. A very good example for this is the upcoming Crysis 2 where it all depends on the user’s hardware for the most optimum version.

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  • PilarVIRUS

    Yeah… I agree. The console need something that can keep it up with the times. Maybe in the next generation of console, they can develop a platform that has the needed “advanced” technologies, but is affordable.

  • doub7

    Console gaming isn’t goin anywhere. The mass market want a plug n play experience vs the hassle of constantly upgradin a PC. & I enjoy mobile gaming but it will never replace the console. I don’t sit in front of my big screen & play games on my phone…lol.

    • PilarVIRUS

      Yeah… I understand where you’re going. It just seems that developers are being limited by the “outdated” technologies in consoles, they can’t do much technology-wise if they’re constantly having to manipulate their titles. Also, I’m just going to have to add that downloadable games are not the future. I’m just saying.

  • doub7

    I know what u mean, developers could take things with more advanced tech. But since there r so few PC only devs now the console dictates what they do anyway. Crytek has said they r done w/ PC exclusives so their games will never go that far beyond the consoles cuz they know they have 2 find a way 2 port it over. I am gonna enjoy all the great games 4 now but don’t get me wrong when the new consoles drop I will b the 1st in line…lol.

    • PilarVIRUS

      I actually didn’t know that about them, it’s good to see them trying to expand. I loved Far Cry, they did do Far Cry right?

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  • This isn’t 100% true. Thanks to firmware updates, certain things can be upgraded. 3D wasn’t even thought about, but can now be done thanks to a firmware update on the PS3. Other technologies like tessellation and Direct X 11 are being implemented through updates as well on the 360. Meanwhile, PC hardware isn’t even being used to its maximum because consoles are being used to create the games and then ported over to the PC (not all games mind you, but a lot of them).

    Nintendo tried in the past to have an upgradeable console (the N64 and its RAM), but it can be confusing to some consumers. That’s what makes consoles so nice for consumers–you buy it and it’s ready to go. Besides, the PS3 and 360 aren’t done showing off yet. Plus, add on hardware help change the gaming scene on consoles and change things up like Move and Kinect. I don’t think those would do quite as good on an already expensive gaming PC…

  • doub7

    Yeah they did the PC Far Cry for Ubisoft, the console versions were streamlined ports & didn’t compare 2 the wide open spaces of the original. Unfortunately Ubi owns the Far Cry brand so Crytek moved onto Crysis 1 & Crysis Warhead & Ubisoft Montreal developed Far Cry 2. There is a 3rd game coming according 2 Ubi.

  • doub7

    It really is amazing how much stuff has been added via updates 2 both the 360 & PS3. Think about how much the UI of the 360 has evolved over the yrs. Visually it has changed multiple times & all the stuff added like Facebook & Netflix is insane.


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