Pachter On Sony Delaying PS4 Games, Games Like The Last Guardian & Shenmue 3 Won’t Sell Many Units

“The ones that get delayed are the lame ones.”

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The Last Guardian

If the PS4 sales are anything to go by, it’s quite clear that Sony’s continuous success with the PlayStation brand isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. However most of their first party games, except for Bloodborne, have been delayed. Several PS4 AAA games like The Order: 1886, DriveClub and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End have seen delays after delays, not to mention The Last Guardian which is in development for almost a decade.

Does this have anything to do with Sony being in the driver’s seat this generation? Could this mean that are becoming a bit complacent?

“I honestly think that each of these manufacturers is just overly ambitious,” Wedbush Securities’ analyst Michael Pachter said to GamingBolt in a recent interview. “They all hope that they can get things out in time. Of the three, I would say Nintendo is by far the worst performer in terms of getting things out on time. In all fairness, they don’t promise them, so unlike Sony, Nintendo doesn’t lead us to believe there’s a brand new Zelda coming at the Wii U launch. They haven’t done that.”

“Unfortunately, though, Nintendo has such a huge following that people just expect. I mean, they have like thirty different big franchises. But people expect that one of the top five will come out every year, and they just haven’t been able to deliver, and I’m not sure why.”

Pachter believes that games like The Last Guardian and Shenmue 3 are niche franchises and they won’t sell much.

“Whereas Sony… now, they don’t have as many big franchises, but they seem to get their big franchises out. The ones that get delayed are the lame ones. I mean, come on, The Last Guardian– however fun you think that’s going to be, it’s hardly Uncharted or The Last of Us. It’s a kind of a niche title. Shenmue is the same. It’s an okay title but outside of Japan, how many millions of units will it sell? Not very many.”

This brings us to the end of our month long coverage with Michael Pachter. Our full interview will be published next week. Stay tuned.

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  • Mr.busket

    Pachter also underestimates nostalgia value in older IP’s that were very innovative for their time. Shenmue is going to be a day 1 purchase for me, I’ve been waiting for the next chapter in that story for far too long. Please give us shenmue 1/2 HD on psn to hold us over till release!

  • Lenku

    I agree those titles are niche, but I don’t think “lame” is the term that should be used. Pachter might’ve forgotten that at one point, the Souls series was also niche, and now we see Bloodborne becoming a PS4 seller. And calling Shenmue an “okay” title likely means Pachter didn’t play it when it first came out. While maybe The Last Guardian, for now, won’t catch up to “mainstream” because it isn’t as involving as the Souls series, there’s no reason why Shenmue can’t. And depending on The Last Guardian’s success, Team Ico’s next game after could be as well. It’s partially about gaining hypse and steam, and Shenmue 3 definitely has that going for it. When I used to work retail, there were tons of customers who’ve never even touched a Souls game that bought the PS4 for Bloodborne, asking what kind of game it was, how their friends talked about it a lot, and how it wasn’t even the genre of game they normally play. Considering how much hype Shenmue 3 generated when the Kickstarter was announced at E3 and hitting another world record, Shenmue 3 can be a possible system seller as well. Shortly after E3, I was getting tons of questions about it as well – I’m sure there will be ridiculous hype near its release date that can make it a big system seller.

    • Marcia Fuson

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    • bigevilworldwide1 .

      Your aware that Shenmue were massive failures right? It has nothing to do with playing it when it first came out, its not being an idiot with Nostalgia glasses thicker than coke bottles….The game flopped the sequel was a massive failure….FACT, its not even a disputable fact, its a fact fact…

    • Lenku

      Hey there Pachter alt/fanboy – it’s always nice to see someone try to argue what they think they know when they barely know English, or when their username is bigevilworldwide. Shenmue was not considered a “massive” failure – it actually sold well, BUT too much money was put into production, and it had to sell an extra copy to everyone who already bought a copy to turn a profit. As such, it would be a “commercial” failure. Sega didn’t pull the plug on Shenmue because it didn’t turn a profit though – they pulled the plug because Dreamcast overall wasn’t a great seller, especially with Sega’s history prior to the Dreamcast, and the advent of the PS2. A lot of companies did not trust Sega due to the consoles they produced before the Dreamcast, along with their previous fanbase, so they didn’t have a lot of publishers/developers going into production – plus, Shenmue was previously being developed for the Saturn. There is a difference with “commercial” failure than a “massive” failure, since Shenmue revolutionized a lot of modernly implemented gameplay mechanics, was positively praised by critics and fans, and sold well (had Sega learned how to manage their money better, it would’ve turned a profit). And I know not every COD player is an idiot, so I hope you’re not using that as an excuse to not know your info before you talk.

  • MaxAnnoying

    I still don’t get why game journalists are giving attention to Patcher. Since decades he was wrong on most of his analysis, or is simply saying obvious things that any average gamer would think about (and even in this case sometimes he is still wrong sometimes).

  • PachterStation

    When a console is starved of games, a new release can sell well because of the factor. But the 2 games before The Last Guardian flopped on the PS2. The Shenmue games also flopped on the Dreamcast and Xbox (Shenmue 2). Even the likes of DriveClub didn’t hit big sales, then there was outcry when Sony pulled the plug on Evolution. Both games have the ability to hit at least decent sales.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Define “big sales,” or don’t use it as a determining factor.

    • PachterStation

      Something like GTA 5. Sales of under 5 million would be classed as a flop to average.

    • J.j. Barrington

      YOU would class it thus. No one else does. Which is why you’re having to agree with your own comments. Quite sad.

    • Knowles2

      2 million sales is a flop.

    • bigevilworldwide1 .

      YES It was considered a flop…ICO was considered a massive failure. the same way Shenmue was a failure, Shenmue 2 was a massive failure….TLG and Shenmue 3 will be failures period, TLG will be super niche, and considering all the kickstarter people are getting Shenmue 3 because they gave money YES it will fail also….They are both niche titles….Difference being Sony unlike MS don’t expect sky high massive sales for every title they make or they bury it….That ONE POINT FIVE MILLION Not 2 million took 11 years

    • Larry Wright

      According to Wikipedia, not sure how accurate but we’ll use it as an example, ONLY 64(out of 1850+ in NA) sold 2+ million. So according to your idiotic assumption, around 1786 games were flops. Do you realize how stupid that sounds? I’m thoroughly convinced you’re a troll and I’m done responding to garbage.

    • Knowles2

      I meant that as a question for the commentator above me all called Driveclub a flop despite selling 2 million games.

    • Larry Wright

      In that case, accept my apology.

    • Larry Wright

      Very few games on PS2 sold millions. There were over 3500 games(1850+ in NA) released for it total. Way too many games for people to choose from and SoTC still managed between 1-1.5 mil. That’s far from flopping. Add in the fact that it released in 05 and the ps3 was released in 06 and you basically have what happened to GT6 on ps3. It ONLY sold 6+ million, is it a failure? A flop is something that doesn’t make it’s money back or gets bad reviews, neither of which apply here. Over a million sales and rated very high(IGN gave it a 9.7/10). ICO sold around 500k(neither game counts the ps3 bundle), so it probably failed financially until the ps3 port. Considering Shenmue basically buried Sega, it’s safe to consider it a flop financially and retail. The PS4 has revitalized console gaming and these 2 will sell very well. The internet is much more powerful of an influence and way faster to gain exposure for these 2 now than it would’ve been in years past when these 2 released. Saying all that, I can’t wait for TLG! Game on!

    • PachterStation

      A few million sales is a flop when you looks at PS2 consoles sales.

    • Larry Wright

      Apparently you didn’t read or you read what I wrote but didn’t understand it. It’s simple math really. Take 1 niche game, add about 60 million plus consoles sold, up to that point, factor in the fact there were about 700 games available at that point and you see why it only sold between 1-1.5 million. Lots of games = lots of choices. PS2 wasn’t starved for exclusives then, it literally had hundreds to choose from. Also, a flop is a game that gets hammered by reviews and doesn’t make it’s money back, NEITHER OF WHICH APPLY HERE! I really hope you’re trolling and not so stupid you can’t understand what a flop really is. Now if what you’re trying to say is it underperformed sales wise, I’ll agree to that, but to call it a flop is not accurate at all.

  • Marc Leblanc

    These games are the soul of Sony fans, somebody has no soul. Good luck with your soulless life you are the scourge of the underworld.

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  • Random guy

    This guy comes off as a total jackass but he’s got a point shenmue 3 had to go to Kickstarter cause no publisher would fund it. and if sony thought the last gaurdian would of make them money it would of come out during the ps3 era. Sony knows those games prob won’t sell much but for them to show those games off at e3 it continues their almoast flawless PR campaign so far this gen that they are the good guys

    • J.j. Barrington

      Not “no publisher, but Sega, who hasn’t exactly had the money to put behind such a title, especially if they didn’t think it would generate the mainstream success they needed it to be.

      Your remark about Sony’s confidence in TLG doesn’t make any sense. If they didn’t believe in it, they would have canned it, rather than essentially scrap it and have it retooled for a brand new generation.

    • Larry Wright

      Please do research before spewing your drivel about TLG. It didn’t release on ps3 because Yoshida said “technically it was a disaster trying to get it to run properly. It was too ambitious for the ps3.” It got rebooted for the ps4 starting in 2012, I think that’s the year he used. Anyways Sony knows it’s gonna sell, that’s why it wasn’t canned after all these years.

  • J.j. Barrington

    This is so silly I won’t deign to give it a proper response.

  • Larry Wright

    The obvious, Pachter is a complete brain dead idiot on video games. The not so obvious is TLG and Shenmue 3 will both be 2+ million sellers and probably much more. Delays and crowd funding are idiotic reasons you assume these won’t move units. Shenmue flopped because the cost it took to make it plus the install base. Neither of those will factor in this time. TLG has years and years of hype pushing it and will be loved when it releases. The internet never stopped asking for it and Sony listened. Average crap games are selling a million plus nowadays, do you honestly think that 2 of the most wanted games of the last 10 years won’t sell? Bottom line is Pachter is a clueless idiot who other idiots pay to give complete fools advice.

    • Suom

      this reminded me of Skullgirls’ success; new and slightly niche(cult-ish following) but a product born of dedication and love of the fighting genre that found the right amount of support.

    • bigevilworldwide1 .

      Ummm TLG will likely flop…ICO flopped, Shadows of the colossus flopped….Team Ico has NEVER made a successful game period…The difference being that Sony isn’t like MS actually encourages studios to try new things not just produce games like Gears, Halo, Forza, repeat….But it will flop period. It took Shadows of the colossus 11 years just to sell 1.5 million copies….Shenmue was also a flop, the sequel was a massive failure and the exact reason Sega refused to make a third…And considering the people who paid into the crowd funding are getting a free copy, it will be lucky to break a million in the first year, its probably more NICHE than Team Ico games…

    • Larry Wright

      TLG will do a lot better than you think. Saying Team Ico never made a successful game is idiotic. As far as Shenmue breaking even, is this a joke? They got 6 million in kickstarter funding plus I’m sure a few million more elsewhere. $60 x 1 million sold is $60 mil. Minus what production and retail fees and it’s still gonna make a pretty good sized profit. Granted it could sell less but with stupid s*it out here selling millions and the hype surrounding both TLG and Shenmue 3, it’s just dumb to say both will be flops. People are eating up anything Sony puts out there and these two will be no different.

  • Knowles2

    Nintendo has told us the reason, there studios were understaffed to delivered games with the level of the graphics expect for WiiU titles. They have also admitted to falling behind technologically.

    Sony I suspect it more down to their money issues over the last 5 years.

    It will be interesting to see Last Guardian sale figures.

  • Brian


  • Ivan Johnson

    Who knows the devs probably got the email from sony that they are working on a 4K powerful system. So they might be making the games geared for the new system. Might be a good idea. We dont want more remasters. The Last Guardian 4K Edition lol

  • Lewis

    Is this article serious? The Last Guardian has been a game people have been waiting to get for almost a decade now. Thinking that a game made by Team Ico isn’t going to sell well is beyond absurd.

    • bigevilworldwide1 .

      You are aware that ALL the Team Ico games were flops right? Ico was a massive failure, Shadows of the colossus was a failure, and YES 1.5 million sold is a failure considering the over 100 million PS2s that were sold….Its not going to be a massive success FACT….

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  • Alistein

    He might be surprisingly right this time. Shenmue doesn’t seem to have the budget it requires to attain the vision of the developers and is also a niche title, Shenmue 1& 2 were pretty good and in some way set a new bar in role playing one it has to transcend which seems very unlikely.
    The last guardian is a different case if the game has been in development all this time then that is a lot of money one that would be difficult to recuperate. I also think gamers are moving away from games like this and are moving more into online games. Once the spark for the last guardian is gone it would be difficult to rekindle.

    • Brad Martin

      Yeah if that’s the case I’ll have to move back to pc. Online games are destroying the gaming industry for many. I could care less, I won’t play games I have to pay subscriptions for.

    • Alistein

      Social networking and media is the thing in this day and age, twitter, Facebook and so on. Online games carry that social aspect and so isthe new boom. I think Destiny and The Division sre only yhe start for consoles there is bound to be a good number of new online ips announced at E3.

    • Brad Martin

      Maybe you’re right. I think the main problem is none of my friends are at all into the online gaming thing, and those few that are have xbox one’s. I end up buying a system for the single player experiences. Games such as FF XV, FFVII remake, uncharted and the last gaurdian are the games I’m interested in.
      Also, games like the Witcher 3 prove that there is a healthy market for non-online games also.
      For me, some decent couch co-ops would be much, much better.
      Finally, I still won’t pay to play.

    • Alistein

      I also prefer single player games but online is the future it’s where every developer is headed. The witcher is nice and probably has taken the spot Final fantasy use to have, thing about games like the witcher and Fallout is these games have longevity in completing and gameplay they’re almost like multiplayer games in longevity and they keep coming out with new dlcs. I prefer games like the Batman series where you have an open world with a good linear story.


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