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The Crew Servers Open on December 1st, One Day Before Official Release

Those with early access can hop on sooner.

Defiance MMO Explores The Aftermath in New Update

New missions, items and much more await.

Titanfall Xbox 360 Receiving Update 8 on December 1st

The previous gen version finally receives the coveted Frontier Defense mode among other additions.

Destiny: The Dark Below Official Trailer is Full of Inside Jokes, Sweet Dance Moves

Find out what lays in store for those who head below.

Xbox One Designer on Console Size, Design and Creating a “Seamless Experience That is Reliable”

Carl Ledbetter says that thinner may be nicer but there are many other issues to keep in mind.

The Big Interview: Dean Hall Talks About DayZ, Console Gaming Challenges, Graphics API And More

GamingBolt speaks to the legendary designer Dean Hall in this exclusive interview.

WWE 2K15 Review

They say no pain no gain but the combat system is sadly a crying shame.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Server Issues Continue In Spite of Latest Update

Looks like even Rockstar is not immune from 'broken game release' syndrome.

Phil Spencer Promises Fans Will See JRPGs on Xbox One

'You will see JRPGs on Xbox One.'

Call of Duty Has Had 125 Million Players So Far Cumulatively

That's the series as a whole.

Xbox One On Fire In China For Alleged False Advertising

Microsoft, stop messing things up.

Xbox Live Offering Some Great Deals for Black Friday

Including Forza 5, EA Sports UFC, and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Is Available for only $24.99 at Kmart

That's a stupidly amazing deal.

New Video for Kingdom Under Fire II Shows Off PS4 Controls

It looks simple enough...

New Far Cry 4 Patch on PC Addresses Black and Grey Screen Glitches

More patches also promised.

Limbo Launches on Xbox One, And If You Were An Xbox One Early Adopter, You Get It For Free

Soon to be made available to everyone else.

Amazon France Thinks A ZombiU 2 May Be Incoming

Could it be...?

Forza Horizon 2 Review

Community driven.

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