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Shovel Knight Review

Let none say that shovelry is dead.

Scalebound Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Scalebound.

The Crew Interview: Developing The Biggest Open World Racer Ever

How Ivory Tower are innovating the racing genre with The Crew.

Hyrule Warriors Trailer Showcases Link’s Power Gloves

Nemean Cestus, eat your heart out.

Naughty Dog Are Already Thinking About Ideas For The Last of Us 2 For The PS4

Is Naughty Dog brainstorming for The Last of Us 2?

Watch Dogs “TheWorse” Mod Final Version Now Available

Rain and depth of field changes, colour grading adjustments and much more added.

The Sims Developer Is Working On A New IP

Apparently it's a little bit like LittleBigPlanet, Minecraft, and Project Spark.

Cloud Imperium Details Star Citizen Patch 12.5

And it hasn't even launched yet.

No Man’s Sky Developer Says ‘Hype Is Your Worst Enemy’

'We don't want it to affect us.'

Assassin’s Creed Unity Pre-order Bonuses, Collector’s Edition Revealed

Four different in-game items at each retailer and additional missions? Don't mind if we do.

League of Legends Developer to Ban, Publicly Shame Toxic Players

Riot Games is rolling out a new initiative to spurn racist and homophobic players.

Dota 2 International Championship Finals Winner Crowned

Who won $5 million in the biggest Dota 2 tournament yet? Find out here.

European Commission Issues New Rules for Free To Play Games

You can't call them free to play if they're not actually free.

Modern Combat 5 Early Access Leads to Piracy

Fans who received access to the game one week early took to pirating it.

This Is What a PS1 Version of The Last of Us Would Look Like

In case you were wondering.

Check Out This New Trailer For Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

And loads of new screenshots as well.

Watch The Last of Us: One Night Live Monday, July 28

Now this sounds interesting.

Circulets Was The Third Best Casual Game of Last Year

According to the 6th Annual BestAppEver Awards.

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