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DriveClub Improving Connectivity, More Events to be Made Available

Connectivity steadily improving but more work to be done.

Xbox One Screen Capture Arriving in 2015

Feature will skip November and December updates.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Features Gun Game and Infected

Fan favourite multiplayer modes make a return.

NHL 15 Gets Huge Update on Xbox One and PS4

More fixes to bring the game up to speed.

Far Cry 4’s Interactive Trailer Is Fantastic


Lords Of The Fallen Video Bring Thanks And Answers

Less hack and slash, more dark souls.

Things Get Crazy In This Sunset Overdrive Launch Trailer


EA Scores An Early Victory In Battlefield 4 Lawsuit

Just let it go guys.

HaloFest 2014 Announced

Features Halo 5 Beta, Halo: Nightfall premiere, and more.

Blizzard Delays iPhone and Android Version of Hearthstone to 2015

But promise the Android tablets version will be coming soon.

Media Create Japan Sales: 3DS Continues Its Reign At The Top

Meanwhile, Xbox One competes at the bottom of the barrel with Vita TV.

Yoshi Circuit Returns to Mario Kart In The Upcoming DLC

Link racing on Yoshi. Oooh yeah.

An Updated Version of GTA: San Andreas May Be Coming


Just Dance 2015 – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Just Dance 2015

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Makes AI Meaningful and Menacing

There's something about Mordor's Uruks and it's more than just the smell.

15 Reasons Why Star Citizen Needs To Launch On PS4 And Xbox One

It could be the biggest game ever. Here's why it needs be on consoles.

The Division Using Xbox One Cloud “On Our Agenda”, PC Version Not A Console Port

Technical director Anders Holmquist says the topic has come up for discussion.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer Details Sera, Iron Bull and Dorian

Complete with their own clever quips.

Far Cry 4 Dev Believes Linear Story Games Will “Suffer in Modern Marketplace”

Services like Twitch are more supportive of open world games as opposed to repetitious content.

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