Path of Exile Dev Explains Why The Game Is Not Coming On The PS4, Xbox One’s eSRAM Didn’t Pose Many Issues

Plus, they confirm that they currently have no plans for a PS4 version.

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The base Xbox One’s hardware has always been an issue for developers working with the system- and this was best exemplified by Microsoft’s decision to go with the ESRAM on it, which ended up acting as an unnecessary bottleneck for a lot of developers.

The Xbox One X eschews this entirely, of course, and in any case, we are far enough into the generation that hopefully specters of the ESRAM are a thing of the past- but we did ask Chris Wilson of Grinding Gear Games, working on Path of Exile for the Xbox One, what they thought of the ESRAM based on their work with the system.

“Our use of the eSRAM is very simple, so we didn’t really run into issues. We put our shadow maps and a few other surfaces into eSRAM and it sped up rendering those things,” he said, noting that there had been no issues with even the base version of the system, and that they were expecting the game to hit 1080p and 60fps even on the base Xbox One.

We also asked him if there were any plans on releasing the game on the PS4, and why they had chosen to go with the Xbox One instead of the PS4, in spite of the latter’s install base.

“We haven’t made any plans at the moment,” he said. “Our decision to launch on the Xbox One was because we have a great relationship with Microsoft and their platform is Windows-based, making the conversion straightforward. The benefits of adding DirectX 11 support to Path of Exile (to facilitate and Xbox One launch) were immediately applicable to the existing Windows PC version of Path of Exile. If we had chosen a different platform, then we wouldn’t have been able to improve the PC version in the same way for free.”

Which is fair, and I guess it is also a vindication of Microsoft’s Xbox One-Windows 10 strategy. If more developers begin to approach game development this way, then Microsoft may be able to wrest their way back somewhat from where they are at the moment.

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  • The truth-ier

    Its strange, when MS gets a exclusive everyone pings it for not going to the PS4. When the PS4 gets a exclusive, its yay and see the X1 doesn’t get exclusives.
    This fanboy interviewers never ask the ps4 exclusives about why they are not supporting X1….which has 30 plus million install base, it would be stupid to ignore, but plenty do just to get small sells…such as yakuza, and that street fighter game…yakuza sells about 1-2 million per game, and i also feel the same way about x1 exclusives, they should all go to ps4.

    • Dafuq Iswrong

      What exclusive are you talking about?

    • Mark

      Agree, u rarely ever see that question when it’s PS4 3rd party exclusive, but anyway

    • Truthhurts24

      Exactly I cant stand the double standard bs every time Microsoft does something great for gaming. Microsoft to this day still does not receive credit for innovating online gaming and console features smh.

    • Fred Parkins


    • Mr Xrat

      They don’t need to ask, we already know that answer. Xbox is trash.

      Yakuza and SF would flop hard on your movie player.

    • seegee

      No one cares. Stop living in a bubble. PS fans are plenty happy with their exclusives. No need to question Sony either because people have faith and have an excellent track record of bringing games ONLY on playstation

  • One With Shadows

    No big deal. I don’t like mobile games anyway.

    • Jan Canè

      Path of exile is a mobile game? Ahahahahah PlooSer

    • One With Shadows

      Pretty much. Plus it’s already 4+ years old. Wasn’t this on PS3?
      Ahahahahah LoSer

    • wilson

      PoE is about as mobile as that POS car on your profile…

    • One With Shadows

      Speaking of a POS…I noticed you broke out your 4 year old alt account with 22 comments to reply. Did your other 3 get banned?

    • Fred Parkins

      Sure plays like one.

      This is just my opinion, but I feel that ANY developer that makes top down camera game is just plain lazy.

      They can completely avoid creating any detail in the world. Just throw some terrain out there for rocks and your done. The camera never gets close enough to show much anything.

    • angh

      I think you didnt really see this game. Camera have similar angle to Diablo 2, you can zoom in and out to see the details, and overall it is much better title than Diablo 3. At least on PC.
      I would never compare it to any mobile product, it is a difficult, hardcore and rewarding title. Well done H&S.

  • Giselle Brady

    More free to play trash. No thanks.

    I thought this came out a long time ago?

    • LordCancer Kain

      free to suck balls, riiight? ha!

    • Praveen Negi

      Did you even play the game?

    • Fred Parkins

      Don’t forget the $400 DLC they are horking on people.

      No. I’m not joking. There is $400 DLC on Xbox for this game.

  • Mr Xrat

    So it’s a simple game and they were already in MS’ corner anyway. lol.

  • Sengorr

    I think its better to port PoE to ps4 otherwise they will start losing revenue from X1 server problems. vs

    • Jan Canè

      Sony fanboys are always the best…i remember when the amazing (on rent) psn servers crashed on cod final…oh well psn servers are simply trash.

    • J.j. Barrington


    • angh
    • Christian Armstrong

      Huh what server problems? I can’t even remember the last time live went down for me, certainly not in the last couple of years :s

    • Jay

      yet sony is the ones that keep getting hacked again and again come to think of it they just got hacked again what a week ago.

  • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

    But isnt the whole point of free to play to get as many ppl playing as possible? I mean it’s free so they are kinda just advertising themeslves for future projects. By not having it on ps4 they lose millions of players that may not care to look for the company name in the future. They bottleneck their fanbase.

    • LarZen

      Just because the PS4 has sold around 60 million consoles. Dont mean it has a high attach rate on games. Just like with Android and iPhone. Way more Android phones in circulation then iPhone. But the software attach rate is higher on iOS.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Your argument is no argument. You’re not supplying that Xbox has a higher attach rate, and most accounts show them to be even in that regard.

      It DOES, however, mean that even if the attach rate weren’t the same or close, the devs could still make more on PlayStation.

    • angh

      We know very well what’s attach rate on games in PS4. 60.4 mln ps4 sold in June, with 487.8 mln of software (games, no f2p counted of course)

      As for Xbox they do not showing any numbers (except total live users, thanks to Win 10 it is a nice number to show), but we know that there is around 30 mln xbox one on market, and below 200 mln software sold (as much as we can get from the small amount of data which is exposed).

      For me it’s clear. You can do your math yourself.

    • Jan Canè

      Right but you know, psn has 1/3 of xlive paying users, even ps4 has the double of consoles. This mean that ps4 users are mostly kid with no money that expect a game from daddy. Xbox users spend more money according to ea and ubisoft because it’s a more mature community. Ps community is mostly composed by kids.

    • seegee

      What a load of nonsense. EA and ubisoft have their biggest sales on playstation. Attached rate is just fine. Just started reading news here looks like I need to do a 180, the level of fanboyism here us ridiculous

    • J.j. Barrington

      Wise move.

    • angh

      “psn has 1/3 of xlive paying users”

      Any source or just blabling on internet?

    • jay bot

      Lying moron LMAO

  • wilson


    Signed… PS4 fanbois

  • Fluffy Faced Fool

    Shame. Still we have marvel heroes and Diablo 3. So its not all bad.

  • jay bot

    Microsoft paid you. Ok thanks. No one bought this in 2013 when it released. No one cares in 2017.


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