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Well we have an update that might please Metal Gear Solid fans. We all know that a Metal Gear Solid movie has been in works for some time now. But we have had no information of any sort till now. Paul Anderson, the director of video game-to-film adaptations such as Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat has announced that he is at least interested in directing a MGS film.

How he goes about it remains to be seen, but if the intricate plot details and real life behind the Metal Gear series are to be fully realized, he may have to step up his game from his previous projects. Doing a game-to-film is a risky business, as there is a fine line between satisying gamers who want action set pieces, and the average film-watcher who wants plot twists and character development.

Snake back on the silver screen?

Snake back on the silver screen?

When Anderson gave us Mortal Kombat back in 1995, he brought the genre of game adaptations into the limelight proper, reigniting interest in game and film alike. This was widely acclaimed by the media, and he swiftly followed it up with Event Horison, a sci-fi horror that was to become the insparation for Dead Space.

Following these successes was the Resident Evil (film) series. This became a controversial talking point for fans, as the lukewarm plot and heart-pounding action ground uncomfortably together. At GamingBolt, we highly anticipate his next project.

Furthermore, since Kurt Wimmer announced that he would be working the script for the MGS film, all news on the subject has gone cold. No official talks have gone on between Anderson and Sony. However, due to Paul’s links with Sony in the past, we would put our money on him directing the new MGS film.

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  • Christian Burrell

    This would definitely make money, but video game movies typically suck. Let’s hope this doesn’t.

  • james

    …metal gear solid 3 is more of a movie than a game

  • Mike

    I wouldn’t want him doing this movie, he’d screw it up like Resident Evil. They need to actually put some time into playing the games of the movies they’re going to make. Not just write a screenplay and dance around the original concept. He’s going to make it some crazy action movie, screw up the story, and make a decent amount of money in the process. Just like he did in Resident Evil. Please, please don’t screw it up.

  • John Woodson

    Wow, amazing dude. I want that.


  • Matt

    After hearing from GI that the movie industry and the game industry are more closely working together on all of their upcoming projects, I think this has great potential to both satisfy gamers who, like myself love MGS, as well as all the movie critics that will rip into it for being a video game-to-movie adaptaion

  • nic

    Well if this is made they pretty much have to cast Clint Eastwood as Old Snake. If you’ve ever seen Gran Torino you know exactly what i mean.

  • …metal gear solid 3 is more of a movie than a game…

  • Haysoos

    While I loved Event Horizon, the resident evil series were really, really, really bad.

    Also, I think the writer of the article is incredibly off base with his assumption that gamers want just action set pieces and not so much on plot twists and character developement. The trend in video games has been moving from action action action to now having character development and plot twists being integral to game stories. The film industry has been moving from character development and plot towards action set pieces, explosions and “make the say wow” CGI.

    What gamers want is a movie that doesn’t dilute what made the game great. Take doom, for example, had way too much guy against guy action. It could have been epic if they had made it about demons from hell and a band of soldiers doing the impossible. It could even have ended with one lone marine getting trapped/transported to hell in order to save earth or some civilians. It was a game about just shooting demons for crying out loud, and they missed that mark entirely.

    On the other hand, the MGS series plays out like movies. Plot twists and character development are a MUST. It needs to take itself as seriously as the game as well, something that didn’t happen in the RE movies in my opinion. At least, not the second and third. Back to my point, it shouldn’t have little kickbacks to the game it was inspired by, it needs to BE the game. I always thought the story should be written by the people that wrote the game story.

  • jamesbates

    paul anderson is NOT directing the metal gear solid movie! kurt wimmer is, its been announced! , so dont get worried mgs fans! i cant wait for this movie!

  • Patrick

    I want somebody like michael bey to do this i mean metal gear are basically robots i think he can make mgs a more popular franchise!!!

  • Musser64

    Would be an awesome movie!


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