Persona 5 Review – GamesMaster Says “Better Than Final Fantasy 15”, Awards 9.5/10

Music, visuals, characters and more praised.

Posted By | On 24th, Mar. 2017 Under News

Week several major releases out of the way, all eyes are now on Atlus’s Persona 5, releasing in April for the West following a delays. Reviews from Japanese publications like Famitsu have been positive but how will Western reviewers respond?

As it turns out, UK magazine GamesMaster reviewed Persona 5 and gave it 95 percent which translates to 9.5 out of 10. A scan of the review was posted on Reddit and the main features praised included the characters, overall look, music and the mix of school life and battling. The only real negative stated was the beginning six hours which dragged as you learned the ropes

Still, GamesMaster claims the game is better than Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 15. Considering the amount of development time that went into Final Fantasy 15 and the critical reception for the final result, it’s not exactly impossible. Still, if you enjoyed that game, then it seems a given that Persona 5 will be right up your alley.

Persona 5 arrives for PS4 and PS3 on April 4th for North America and Europe.

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  • PorHawj2016

    FF XV is good game, not best game ever i played.. driving is awful and lame

  • Doobie281

    Don’t know why the media and forum gamers keep trying to compare P5 with FFXV, they’re not even remotely similar. They should be comparing P5 to Pokemon.

    • jean.hamrick

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    • FlareKnight

      So you claim P5 isn’t similar to FF15 and then instead ask it be compared to Pokemon? What? That’s an even more random comparison.

    • Silent Nyan

      The reason why Pokemon is because Pokemon took some from SMT, both Persona and Pokemon have that collect them all thing kinda going. Both also rely on elemental advantages/type advantages to do well in combat.

    • Doobie281

      P5 and Pokemon are both turn based RPGs, and like Pokemon you can acquire the beings you fight in P5. It’s an extremely obvious comparison. FFXV isn’t turn based and you don’t collect/capture monsters or beings to use. The only close comparison between FFXV and P5 is that they have a party.

    • Doobie281

      But this is obviously a click bait article. There’s been this misaligned and misplaced rivalry between Persona fans and FF fans of recent notice just because FF isn’t turn based anymore.

  • pelleossa

    p5>>>>boyband fantasy 15


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