Phil Spencer Admits Kinect Isn’t Useful Any More In Case of Games Like Call of Duty

“If you’re playing Halo or Call Of Duty, there’s not really a scenario that says, ‘Hey, I need a Kinect.’”

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Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has finally admitted what most Xbox One fans have known since the console was first launched. The Kinect 2.0 simply isn’t that useful a piece of equipment. What is was, when it was mandatorily included in all of the latest generation console’s bundles was a piece of equipment that drove up the price and likely hurt Microsoft’s competition with the PS4. Sony was offering a console that was more powerful at launch, was $100 cheaper and offered better bundles because people weren’t saddled with something they would never use.

Eventually, Microsoft started taking the Kinect out of the package and is now offering it as a piece of equipment that only the most diehard of Kinect fans are going to purchase. Spencer recently sat down with GamesRadar and talked about the evolution of Microsoft’s console. “The teams continue to look at ways that Kinect makes the entertainment experience better. I’d say the area that hasn’t really landed – and I don’t know if it will – is, ‘Is Kinect integral to all of the core gaming scenarios on our console in terms of minute-to-minute gameplay?’ There are genres where Kinect works really well, but if you’re playing Halo or Call Of Duty, there’s not really a scenario that says, ‘Hey, I need a Kinect.’”

While Spencer is never going to say that Kinect was a terrible idea, those comments are about as close as he is going to get. Clearly, he understands that forcing the Kinect on early adopters of the Xbox One wasn’t the best idea Microsoft ever had.

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  • Nettrick Nowan

    I sure wish some interviewer would ask him the tough questions like why Microsoft said the Kinect and Xbox One couldn’t be sold separately because the Kinect was “integral” to the Xbox One. Someone needs to call him out on this.

    • theduckofdeath

      Even if MS wanted that to be true, I highly doubt they would have implemented such dependency. The case where a Kinect malfunctions or was delevered in a defective state would render the entire machine useless.

      Early on, they spoke as if Kinect was physical integrated into the XB1. That wasn’t viable because of the opportunity for obstruction of the camera.

  • efnet

    Lol hmmm looks like this site is shaping stories as it see fit

  • Orion Wolf

    The Kinect might not have the so called “killer app”, but it’s far from useless.

    Btw I’ve seen quite a few articles trashing the Kinect, but I have yet to see an article talking about the “usefulness” of the ps4 camera.

  • Manny Martinez

    The kinect is far from useless. It is used by many researchers in the computer vision field.

  • Avatar Roku

    The first Call of Duty on Xbox One involved a character who used a dog named Riley. An animal that you would control in real life with voice commands and gesture and nobody realized you could’ve used the Kinect to do this instead of the stupid controller? Spencer saying this about CoD proves how clueless and unqualified these people are to be at the forefront of game creation.

    Also the main competitor to CoD, Battlefield makes good use of Kinect for head tracking and leaning around corners. In fact most EA games try to make good use of Kinect, to their credit.

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