Phil Spencer Defends Against Claims That Ryse Has Screen Tearing, Blames Video Player

Here we go again.

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Phil Spencer, who is the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios has come out in the defense of Crytek’s upcoming Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome.

Some players have reported that Ryse suffers from screen tearing but Spencer believes that the game itself has no issues, naming the video player as the main culprit. He also re-confirmed that the game is running at a locked 30 frames per second.

Another user then tried to refute Spencer’s claim by sharing an off screen image from the multiplayer component of the game. Spencer dismissed his claims by stating that the image was taken from an old build.

It was confirmed not too long ago that Ryse will be running at 900p. What is your entire take on the situation? Do you think 1080p at sixty frames per second matters in video games or is it the gameplay that concerns you the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ryse: Son of Rome will be launching alongside the Xbox One this November. For more information about the game you can check its hub page here or read our exclusive interview with Crytek for an inside look into the development of the game.

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  • SHU

    Here we go again…..

    • John

      That has got to be the single most stupid poster I have ever seen! Who give a fuck about the local economy if they produce shit?! You think I’m gonna buy an xbone or 360 because its American?! Fuck that bullshit you moron, I buy quality don’t give a shit who makes it – I buy the best regardless! That’s why the PS3 has sold far more xboxes around the world and is only behind in sales in the US – I wonder why that is? Sony don’t need to beg anyone, they release almost a year late and STILL manage to sell more than their rivals at a higher premium no less. I feel bad for your stupidity!!

    • Gob1in

      By your logic, Justin Bieber > all pop artists because of sales numbers which apparently mean the best.

    • Axe99

      The X1 isn’t actually made in America, and a Yank was the lead designer on the PS4. All of these silly, parochial straw men are just that – both boxes are multinational efforts from multinational corporations.

    • twinspectre

      you must be a dumbass brainwashed xbone fanboy , i give my money to a company that build quality product not because it’s from my country

    • Mick

      Wow, WTF is that image?! What is this 1982?! You think the Xbox One isn’t manufactured in the exact same factory, on Line #2 ? What a (racist bullshit) joke.

  • Pete

    Pfft!! As IF I’m gonna believe anything that idiot Phil.S says! I bet that stupid idiot doesn’t even play games properly, the wanker! Everytime he open his gob, shit just rolls out!

  • Iramohs

    Actually 1080p and 60fps does matter cause these consoles claim to be “next gen” but all I’m seeing it pc graphics from 2008.


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