Phil Spencer Defends Microsoft’s Decision To Bring Quantum Break On The PC

Says the game’s release on PC will be better in the long run.

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Phil Spencer has been walking the line between advocating more Xbox One games on the PC and making sure those games are high quality. The Xbox One exec took to Twitter again to talk specifically about the recent announcement that Quantum Break is no longer an Xbox One exclusive. The game will now also be coming to PC and that news has been met with mixed reactions.

However Spencer has defended this decision. He responded, “This is exactly what we’ve been saying since GDC. I agree. More players, more games, better ecosystem.” Despite the fact that Spencer clearly likes the idea of having more games on both the Xbox One and PC, he went on to make it clear that he also wants to continue to focus on the Xbox One.

Despite Spencer’s claims that there is focus for both the PC and Xbox One, there were some gamers who voiced their displeasure that Microsoft was still paying attention to the PC at all. It seems that despite the company using Windows 10 early and often, Spencer wants people to know that Microsoft has been focusing on the Xbox One more than the firm has paid attention to consoles since he joined the firm.

While Spencer was largely polite during his conversations about Quantum Break, he seemed a bit annoyed when one Twitter user claimed he canceled his preorder for Quantum Break simply because the game is coming to the PC. The exec responded “you cancelled a pre-order for a game you want to play because someone else get’s to play the game on Windows?”

That’s actually a pretty good question.

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  • Psionicinversion

    Crapgamer what a surprise…. one salty fanboy

    • Mark

      Lol. Yeah he had a meltdown about this a few months bak. I’ll say this tho, atleast he criticizes Microsoft, with respect to Youtubers giving him the “corporate slave award” ahaha. Not with dat tweet he ain’t….you gettin Qbreak? You don’t even have ur PC suped up yet. Waitin on Pascal was it?

    • Psionicinversion

      Yeah i think i will buy QB just to give PC that extra sale against xbox haha. Dont need a suped up PC. the minimum spec will probably to run it the same as xbox or a bit better, dunno wth the 980Ti spec is for its crazy. im waiting on pascal/Polaris because the only game i care about running at max settings 60fps is squadron 42 the rest can just run at whatever my GPU can power till then dont particularly care tbh

  • red2k

    The real problem is not only QB, Fable Legends, Recore and probably Scalebound and Gears. How is that good at long run???

    • Mark

      Here’s a possibility; Xbox gamers and the PC master race alike will buy Microsoft published games, instead of just on console. So with that extra revenue, Microsoft invests that into more new IP, and also on sequels for both platforms. There’s a good reason we probably won’t be hearing about Ryse 2 and Sunset Overdrive 2…

      Now which would you prefer, get less games on console but they stay exclusive, or, allow them on PC and get more new IP and sequels? Hmmm, I’ll take Sunset Overdrive 2, but thats just me.

    • lagann

      What they are failing to realize is that Xbox is turning into a service like Steam. Making hardware makes no money for neither MS nor Sony. The money is in the software….meaning whoever has the best ecosystem will be the most successful.

      Sony fanboys deep down know this and are threatened by this move…that’s why they are trying to do the best they can to raise a stink to hopefully try to make Phil change his mind. Not gonna happen though lol. The more they “influence” X1 sales by spreading fud, the faster Phil is going to stop the reliance solely on console sales and will speed up plans for the xbox ecosystem.

      MS is in position to finally give Steam some real competition. Xbox is already successfully in the living room (that’s why a next gen xbox console WILL happen), and if Phil keeps putting Triple A games on the Xbox pc app, i see no reason why they wouldn’t be successful in the pc arena. Though third party games are sorely missing on the xbox pc app….

      As for the xbox fanboys against this move….well, they are just idiots too busy with the console wars to look any further than that. At least the Sony fanboys have a reason.

    • Mark

      Dude so true!

    • William Fenton

      As I’ve said.

      It may not look it, but MS may well be better prepared for the future doing this and pushing cross-play. Sony are a very traditional company being Japanese — and there’s always a lag in players not moving with the times.

    • Psionicinversion

      MS shareholders/investors want xbox division gone because its a black hole constantly losing money. So by putting the games on PC to it can at least generate extra money to make that loss smaller. MS is a business and with the absolute pathetic performance of its exclusive sales its a worrying time. Crapgamer reckons QB will sell 3 mill… i dont i reckon 1.5mill on xbox if there lucky

    • red2k

      Unfortunately you are telling the truth but I don’t think that this is the solution. Xbox can add other 15 million of new costumers through the next 4 years but with this tendency of bring exclusives to PC probably they will not gain 8 million and I’m sure that playing Xbox exclusives like Recore or Fable Legends on PC will not be a huge economic success.

    • Psionicinversion

      i think at E3 they will make online gaming free i.e. you dont need to pay for XBL gold to play online to bring it inline with PC but theyll keep XBL gold for games with gold and the other stuff and then extend that to PC users as a premium service and to sweeten the pot for PC gives them access to xbox backwards compatible games

    • jayflow

      That wouldn’t be a bad idea if you ask me. I think what a lot of people are missing is that there is still a lot of people out there who don’t want to deal with a PC and they would rather just buy a console.

    • Alistein

      Man you’re a gamer. What does it matter if those games go to PC as long as you get to play.


      Sea of thieves and Halowars 2 will come to PC as well…

      And u are right, Phil Spencer was lying all the way here… A true lier who denied a PC version of QB HUNDRED times..

  • Truth™

    Consoles are dead. Xboners coping with loss are welcome to join the master race

    Sonycucks turn is next. lol

    • Mark


  • Psionicinversion
  • Riggybro

    As much as their Twitter accounts are entertaining (as records of a descent into madness) hopefully it’ll make the more obessed XB devotees who have placed Phil as their God realise they were perhaps being a little posessive. They can now get up off the couch, open a window, catch up on the last couple of years… explore other interests… call their Mother… return to life on planet earth.

  • hiawa23

    Crapgamer was the gamer. I personally own all the consoles so I am fine with MS doing this. As long as the games are not appearing on Playstations or Nintendo, then I am fine with it. Lets be honest, gamers had to see this coming, as MS updated the Xbox as similar to Windows 10, layout, it was clear to me, MS is heading to a future where they get their games out either away from Xbox or on Xbox plus PC.


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