Phil Spencer Explains Why Players Should Buy Xbox One Over PS4, Talks About Kinect-less SKU And GPU

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer on why people must invest in Xbox One.

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Xbox One Boss Phil Spencer has bought a lot of positive things ever since he transitioned to his new position. Talking to GameTrailers in the on going live stream, Spencer was asked a few tough questions.

On why players should buy an Xbox One over a PS4:

“One of the things that I am really proud of is the number of games that we have shown here to talk about live innovation, like dedicated servers or drivatars, we showed Crackdown at the end of the shown which is one of my favorite games of all time. The destruction that Dave Jones is building using the cloud, that allows to do things on a console that have never been done before will be really special.”

On multiplatform games looking better on the PS4 and the work they have the console’s GPU:

“I think it’s really important that we are a great development platform for developers and you might have seen that in our June update we did some work on the GPU. Its been a good uptake from our 1st party partners, developers and studios. They have been working on these games that will be launching this fall. We have had great feedback from Bungie for Destiny and the impact it is going to have on the resolution. Being the best place for developers, live service and core development platform is critical for our success.”

On people who bought the Xbox One with the Kinect for $499:

“First all of thank you. I appreciate them signing in the beginning and I want them to know that with me being the head of Xbox that Kinect is critical to our long term success. It fundamentally is. Our choice to give the consumer a price choice,  I think in the long run it will be good thing for Xbox as well as Kinect.”

What are your thoughts on Spencer’s answers? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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  • Edonus

    Phils answers are pretty standard.
    I feel MS is operating like a company from a different era. The X1 is a great console and they want the content and functions to speak for themselves but this is not that era.

    This generation of gamers are raised on the WWF. They respond to belittling and $h!t talking. The Ps4s biggest claim to fame right now is that multiplat games are technically do more but you have to squint to see the differences if they exist at all.

    The X1 has better online better function the best looking games and more games truly made for it. They didnt even say in the conference that Crackdown was the cloud destruction demo they showed a few months back.

    I think MS may be suffering from that rich people problem. They have so much that they dont care enough to attack others for theirs. They are trying to be classy while everyone else is acting like @ssholes.

    • Guest

      What a load of crap, so you try to belittle the graphical differences (typical fanboy tactic) then you turn around and act like Live is somehow much better than PSN. Then complain about how other people act. Typical fanboy garbage.

    • Robbie S

      I agree with you, but I think you should look up ‘belittle’ in a dictionary

    • Guest

      mmm, belittle is appropiately used here. Do you need to look it up in the dictionary?

    • Eagles83

      Yes the PS4 multiplatform games look better but in all honesty the main difference is less aliasing on PS4 due to the higher resolution on some of the games. All of the same graphics effects are in place and the games are upscaled anyway. A difference in aliasing is not a massive difference.

    • Michael Norris

      LOL such a fanboy it’s sicking.Ps4 has better 3rd party games and….i am willing to bet Sony has much better 1st party games to show off in 4 hours.Get your box of Kleenex ready because it’s going to be Epic!

    • Guest

      You’re making things up that Sony execs never said about Xbox One.

      Microsoft and Mattrick, Hyrb, Penello, Greenberg, Medhi, Spencer, etc. has been making the arrogant anti-consumer PR blunders, spin, and BS this gen, not Sony. That’s why PS4 is ~3.5 million ahead in sales.

      It was a Microsoft executive who said “we’re going to kill Sony at E3” in 2013.

    • Edonus

      Its not necessarily the sony execs and the banter between the companies. thats just good ol competition. Its the click bait game journalist that have found out there are more sony supporters chasing internet news than anybody else so they facilitate the broken mis informed discussions.

      I remember in the earlier days of gaming even if the Ps2 was more powerful than the Dreamcast or the SNES was more powerful than the Genesis the gaming journalists didnt harp on it and they let the games speak for themselves. As an example the NES was more capable than the SMS but Double Dragon was better on the SMS. They didnt create a stigma around the consoles and choose sides. They let each game speak for itself.

      In this era I have a game like Ryse with the highest level of detail ever modeled in to characters on a console, with great texture work that is second to none……. then i have article telling me its not 1080p native which leads to fanboys telling me its not 1080p….. all while the fidelity and quality is some of the best if not the best you can find.

      In a perfect world the theoretical power gap would be noted and the games would speak for themselves. In the current era they are trying to prove with every release that the Ps4 is so much more powerful. Actively trying to prove this. If it was so obvious they wouldn’t have to work so hard.

    • dOUBLEm04

      Wow you hit out the park with your comment.

    • arrow2010

      Yes and if Karma exists, Sony will pay dearly for all their smack-talking.

  • PachterStation

    Drop it to £299.99 instead of £349.99 (from £399.99) and I’ll have one, Phil. Prices in the US and Japan are realistic, but not in Europe. But as if Microsoft are bothered about Europe. Xbox is dead in Japan, yet it gets a better deal (with the One). Europe always gets shafted. Cheaper prices in the US and Japan, get Europe to make up for the loss.

    • Saryk

      Get Europe to make up the loss? Your taxes are higher dumbass.

      Xbox in Japan is not dead, the PS4 isn’t selling either.

    • Guest

      You have to be joking. Xbox 360 regularly sells 400 consoles A MONTH in Japan. That’s about how dead Xbox One will be.

      PS3, PS4, and Wii U regularly sell 7-10k consoles a month. Wii U selling 19k when the average is 7-8k is not notable. PS4 is doing well in Japan considering the market and will pick up with more Japan focused games.

      Globally PS4 is ahead ~3.5 million units and gaining.

    • PachterStation

      VAT (tax) is at 20% in the UK. Take the US price and add 20% VAT, what do you get? An Xbox One for $400, that’s around £240, yet the UK price is £350 (around $590). Is US Tax over 20%? I’m not sure. Take £240 ($400) and add 20% VAT ($48) for argument sake, you’re looking at around £290 all in. Who’s the dumbass now? US tax under 20%, it’d be even cheaper. PS4 and One games sell for £60 tops, that’s around $100. Proof that Europe gets shafted. Companies have used Europe to top up their losses in other countries. It’s been going on for years.

    • Saryk

      Still a dumbass! VAT is not the only tax. Import taxes, Corporate Income Taxes, shipping. Yeah, business just like to piss off their customers, so they won’t buy their games or other products.

  • jacksjus


  • Michael Norris

    I like Phil, but this is a battle he can not win.He has done a wonderful job,but the console is Don Mattricks vision.Phil is doing his best to turn the thing into a full fledge gaming console.I can’t shake the feeling that Xone is a media first console second piece of hardware.

    • RA3030

      Let’s not forget Phil was right there with Don in the X1 build. The X1 original vision was just as much Phil Spencer’s vision as anyone else’s. Phil is being giving way to much credit with all the “were listening to gamers crap” the only thing Microsoft listens to is the cash register and how silent it has been and how noisy the PS4 cash machine is. The options and choices MS has made over the last 3 months is not rocket science. Anyone that MS put in at the head of the Xbox Division instead of Phil S. would have made the same decisions. Anyone! To include you or I.

    • HisDivineOrder

      It’s typical Microsoft spin.

      Look at recent history. Microsoft loves to shove their customers down, reach over them, take their wallet, pummel them with demands you, “Come on!” and just do what they say.

      Then after you’re bruised and bloody, weak, and reaching for a PS4/Windows 7/Windows XP/Android devices/Etc, suddenly they’re all, “Baby. Come back. We didn’t mean it when we pummeled you relentlessly to try and get you to do what we want. We’ll go back to the way things were. C’mon, baby. Isn’t that great? We’re just going back to what we were doing for eight years last gen and four years before that. So we’re going back to the way of things for over a decade. Isn’t that great?

      “Don’t you want to praise us now? Don’t we deserve a lot of love? Love us, right? Love us. LOVE US! We are listening to you now! We totally are not planning to shove you down and pummel you again the moment you forgive us AGAIN. So yeah. Waiting on the praise. Will you come on and hurry up and give us our damn praise already? What? You’re still upset about being bruised and bloody? For reals? Seriously? Whine longer, alright? We did that like a minute ago. Sheesh. Come on. Just stop already and love us.

      “Still waiting on that praise you owe us. Come on, hurry up. Leap in.”

    • William Downie

      I have heard it all MS are jealous of Sonys cash register MS>Sony. MS made more in 3 months than Sony is worth 20 Billion in 3 months vs Sony net worth of 16 Billion lllooolllll FAIL

  • RA3030

    Ummm…I thought he was going to give me a reason to purchase a Xbox One instead of the PS4? Really I already have the PS4 but I was hoping he was going to give a reason…any reason to buy the X1. During E3 he has plenty of time and failed to give me that reason and agin he failed here. So I will wait. Maybe in a year or 2 when the price is around $199 new or $150 on Ebay and the Halo collection is $30 on Ebay I’ll pick the 2 up. Till then the PS4 is clearly the place to be……CLEARLY!
    Sorry Phil, though u try and I’ll give u props for that it’s still not enough. Your a used car salesman with those type skill sets I just don’t wont what you have to sell.

    • Fay_Z

      Better games, better online, same price as ps4. depends if you really like indie games there might be a resogun 2 out for ps4 lol

    • Erik

      “Better games…”

      Um, not so much.

    • William Downie

      Yeah you never have any intention of buying X1 $199 or less?? Your trolling cut the BS,you are saying the X1 is worthless and attempting to stealth troll BADLY,I have both consoles and the PS4 is slightly better,but X Live Games and controller are better on MS platform than what the PS4 offers,Indies and F2P PC Ports that I could of played 2 years ago,only reason I don’t sell PS4 is multiplat quality and Naughty Dog

    • RA3030

      Wow guy…so nice that you know my intentions. Before Microsoft lost on me with their Xbox One Cable box I owned the original Xbox 6 mo after it released I never owned and PS1 nor PS2. I purchased the Xbox 360 just after it released and when it RROD I got another which turned out to be a total of 4. I got the PS3 a couple years ago but hardly used it. I got it in a great deal used. I was a XBOT but this gen MS lost me so I went and got what is clearly the best option with the PS4. That’s not my opinion the one with the most sales wins.. Right? So it must be better. So yes like the PS3 I at some point will get the X1 CB it just so happens at this point I have no reason at all to get one…..No reason at all.

  • HisDivineOrder

    Pretty typical answers.

    The E3 show was meh. There wasn’t anything crazy amazing there that we didn’t already know a LOT about. The Halo set was probably the best part for Xbox One gamers and I suspect a great many of the people they should be targeting to buy Xbox One’s already own versions of those games and have played those games to death previously. The Halo 5 beta MIGHT win some gamers over, but I suspect a great many of those people would have already bought Xbox One for Titanfail based on the hype that game got as the next “multiplayer” experience “exclusive” to Xbox.

    Meanwhile, a lot of Xbox gamers are going to be thinking now’s a great time to try the Sony platform for ITS exclusives they didn’t have last gen. Moar Haloz isn’t going to win that one for them.

    Those answers he gave are pretty generic. I also think the shout out to Cloud Processing (aka Next Gen Blast Processing) is hilarious because it’s unprovable. They can call it cloud processing, but we’ll never know since Crackdown 3 will have no PC version to disprove the notion (ie., Titanfail).

    Before they were called out on it, Titanfail was trumpeted as using Cloud Processing to make it better. Eventually, the truth came out and it was just a virtual server service, which is… well, it’s nothing new. Plus, it didn’t really work all that well until users started leaving the game en masse because it was such a shallow, thin experience.

    So Microsoft probably figures NOW they can get away with talking about “Cloud Processing” and no one’ll be there to disprove the notion.

    Well, until someone plays it offline, right? 😉

  • Dangerousjo 1985

    All I have to say is I want the xb1 and new call of duty is coming home with me just beautiful all over!!!

  • Mark Anthony Dodd

    really dodged the resolution question didn’t he??

    • Guest

      What else can he say when PS4 is 3.5 million ahead in sales and growing? The popular choice is against him.

  • Guest

    Sony = lies, overhype and underdeliver and their conference was hypocrisy at its finest, just like their poor pauperfanboys.

    • Guest

      8 minutes of it was tv/movie/app talk, the rest was actually games related (PS Now, Morpheus, and Free to Play). The rest was wall to wall games trailers and reveals. You are a malicious, hateful, lying, and exaggerating microsoft shill.

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