PlayStation 3: Top Ten Role Playing Games Of All Time

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The PlayStation 3 is sometimes criticized for not having enough quality role playing games. Today through this article we not only prove that the PlayStation 3 has abundance of RPG’s but we also take a look at ten of the best available in random order. Lets get started.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Oblivion was the quintessential role-playing game for the PlayStation 3 and another leap forward in gaming. Step inside the most richly detailed and vibrant game-world ever created. Oblivion was the last chapter in the epic and highly successful Elder Scrolls saga and utilizes power of the PlayStation 3 to fully immerse you into the experience. With a powerful combination of freeform gameplay and unprecedented graphics, you can unravel the main quest at your own pace or explore the vast world and find your own challenges.

Demons Soul

Revolutionary online features support your adventure like never before, presenting seamless interconnectivity that serves in every instance to enhance the single-player game. Team up with two other players in simultaneous cooperative play, working together to topple some of the game’s colossal bosses, or force your way into the games of skilled players and challenge them to PvP battle. Leave hints and clues for those who will follow in your footsteps; either intentionally or through your own inadvertent demise, your bloodstains will allow your successors to view a replay of your death, hinting at how to avoid your gruesome fate. Unprecedented in its depth and subtlety, peerless in its relentlessly challenging gameplay, Demon’s Souls is the ultimate action RPG.

Dragon Age Origins

As the spiritual successor to BioWare’s Baldur’s Gate, one of the most successful role-playing games in the industry, Dragon Age: Origins represented BioWare’s return to its roots, delivering a fusion of the best elements of existing fantasy works with stunning visuals, emotionally-driven narrative, heart-pounding combat, powerful magic abilities and credible digital actors. The spirit of classic RPGs comes of age, as Dragon Age: Origins features a dark and mature story and gameplay.

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  • So, the best rpgs of all time have all been released this generation?

    Folklore and WKC are some of the best rpgs ever?

    THis list is just stupid.

    • Rashid Sayed

      These are only for the PlayStation 3.

    • You’re such an idiot…

  • FF7 needs to be on this list

  • Joel, I’m sure this list pertains only to the PS3. He could have reworded the title better, however.

  • I enjoyed the list. And it brought to my attention Folklore and White Knight Chronicles, which I had totally forgotten about.

    Borderlands, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas are incredible though!

  • This list is just dumb…..I understand it’s only for PS3, but honestly, a top 10 list shouldn’t be filled with a majority of dud games. If there was a metric buttload of options available, then a top 10 list makes sense, but I’d have a hard time naming 5 other RPGs on the system that aren’t already on this list. Next time broaden your horizons a bit.

  • Honestly there is nothing wrong with this list bar the freaking dumb ass title “Playstation 3 top ten role playing games of all time” – Its only been out 3 years and a little bit how can it be of all time?

    Oh that and final fantasy 13 should not even be in the top 20.

    Well done for including folklore though its amazing!

  • White knight chronicles was a horrible game. 1 your not the main character your a side character who is usually and can be gotten rid of and it would not effect the story one but. 2 you do not even get a knight what kind of crap is that. your completely useless expendable character that is definitely how an rpg should be.

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  • Folklore is NOT an RPG. There are literally ZERO RPG elements present. Outside of being able to equip different costumes (that do nothing to your character stats) there is a complete absence of RPG elements. There are no numbers being crunched behind the scene, you don’t level up your character, you don’t pump stats into anything, no EXP to speak of… so on and so on.

    If Folklore is an RPG then so is Call of Duty. In fact, I think given the online elements of COD, a stronger case can be made for it, then for Folklore.

    Also, Folklore was god awful. Forcing us to play the same damn levels twice, with different characters?!? Have shame. What a lousy way to try to extend gameplay. Booo this game.

  • You missed out Enchanted Arms D=
    Best RPG of all time. OF ALL TIME.

  • this should read ” List of the only rpg’s on PS3″

  • Should have waited until Mass Effect 2 came out before you made this list, because it seems not all 10 of these games are great (Final Fantasy XIII, White Knight Chronicles)

  • The only game on this list that may possibly one day be considered one of the top ten greatest PS3 games is Demon’s Souls. The rest of these games are either a joke or are actually not exclusive to PS3 so they don’t count.

    • Really, only Demon’s Souls? Granted Demon’s Souls is an amazing game but, I thought Valykria Chronicles might have been one of the best games I ever played. Then again my opinion means as much as yours.

    • I’ve heard good things about it, but I’ll be honest when I say that I’m biased against anime art style games. It’s not that I don’t like anime, it’s just that most games with anime themes tend to really suck so I stopped giving them a chance.

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  • Thanks for the great list! I love folkllore and appreciate the you included it.

    There sure are a lot of cranky people leaving comments. Don’t let them spoil your day. 🙂

  • rak33n

    never played any but my firiend has elder scrolls and says its really good i may buy it some day


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