These PlayStation 4 Concept Designs Are A Sight To Behold

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It’s a known fact that Sony can design beautiful hardware, and while the upcoming PS4 may be a stunner, we have some amazing concept images that will titillate your senses. After all, who doesn’t like beautiful hardware? As shown with the Vita, which looks gorgeous, these designs that we currently have here, are right up Sony’s alley. We respect the immense creativity these artists’ have displayed by creating these spectacular designs and you can check them out as well. Tell us which model you fancy, and which one looks likely of resembling the real thing.
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  • David

    I only like the first one. Pretty Swank.

    Sadly, Fan concept art is always 100X better looking than what the consoles end up looking like. It’s as if they have no sense of imagination or creativity.

  • Nice article, asshole.

    These all sucked.

    • I dunno, I quite liked no 1&5. A few of these bear an uncanny resemblance to the Starship Enterprise though, ha ha!

  • Mick

    It probably be similar to the ones that have the rectangle like structure. Sony has been staying with that type of design but then amping it up a bit.

  • Carmen

    That grey/orange one looks so dumb, who seriously thought that up? You should be ashamed.

  • anon

    these are stupid.. I like it to maintain its rectangular structure and for it and the controller not to be such a waste of space so that it can be easily stored. the black/white color is just fine. that’s at least what i prefer it to be..

  • This guy,,,

    Am I the only one who thinks sony won’t change the controller at all? The ps4 will most likely look like a slim ps3 with rounded edges or something we can only speculate

  • Aaron

    Number six looked the best. All the others are ridiculous. Also if they change the controller one bit i might not play video games ever again lol

  • i remember pong

    all i saw was a wii an external hard drive a dreamcast a ps1 and a maega drive in cos play, i hope they dont change the controll too much its what makes it playstaition.
    but didn’t like any of those designs, i want something that looks good to sit next to my good looking tv not a brick or a box thats xbox territory

  • Yousef Borgi

    Number 6 is my favorite one of the bunch. Number 9 and 5 are cool as well.

  • evil fucker

    uhm,.. ps4’s controller,.. that thing,.. chicks might dig that, makes it more uh.. playable..

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  • Desiree

    I love # 1 not so much the controller but the actual ps4 was ok. It’s something that doesn’t look like the originals but not too different. And no-matter what they make people will love it because it’s new.


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