PlayStation VR Has The Best Lineup Of Games, Says GameStop CEO

Sony’s VR headset is in the lead on the games front.

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PlayStation VR

We’re getting a lot of competing virtual reality products this year, but any new piece of hardware is only ever as good ultimately as the software on it- see the PlayStation Vita for proof. And of the three headsets, the PlayStation VR is apparently the one that has the best lineup of games- or that’s what GameStop, the largest retailer of video games in the world, seems to believe, anyway.

“The more important thing will be the title count at launch,” GameStop CEO Paul Raines said at the ICR conference in Orlando. “I think that’s going to be big. And from what we can see at this point, Sony seems to have the strongest title count.”

At the very least, it appears as though Sony’s excellent relations with the development community, and their outreach efforts, cemented in part by how open they have been with courting game development for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita, are working in their favor here.

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  • Starman

    Aaaaaaaaa ha ha ha … Yeah he would say that , as long as they’re partners and Sony stays 1990’s and keep the disc alive ….for trade ins …lol FACTS

    • legacy

      You clearly need a life

    • Starman

      Coming from the little girl that found her way to everyone’s comments , and left a comment …STFU little girl…

    • legacy

      I see i hurt your feelings my fault, im gonna send your moms home after im done with her so she can hold you

    • Starman

      Legacy is a wife beater …

  • Truth™

    Where are the games then? I don’t see any games. But then they tried the same tactic for the PS4 and still no games for that heap of trash either.

    PR for the 720PSVR already reeks of desperation.

    • legacy

      The truth is a pedophile, so kids don’t respond to him he’s bad news

  • Gamez Rule

    Sony already has an R&D department plus a team of hardware developers so Sony doesn’t need to hire people. They also have factories to build their own screens and chips, which means no paying out for licensing fees, and the marketing, PR teams with Sony’s ad campaigns for PS4 and PS-VR already exist saving even more money.

    PS-VR can also display what you’re looking at as a 2D image on your TV screens, which like I explained before it’s allowing other PS4 gamers to participate with people using PS-VR.

    More than 100 games supported for PS-VR and loads of support shows Sony has thought about VR and what would suit gamers in general.

    Games like… Ark / Rigs / BattleZone / Robinson The Journey / The Assembly / Shadow Of The Beast / Tekken 7 / Gran Turismo Sport / Dreams ( making your own VR games come to life ) Eve Valkyrie, are just some of the games coming to PS-VR.

    Gaming is going to be at a new level soon, and IF VR fails, at least Sony put everything they have into it within reason☺

    • Starman

      STFU , and stop riding Sony’s D*ck !

    • Gamez Rule

      Grow up and stop throwing your toys out of the pram because the truth hurts ya. LMAO!☺☺☺

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  • Tech junkie

    I wonder if GameSpot has any financial benefit to saying this.
    Let’s think about it, Oculus games will almost exclusively sell digitally. GameSpot is the biggest name in physical game sales, Sony sells the most physical games.

    Nope, no way he’s bias 😉

  • Gamez Rule

    Just been explained that for OR and ANY VR on PC a GTX-970 is the min-spec GPU needed as some PC VR games need a GTX 980 and more to run the games. Digital Foundry looked into this and the whole story is here ( see link )

    ” fact that the first major game to ship with full Vive support also demands a GTX 980. On the face of it, the evidence suggests that Oculus’ attempt to set a recommended spec has already failed.”…..FAILED min-specs = trouble for GTX-970 users which Steam stated was their most popular GPU used.

    PS4 takes away all that worry and just plays the games with PS-VR☺

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