Playstation’s Andrew House Calls Mark Cerny An Advocate For Developers

Andrew House and Cerny have made a good team.

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There’s very little doubt that the Sony Playstation 4 has had a ton of success since the console first launched and Sony boss Andrew House recently sat down with an interview with the Guardian and talked about his and Mark Cerny’s role in getting the device off the ground. House admits that he was looking at the business side of things quite a bit more than Cerny. Mark was the one who was more of an advocate for the developers.

“I tried to get us talking about the PlayStation business, to get it to be much more focused again on the gamer and the end-consumer. That’s not just our marketing message: it informed a lot of the decisions we made around the development of PlayStation 4. I saw Mark Cerny as the advocate for the developer and that constituency, and I saw myself as needing to be the advocate for the consumer whenever I could,” House told the Guardian.

It seems as though House and Cerny were a good team when it came to making the PS4 as successful as possible. The console has been dubbed the winner of the console wars by more than one analyst. With Cerny acting as the advocate for the people who are making the games, and House as the advocate for those who are playing them, the team has put out a product that consumers love.

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  • Truth™

    Someone’s desperate for PR that they are wheeling MisterCernyMedia back out again

    Where’s the Async Compute? Where’s the hUMA? Why is the PS4 a last gen piece of trash unable to run new gen games at a standard 60FPS framerate unless gimped?

    • Gamez Rule

      Can most standard PCs run all games *maxed out* at 1080p at 60fps…Nope, so stop with the console bashing when not all PCs can do what PS4 does already LMAO!

    • Truth™

      More PC’s can run 1080P 60FPS better than PS4. Not like it’s hard compared to the low powered pos junk that is the PS4, anyway 🙂

    • Blitz

      I got a $400 PC last year. It can’t even play vanilla Skyrim at 1080p 60fps. And what even motivated you to comment? This article has nothing to do with PC’s. Are you that upset that people like to game on dedicated devices? We’re somehow blind stupid sheep that don’t understand how these big complicated scary machines work and how much they’re actually worth? People play on what fits their needs. It’s not that hard to understand.

    • Gamez Rule

      I agree,,

      My PC plays games, my PS4 ( and other consoles ) play games, even my phone plays games, so I don’t see why Mr Truth ( the so called PC master race spokes-man ) comments to begin with. Clearly not a gamer for sure.

      Example.. He talks about 4K gaming all the time, and how consoles cannot do 1080p or the 60fps ( which is nonsense ) but when you look at the Steam Nov hardware stats it shows most PC gamers game using 1080p and under. And that only 0.07% use 4k. ( see pic )

      Why can’t he just go back under his bridge and play with whatever makes him happpy☺

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