Prey 2 Live Action Trailer is Pretty Crazy

Posted By | On 16th, Mar. 2011 Under News, Video News

Here is the latest trailer for Prey 2 which happens to be live action which definitely drew my attention to it more.  Hopefully the sequel will be better than the first game.  Published by Bethesda Softworks and co-developed by Human Head Studios/3D Realms, Prey 2 will be out in 2012 for the Xbox 360 , Playstation 3 and PC.  I sure hope it’s released before the end of the world.

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  • PilarVIRUS

    That was pretty awesome. Now I want to play Prey again.

  • DirectingChaos

    I was never a massive fan of Prey but I did think it was an interesting take on FPS games, it will be interesting to see how they have expanded the series and if they have made it a bit more accessible than the last one.

    • PilarVIRUS

      At first I was the very same way, because of the running around on walls — it made me sick — but after I played it a couple of times, I loved it.

  • GSG-9

    This time around it could be better, until we see some gameplay we won’t know …

  • PrivatePyle

    You weren’t lying about it being live-action.
    I was thinking live-action gameplay or some CGI, but they went with a commercial to get you more involved than just thinking “oh, it’s just a video game”.
    Looks sweet.

  • stephanielynette

    ohh so cool!

  • bman128

    Wonder if the main char in this will actually interact with the main char in the 1st one. Nice trailer though, reminds me of the randomness I felt when I played the 1st one.

  • doub7

    Since the main character from the 1st game is blamed 4 all the bad things that happened, I’m guessin he is the guy in handcuffs bein transported. That is prolly y the aliens came after his plane. Theories?


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