Project CARS Devs Blame Microsoft For Lobby Issues, Xbox One Version Getting 4-7% Performance Increase

Lack of matchmaking and controller issues on the Xbox One have raised hackles.

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Project CARS launched for the Xbox One last week in the UK and other parts of the world but that doesn’t mean that the launch wasn’t without it’s problems. Among those problems, gamers were complaining long and loud about the matchmaking capabilities in the game when it came to the Xbox One. Now developer Slightly Mad Studios is throwing the blame for those launch problems squarely at the feet of Microsoft.

Chief among the complaints was that Project CARS didn’t bring enough when it came to multiplayer options. The lack of options aren’t a small issue either. Instead of going into a lobby and picking a race, gamers are just thrown into a random race with random people. The developer has now issued a statement saying that due to, “first party reasons we can’t offer a lobby browser on XB1” The company went on to try and assure gamers that they are looking at ways to fix the matchmaking issues.

While the lack of multiplayer lobbies is something that doesn’t appear to be getting fixed right this minute, the developers did also say they are working hard at fixing specific performance issues. The company also said it is going to be issuing a patch soon that should increase performance by 4 to 7 percent. Slightly Mad also said it believes this new patch will fix some controller issues gamers have reported having with the game. There isn’t any word as to whether or not the next Project CARS patch would also bring actual multiplayer lobbies.

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  • Skeet

    Pretty sure that if battlefield can do it, project cars can do it? (have multiplayer server lists that is)
    Why can’t any of these AAA games release without issue any more? There’s bugs and glitches which can be forgivable, but outright broken is completely unacceptable.

    • mj

      Because its all about the bottom line and they’d rather have the game in people’s hands and update later (sometimes) then spend the time to have it secure pre launch. It’s stupid and one of the main downfalls of these consoles.

  • XbotMK1

    Well, it looks like all the Xbox fan boys can finally shut up about Xbox Live because it’s not the best.

    • Mark

      Well as an Xbox owner Live is great. I can certainly understand the frustration people r having with P Cars matchmaking tho. However, this is more the exception than the standard. The monthly updates and overall reliability validates Live as a great service imo. But, I hear u on Xbox fanboys tryna trash PSN, as if Live is perfect (some party chat issues, friends not showing ul etc). And that, is why these “wars” are asinine……as if any, and I mean any, of these platform holders don’t have dirty laundry.

    • There Is No Substitute

      Hilarious! The fan boy of the failing console known as the PlayStation 4 has resorted to championing the game “project cars”, which is a bigger disappointment than you were to your parents. Which shouldn’t even be possible.

  • There Is No Substitute

    Project Cars = Epic Failure

  • jz100

    I don’t own this game, but like someone else stated, BF4 has no problem with match making servers, there is NO excuse for Project Cars to not have it. My bet is that they are being paid money to favor the PS4.

    Just looks at the TON of negative reviews on Amazon for the Xbox One version of the game, vs the PS4 version reviews. I think that is proof in itself of them favoring one console over the others. Most likely being paid by Sony to do that.


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