Project CARS Will Showcase The Hidden Power of the Wii U – Slightly Mad Studios

Creative director Andy Tudor says there’s also a clear demand on the console.

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Project CARS (7)

While Project CARS has been the subject of much hype following the announcement of PS4 and Xbox One versions, developer Slightly Mad Studios isn’t ignoring the other formats. In fact, when GamingBolt spoke creative director Andy Tudor, he believed that Project CARS would serve to demonstrate the Wii U’s true capabilities.

Asked if the Wii U’s lesser specs would undermine the game’s key selling point, the visuals, Tudor responded, “No, if anything I think it’ll showcase the hidden power that the Wii U has. There’s no equivalent of Project CARS on Wii U, yet we hear the shouts from Nintendo fans loud and clear that they can’t wait to get their hands on this kind of experience so we hope to make them proud with the quality of the visuals.

“Sure there are maybe more stringent technical constraints but the same core experience will remain, plus additional features that take advantage of the controller’s unique second screen and touch interface.”

He is right about the console having no equivalent to Project CARS, what with major third party developers skipping the Wii U for one reason or another. We’ll find out how Project CARS performs when it releases in Q3/Q4 of 2014.

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  • ben

    Well done, you reported a some genuine news on the Wii U. No comments.,just shows that others in the game media know that saying something is useless or dead will generate more hits, even if what they write is mostly nonsense.

    I am really looking for to project cars.

    • lilbro

      Not quite. The writer still had too beat the negativity drum at the end of the articule despite covering completely positive news.

      Its great news though.

    • ben

      Compared to what I have been reading and hearing in podcasts this news is 99% positive, so I guess I missed the sly bit of negativity at the end.

      I listened to the IGN uk podcast the other day, I wanted to throttle them. They are suppose to be experts but they don’t understand the game pad.. And since when is someone a “hardcore gamer” just because they spend 100 hours on gta5? Since games like gta5 are so easy that anyone can finish them, I just don’t understand this current idea..

    • Holyfire

      GTA V is actually kinda funny. I saw a young friend show me some youtube vids of a guy online doing his first play through of the game. Still probably a good game, but plays in the same fashion as everything these days. Just see the player die, spawn at latest check-point, die, spawn, die spawn. And that’s pretty much all you’d do until the end of the game, no real challenge, no real intellect inputted into the gaming factor.
      As for WiiU I think project CARS will do the justice for the system. The WiiU is far more capable that what we’ve seen. For comparison sake, WiiU is visually outputting higher in it’s first year than what 360/PS3 were achieving in their 6th/7th year.
      Also sales wise, will be very interesting, and I think project CARS has the potential to lift WiiU even a little further, because even though WiiU owners were shafted by Ubisoft, Rayman legends sold best on WiiU, even though Eidos absolutely shafted and ripped off WiiU owners on the Deus Ex Dir Cut port. WiiU version sold best there again.
      Now that WiiU is getting a genuine build of a third party game, if it sells best by chance. That may teach the dev community that WiiU is 100% able to compete against PS4/XB1 in a very healthy fashion

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Now I am definitely getting the Wii U version of this game.

  • Booboabao

    I kinda hate racing games like this but I might have to grab this. Looks stunning. The 2014 line up for Wii U is going to leave me broke and happy.

    • bd-lt-dnkr

      I don’t really do racing games, but it would seem pretty fun using a Wii remote and one of those Mario Kart steering wheels with it.

    • Booboabao

      Exactly what I was thinking!

  • LJay

    Good to see this is not just wiiu bashing! I think a lot of people are underestimating the power of the wiiu-with the right dev its a beast!
    I will definately be picking this up the day of release.

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  • WiiU Dude

    Thanks for not giving up on the Wii U like the rest.

  • osiris

    Thank you SlightlyMadStudios!


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