PS Now is a Challenging Business Model, Requires Some Innovation in Long Run – Jordan Weisman

“There’s going to have to be some innovation in those models to make it financially interesting.”

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PlayStation Now

Michael Pachter has been one of the most vocal critics of PlayStation Now and has claimed that it won’t be easy get publishers to put their stuff on there and offer it for a lower price than they would make at retail. In our conversation with Shadowrun Returns developer Jordan Weisman, we asked whether Sony will succeed in making it a worthy venture and whether we’ll eventually see a platform-free experience where you can play any PlayStation game on any platform.

“It’s a Netflix solution, right? Netflix is a great consumer experience, no question about it and their stock has responded in accordance with how good of a consumer experience it is. As a content creator, is that a great business model? It’s a challenging one. Instead of selling a movie to a consumer for thirty bucks, now I’m getting a very small fraction of a pretty small subscription price based upon the viewership,” Jordan said to GamingBolt.

“It is a challenging model for content creators, and we’re seeing that whether it’s the streaming music services – you’ve heard a lot of music artists complaining that their royalty flow from something like Pandora is pitifully low – and that same circumstance is a identical model that is being discussed here, so in the long run, does it actually generate enough money to make it worthwhile to create content? There’s going to have to be some innovation in those models to make it financially interesting.”

PS Now is expected to launch later this year for the PlayStation 4. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • CervantesPR

    i wonder is PS NOW will take off, if not they can always use the servers for PS4

  • d0x360

    Sony and gamers are crazy if they think pubs will give up sale revenue and release anything less than a year old on that service. As someone who has used on live and gaikai I won’t be subscribing. There is far too much latency in controls for most genres to work on a streaming platform. Local emulation is the only way to go for older games. Its awesome Sony is willing to try this but the internet just isn’t fast enough for it to work. Gamers complain about control latency at 30fps these days. Imagine for a second that your input shows up on screen a half second after you hit the button. That’s game breaking. Latency from 30fps is measured in milliseconds. Anything more and games become frustrating.

  • Dikan45

    I’m passing on this, I’ve already played all the last gen and beyond games I wanted to on the other Playstation’s and I’ve no interest in paying more than retail prices for PS4 games with no resale value either!

    • Jason Mounce

      Steam shows at least that there is a huge market for those who don’t care and if the price is right, will dip or double-dip in the same of nostalgia or ‘Great price for great content’ or for those who haven’t played all the last, or last-last-gen games. It is a market to encourage fool-proof design. Even though I’ll be one to try to keep doing physical over digital for most cases. The only times I do digital is for games I wish to play and beat, but don’t really care if I own it, they’re the games that you may have felt a duty to play and as long as you can tell yourself “I beat it” then it suffices.

      Like, owning ‘Dead Island’ in a case in a ‘wall of games’, doesn’t really shine or glimmer in your collection, it’s then just quantity over quality, so, Non-Teh-Best-Game-evars can go digital while the Huge-epic-you-must-own types can be retail as long as such a model doesn’t get Jacked up to work AGAINST Collectors in such a way. Like, I bought a Gamecube ONLY to grab all the hidden gems of it like Eternal Darkness, I’d not want a ‘digital only version’ of Eternal Darkness, I’d want the real deal.

  • brianc6234

    I don’t see how developers would say no to putting their games on this. They’re old games that probably aren’t even selling anymore. This will bring in a ton of money for them since people will want to play old games they can’t play anymore. This isn’t about making new PS4 games and selling them for cheap.

  • ambleThought

    I believe Sony has enough 1st party studios to give it try initially. If the model does work out then other pubs might be inclined to follow. A lot of us gamers are older and would love to relive the glory days of our Playstation heritage. I would try it out.


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