PS2 games on PSN will not support Trophies and are not Remastered

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Today Sony announced its PSN program ‘Only on Playstation Network’, where you get to buy exclusive content from the network. They mentioned that some PS2 games will be available on PSN like Godhand, GrimGrimoire and Odin Sphere.

We have come to know that these games will not support Trophies and are not Remastered. The information comes from a poster in Neogaf who revealed that, Sony just finished their Q&A testing in Liverpool few weeks ago, and this is what he posted.

  • No remastering, just smoothing/screen size options like PS1 emulation.
  • Not all games are supported, shadow of memories & Hitman 2 are examples of games that just didn’t work and they don’t plan to try and get them to work. They also seem to be covering a huge list of games even fairly unknown games like The Seed: warzone.
  • No button remapping options, like PS1 emulation, for now.
  • No trophies or anything along those lines.

Apart from that everything should be what people are expecting. There doesn’t seem to be any bells and whistles on it, it’s straight up PS2 emulation.

It is certainly interesting since the PS3 is not capable of PS2 emulation and does not feature any PS2 hardware within it like the 60GB PS3 did. We will update you once we get more information from Sony, but for now, we request you to take this information with a pinch of salt.

Stay tuned to GB for more info, and tell us what you feel in the comments section below.

Update: We have received an official confirmation from the PS Blog that this news is indeed true. This is what Morgan Haro had to say, “The PS2 games are in their original form. These aren’t remasters, and therefore won’t have Trophy support. But they retain their original gameplay, look, and charm through and through.”

The PS2 games on PSN will cost $9.99. So, there you go guys. Tell us what you think.

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  • fake.

    • Kartik Mudgal

      No it’s not. It’s logical as well.

  • as long as the price is right, I will buy!

    A lot of ps2 games I missed out on and deeply wanna play.
    Like Maximo

  • I honestly hope for the following: Okami, Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts Covenant, .hack G.U and the Original Saga and the Xenosaga Trilogy. The Final Fantasy X and XII will make their appearance, its only a matter of time.

    • Dont hold your breath waiting for final fantasy X if square is re-mastering it for ps3 and vita they aren’t going to put the ps2 version up as well

  • How is it that every one always just says the 60gb had ps2 guts inside, when it was the 20 and 60gb that were both totally backwards compatible, Both had ps2 hardware inside the only one that did it through emulation poorly was the 80gb……. I know this I have the 20gb with a 1tb hdd inside it, the only difference was the 20 didn’t have wireless.

    • Kartik Mudgal

      Most people link BC with the 60GB. Not a big deal lol.

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  • GettBF

    This is great news! Where can we get a list of the first games they will release?


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