PS4 API Allows In-depth CPU/GPU Analysis, Comes Along With A Great Tool Chain

Daniel Dumont, Creative Director at Gaming Minds Studio shares his thoughts about the PS4 API and hardware.

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Grand Ages: Medieval is an upcoming strategy title for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Under development at Gaming Minds Studio, the game is scheduled to launch next month. GamingBolt recently caught up with  Daniel Dumont who is the Creative Director at Gaming Minds Studio to talk about the game. During the interview, Dumont shared his opinion on the development of the PS4 version.

Dumont shared his thoughts on the PS4 API and different it’s compared to the ones used on the PC and whether Sony helped them in anyway. “The API was straightforward to use and comes with a great toolchain, which allows indepth analysis of CPU and GPU captures. Also, we got great support from the Sony developer support,” Dumont said to GamingBolt.

He also revealed that they had no idea about the PS4’s potential when they started working on the game. “When we started working with the PS4 we had no concrete idea about the power of the GPU and if we would have to reduce details and visual quality. However, after some weeks, we were very positive impressed and we decided to go for full visual quality – and this turned out the best way. We are sure, that the GDD5 memory plays its part in it.”

Stay tuned for our full interview with Dumont in the coming days. In the meantime, share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • XbotMK1

    These delusional Xtards still think DX12 is something new, and still think Xbone as secret sauce. lol

    • Fayxz

      dude did you get your ps4 for free without a ps plus subscription? because you really have you hand up yoshida’s chow mein noodles.

    • Edonus

      Actually Dx12 is something new and only a dumb a$$ pony would think otherwise. There is actually nothing secret about the sauce if you come out of the barn to get some information every once and a while.
      Its quite telling since the Xbox One has won the siggraph graphic award for the last 2 years. These are professionals with degrees and knowledge s[ecifically focused on graphics…. not devs trying to sell you something or pixel counters trying to sound smart or websites trying to get hits. Xbox one has won back to back. I see a 3-peat Gears 4 is done.

  • Chris Chupp

    I’m sure ps4 isn’t finished


    This dev is obviously talking about just one of them, the “GNMX” APi (high level), that’s the most simplistic and weaker API on the PS4, designed only for multiplat games (multiplat API)…

    But, on the other hand, the most powerful, and the most advanced APi on the PS4 (by far), is the “GNM”, the most low level API on the industry (including DX12 and Vulkan), the only one that can go down to the metal, and only used by Sony’s first-parties studios and responsible for the most powerful and realistic games of the current generation, games like Killzone SF, inFAMOUS SS, Driveclub, The Order 1886, Until Dawn, Horizon, Uncharted 4…

    PS: Yes, the PS4 has TWO API’s…

    • bardock5151

      The shillage is strong with you.




    • Failz

      Can you link the facts stating GNM is the lowest level API compared to DX12?
      K Thanks.

    • Failz

      I dont think you read my comment. I said link me facts not what some random websites think.

      Before you go off making claims I suggest you keep your mouth shut and wait for DX12 to even release first. Gaming Bolt dont make APIs and they definitely aren’t working with DX12.



      Retarded… It’s a DEV who talked this… so…

      …DEAL WITH IT!!!

      You doubt it?!?!

      Google it… GNM is lowest level and the most advanced API on the industry…

    • Failz

      Yeah because its competitor isnt even using theres yet. Keep living in denial. Make the judgment after DX12 is released and do yourself a favor and stop taking any random devs word for it especially those who haven’t touched DX12.



      It’s well known that Sony is in the vanguard of low-level APIs and far ahead of M$ … It’s very simple, google it…

      When Mantle was launched and used on BF4, the DICE studio said that the “mantle” API would be useless in the PS4 because it API (GNM) was already lowest level…

      BTW, Vulkan’s already there, maybe Sony use it as multiplat API, can you imagine this?!?!



      Positive by “Failz”… LMAO!! XDDD

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