PS4 Exclusive Gran Turismo Sport Receives Beautiful Footage of Nürburgring, Compared to Assetto Corsa

Polyphony Digital’s racer looks really good.

Posted By | On 29th, Apr. 2017 Under News

New footage of Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo Sport has emerged. This is from the closed beta test courtesy of YouTube user toxxproduction. Check it out below. Overall the game looks pretty good, even in the closed beta state. The overall performance is stable, there’s a distinct lack of pop-in and the real-time lighting is spot-on.

If that weren’t enough, another video from DJ sparco actually compares Gran Turismo Sport to Asseto Corsa, another fairly good looking racer. The different in textures, lighting and car quality is really distinct and reflects the work that Polyphony Digital has put in for GT Sport.

Gran Turismo Sport is slated to release this year though it doesn’t have a firm date. It will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR (though in what form has yet to be revealed). What are your thoughts on the footage below? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more updates.

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    Fake engine sounds plus checkerboard rendering fake 4K


    • Poseidon team

      Plus, GT Sports is a fake racing sim… should be only compared with the equally arcade racing sim named Forza Motorsport.

      Real racing sim can have multiple screens and cockpit motion simulator:

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    • Si2k78

      And yet 90% of consumers won’t be able to notice the difference.

    • shinningserpent

      yeah,just like when you fanboys were crying about how 1080p is a major difference from 900p.

    • Si2k78

      Your right. Sony just marketed the crap out of that small difference, and made the PS4 feel like the more premium console out of it.

    • Cypher-Unknown

      And just like when the other fanboys claimed it made no difference.

      The moral of the story? All fanboys are flip flopping d##ks.

  • Eliezer Barreto

    I only see green tears

    • Michael

      Are they in checkerboard 4k…lol

    • LifeOnMars

      Checkerboard PS4 Pro= Sparse rendering Scorpio

    • Chris

      Lol!!!! So many tears. GT looks nice, lighting model in particular is better than any I’ve seen on any platform. Won’t be as hardcore sim as Ac, but will be interesting to see if it feels good.

    • Fweds

      Get real

      Did you not watch the first video above ?
      Cardboard cut out trees, static cardboard cut out sparsely spread audience, boring looking gameplay and horrible sounding cars and that is just the start.

      You will then have hundreds of bugs and missing features that this game series is well known for, you will pay full price for a game that you will be debugging for the next two years.

  • Howie Kearney

    GP isn’t even a racing sim. It’s a driver’s sim. AS as racing game they kinda suck vs competition. GT series always looked good but they haven’t advanced in game play or features in years. Hope this release changes that but I doubt it. They haven’t been relevant for a few games now. Just the diehard fan base. It’s why others have surpassed and risen above. I do hope I’m wrong. Used to love GT on ps2. Oh and as pointed out sound still sucks vs everyone else. How can they still get it so wrong……

  • TwoLiterSoda

    Looks pretty graphically but boring gameplay-wise. Here’s hoping it feels different when we are playing it.

  • Hvd

    yep Asseto Corsa looks way better then gt sport but you would expect that because gt sport is a ps3 delayed game still not out yet…lmao.

    forza is still the best looking series to date.

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      The cars look far better in this than Forza, there is a real 3 dimensional look to them.

    • Hvd


    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      Oh you are one of those sort. Goodbye.

  • mc_awesomeness

    Sounds: AC > GT
    Lighting: AC GT
    Track: AC > GT
    FPS: AC < GT

    I think they're pretty neck and neck. Probably the biggest difference is that AC is actually out!

  • HaCkEr_Fc

    Those Vacuum Engines

  • Mr Xrat

    You can smell the Xgimp fear. Smells like stagnant BO and old corn chips.

    • Fweds

      I see you are Still using your Upvote Bot and given yourself and anyone else who negative comments on anything Xbox 10 fake ghost Upvotes.

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