PS4 Firmware 2.50: 8 Minute Video Shows Several Features, New Screen Show Updated Profile

A user has got his hands on the beta version of firmware 2.50.

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ps4 amd

Earlier this week, Sony officially confirmed that firmware 2.50 is coming and it will bring along several most wanted features such as Suspend and Resume, Facebook Friend Search, Remote Play & Share Play at 60 fps and much more. In short, this is a big update for PS4 owners but unfortunately there is no release date for the same.

However a Reddit user who goes by the handle of TehPoisonOne somehow managed to get the beta version of firmware update 2.50 and was able to share a 8 minute video showcasing the several new features that this update will bring. You can check out the video below. From the looks of it, one can pin accessibility options by holding the PlayStation button. So does this mean that one can pin individual options or does one have to pin everything? TehPoisonOne stated in the comments section that the users cannot select it as the system will automatically pin inverting colors and the respective button assignment.

TehPoisonOne also revealed that Sony have increased the text length of the About Me and users can funnel party chat to the TV instead of headphones. He also shared a screenshot of how profiles look in the latest update which you can see below.

ps4 firmware update 2.50

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  • Starman

    Just viewed the painful 8 min video ..

    and really late in the game to claim ..”INNOVATION”
    Welcome to 2013

    PS: the only thing worth getting in the update is the “button mapping”

    • Yo Mama

      I just read your comments on this site. And all I have to say is LOL! You’re the biggest Xbone fanboy I’ve seen in a while! Every comment I see from you is basically the same. It’s you trying to naysay or put down the PS. I’ve got news for you, bro. M$ didn’t invent the suspend/resume. Neither did Sony. However, the PSP had it way before your mighty Xbone.

    • HgGamer

      No it didn’t so STFU

    • Yo Mama

      Nice come back. What? Are you 12 years old?

    • Michael Clanton

      Comparing a handheld to a home console is reaching, everything he said is true, he also didnt mention xbox is that specific post….you sound kinda ignorant.

    • Yo Mama

      Jesus. Not this bathrobe wearing guy again.

    • HgGamer


    • Yo Mama


    • Starman

      The fact that you reviewed my history , shows you’re pathetic …I could give less than a fk about ones “comment history … Only true geek-diks / fanboys do sht like that ,,,are you stalking me , I must be interesting to have someone look back on my history .
      why does it matter to you how I feel about Sony …seems you’re the pathetic fanboy here ..coming to their aid ..

    • Aladan57 .

      Fanboys are just poor people who can’t afford both consoles and fear that their choice in console will be beaten by the choice they didn’t pick. If one does better than the other then the console doing poorly gets less support and less games and may eventually be discontinued. No thanks to the other console being a successful phenomenon. So they defend their investment with all their heart because it cost them an arm and a leg.

    • Yo Mama

      That may be true for some people but I can afford both. I choose to only support one. The one who didn’t try to F all gamers in the A before being called out on it and then backtracking. The one who didn’t try to circumvent the other exclusive right to advertise Destiny buy putting out an advertisement calming Destiny was a new cologne. Lame/shady business ethics is no bueno.

    • Fweds

      Your an idiot, I really hope come November when the competition really starts to hot up the company who make your electronic game toy go bust, I really do.

    • Wargreymon559 .

      “Your an idiot.”

      Oh the Irony


    • Yo Mama

      “Hot up”?
      “who make”?

      When you learn correct grammar, spelling and sentence structure, I may feel compelled to address your statements.

    • bardock5151

      Lame shady business practices like pretending destiny was exclusive for PS? Shady business practices like keeping a subscription service like EA access from the platform and denying it’s user base the choice. Because you know how when this gen started and Sony was making unprofessional jabs at Xbox by consistently stating user choice to do what you wanted with the platform. What about the extendable lie, the last guardian? Or the lie that is Driveclub PS+ edition? What about the poor customer service that Sony barely provides?
      Neither company are saints, neither company are “for the player”, both companies are for the money and you pretend one of them is saint, and pretend they care about you.

    • Orion Wolf

      When talking about Sony those are not the worst things. I mean getting hacked and pretending you had maintenance instead of telling your consumers to at least change their
      passwords or remove their credit card information … and this:

      “PlayStation firm only offering $150 in PSN credit; Account will be banned if dispute is raised with bank.”

      This is the company people should support? The company that would ban their consumers if they tried to get all of their STOLEN money back instead of what Sony is giving them as some sort of consolation prize?!

      Are you kidding me?!

      Basically blackmailing your consumer as if it’s his fault that PSN got hacked yet again?

      I mean seriously read this:

      The guy who was one of the reasons they got hacked gets a promotion?!

      And even the employees thought the security was a joke.

      And where are the promised limited edition ps4 people won in a contest? Oh yeah Sony magically lost all the data about the winners (can you be any more irresponsible?), but no let’s rather talk about what MS planned to do, but never did.

      And let’s “not” mention how Sony has DRM with PS Now, they promoted an online only game (drm much) more than their own games and a Sony spokesperson even said how they consider it a first party – do you see the irony and hypocrisy here:

      A online only game, which sold amazingly well on the console that everyone got because they didn’t want the “online only” MS console. Even Sony promoted their console as the ideal solution for offline players, basically taking advantage of the whole outcry against the online only at e3 2013.

      Yeah MS is the evil one and Sony are saints /sarcasm

    • jayflow

      So true. It’s sad really cause both consoles bring something to this generation of gaming.

    • Fweds

      Funny thing is I just read through your comments and they are worse than his.
      The sooner all you odious fanboys go the way of the Dinosaurs the better it will be for real gamers.

    • You’re a sad little man aren’t you.

    • Starman

      LOL…wow , more attention …

  • Tor Einar Olsen

    Suspend/Resume feature is also worth getting IMHO

  • Riley Freeman

    i still see no mention of when your friend comes online

  • One again i come onto a thread and what do i see? stupid fanboys igniting the flames as usual :/

    • Starman

      Dude , facts are facts …. I don’t see you’ll coming to the aid of any other console but PS4 , give it a rest already ….

    • They’re only your facts how you see it as and the only one here that needs to give it a rest already is you.

  • FentonCrackshell

    lol people see the “opposition” console getting some good press and they have to get in there and throw salt on it. News flash: You all pay Microsoft and Sony to play their consoles. They don’t pay you. Give it a rest!

  • Discover section on PS4 2.50 reminds me with an offcial app for iOS called Tips which teaches you some hidden feature on the device. love this move Sony.

  • Trinity

    Hope we’ll get an official video highlighting all the new changes/additions with audio


    Oh my……that “add to quick menu” feature…….!! That’s it. Maybe I can quick menu it up now and go straight to turning off my controller…? Instead of juggling through two or three sub menus to do just that one thing.

  • Michael Norris

    Oh man he bought DMC….not good.


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