PS4 Firmware 2.50 Errors: Console Won’t Turn On After Update, Microphone Issues And More

Users are reporting a variety of issues following the 2.50 update.

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Sony’s firmware 2.50 update for the PlayStation 4 has several users talking but it’s not all necessarily positive feedback. Many users are reporting issues with the new update. On the official PlayStation US community, several users have reported their console failing to start up after downloading the update. One user proposed a solution to boot the console into safe mode but it hasn’t quite worked. Note that while several users report their consoles updating just fine, there are still the odd few issues being reported.

As if that weren’t enough, one Reddit user reported that the microphones on some headsets no longer work after the update. “Steelseries Siberia v3 Microphone doesn’t work at all now. Not even with the bypass.” It was also revealed that some Razer headsets and even Sony`s Pulse Wireless Elite aren’t working. Finally, it should be noted that if one users the new 60 FPS setting for Remote Play or Share Play, then gameplay recording will be paused. Both features apparently can’t be used together.

We’ll update you on further issues with firmware 2.50 in the coming days along with potential fixes so stay tuned.

Special thanks to Miller for the tip.

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  • Starman

    OMG… and you guys (“Sony only guys”) still won’t get …and will still defend them as if you’re getting a kickback . I don’t get it ….

    And believe me , it’s way more people having these problems then website and or Sony is admitting …

    • andy

      It actually isn’t though. Here goes.

      I worked in retail in 2007 to 2014. We LITERALLY had somebody in every single day with an Xbox 360 console to replace that RRODed. The store I worked in was a pretty big PlayStation majority customer store because over the years I pointed out the benefits of each console and people went with the obvious choice.

      Here is the thing. Every single time a PS3 update came out there were always hate articles from the usual PS3 hating sources at the time (Gamingbolt missed those great days and I bet they hate that), that always said that the newest update was breaking consoles.

      And yet here I was in a very PlayStation oriented store and NEVER had a single customer come in and tell me that yesterday’s PlayStation update broke there console. I wonder why that was????????? And yet as I said again, the RROD thing that people said was exaggerated WAS a very big occurrence even in our store.

      And yet to this day when Xbone had major update problems its first 3 months I constantly saw the donkey masses bringing up their urban legend of PS3 Bricked consoles argument to compare it to.

      And that is what your comment actually is. Overblown bullcrap based on complete urban myth that you actually believe is fact.

      “And believe me , it’s way more people having these problems then website and or Sony is admitting”
      Why would anybody believe you lol?

    • bardock5151

      “Why would anybody believe you lol?”

      Exactly, why would anyone believe you? Lol.

    • GotNews4Ya

      I believe him, but I also assume that with every patch, something has potential to mess something up, at one point in time, the firmware update messed my PS4 up a bit too.. it couldn’t go into Safe Mode and then wouldn’t come out either.. I had to resort in completely shutting it down when I was done playing, but they fixed it pretty quickly.. so theres that. I also owned a PS3 from Day 1. I never had an issue and still use it in my bedroom.

    • Guest

      And you’re still trolling. Do you even have a life? Cuz all you do is be on here trolling.

    • bardock5151

      Lol, you are worse.

  • keep calm

    Mine is working fine. Even people who used the backdoor method to get the beta firmware before release were not having these issues..

  • andy

    Stay classy Gamingbolt. Don’t do an article on any hidden features that YOU found in the update. Just point us to the tiny 0.1% of people who had issues downloading it like with any product. STAY CLASSY haters.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Or maybe the POS4 is awful and PC gaming has less errors

      Stay mad, losers

    • Jenn

      I’m part of that tiny, .1% It won’t turn on or even boot into safe mode. Jeez it’s not like they’re making it up.

    • Guest

      That does suck…you have my sympathies.

  • Ivan Johnson

    My update ran fine. I like the customized options. But What people have to stop doing is saying Ps4, Xbox One sucks and PC is best. They’re all good in different ways even Wii U has the best second screen feature that sony tried to copy and best family games. People say PC have the cheapest game but when I look for the recent games the consoles usually have it cheaper. It’s not really cheap on PC until like a year later. PC may have better power and all but some of the graphics cards can’t handle some things, some games work best on Nvidia, some better on AMD. You got viruses around.

  • TaliNESS

    Why is it every time a console had an update issue I’ve never had a problem.
    I’ve had a PS3 since ’07 and never had any issues that others had, so far with the PS4 I’ve never had major issues with updates that others seem to have. (There was one time where my screen was stuck during an update) that seemed to be isolated and not mass.

  • Ashley Davies

    I updated and now my blu-ray won’t play any games. Get error CE-30577-2 every time. Initialized and reloaded software. Even installed new HDD and uploaded and drive still won’t play games. Plays Blu-rays just fine. Very frustrating? Guess I’ll have to cut my losses and enjoy my Xbox One that continues to work just fine.

    • Mark

      That sucks Ashley. Hopefully they fix that fast.

  • Jerome

    Pro evo soccer on ps4, showed error message, to update software or update game, both are latest versions

  • Guest

    Oh, Sony ICE team….definitely on par with MS programmers, lmao….

  • Step Daddy

    my update cool but when they gon have da USB video support like on PS3??

  • Well not all of the Sony`s Pulse Wireless Elite microphones are broken, mine works fine as it did all the way through the beta.

  • Blake Stover

    I finally got mine to boot. Im not sure which of 2 things did it. I first tried booting in safe mode and it kept cycling the screen but no output. I left it doing that for a few minutes until finally it turned off and my tv turned off due to lack of video input. While that went on i was following sonys instructions online to make a reinstall system software folder on a flash drive. Then i plugged the drive into the ps4 along with the ps4 controller. Turned on the ps4 and held for second beep and this time it actually booted to safe mode. I did a “rebuild database” instead of immediately restoring from flash drive. this succeeded and i can boot normally now. We will see what other issues we may have. Ive heard there are problems with steelseries v3 but i have a v2 so hopefully that will work. I have a second ps4 and hopefully i wont have to deal with this on it too.

  • Aaron Taylor

    After updating, my console will go into Rest Mode without warning. This happens while playing games online, or while watching videos on YouTube, no specific amount of time and no error messages. I’ve tried all the safe mode options, even intializing the console (erasing everything). This issue has NEVER happened before the 2.50 update, and SONY wants me to pay to have system fixed (warranty ran out, I bought my console on day one and didn’t buy an extended warranty as I didn’t expect SONY to break the console through an update). The SONY Playsation 4 is garbage, and thanks to this issue I am actually considering becoming a PC Gamer.

  • Dio shows you how to fix


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