PS4 GPU is 3x weaker than Nvidia Titan But better than Xbox 720 GPU

Nvidia showing interest.

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Nvidia has boasted that the GPU in the PS4 is 3x weaker than Nvidia Titan. Yes, the $1000 card from them, which probably costs 3x more than what the PS4 will be priced at. No we don’t know the pricing of this system, however, it’s clear that it won’t be priced $599.

Now the question arises how Nvidia knows about PS4 and Xbox 720 specs. Well, they must know the PS4 one, but no one knows what powers the Xbox 720. Could they be basing their comments on all the rumours released so far? There is a hint of legitimacy to these rumours, but unless and until it is confirmed nothing can be taken for a fact yet.

They have said this in an interview with 4gamer. There are a lot of nifty charts provided which shows how awesome the Nvidia Titan is, but hey, you have a company talking about its product and undermining their competitors in a sensible way, so take it what you will.

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  • Robert

    and yet what good is a Ferrari is nobody drives it or can afford it?

    • The point of the Ferrari is to innovate and push boundaries. The features found in Ferrari’s eventually make its way down into cheaper cars, which is a win for you and me. The same could be said about CPU and GPU manufacturers that are pushing the boundaries with their expensive line up. The $1000 Titan is the top dog right now for single GPU processing power, but in two years time nVidia’s entire line up will incorporate the same technologies found in that card. It won’t be $1000 then.

  • Here are my thoughts. So what if the PS 4 GPU is 3x less than the Titan? If the graphics are awesome and the gameplay is incredible that is fine with me. Does having things even more ‘life like’ make it great? I am unsure what the new price will be for the PS4, but I think it will be at least $499.99 and that’s if they come out with some sort of basic model. However, if it’s one standard model for all, I think it could cost close to $599.99 if not more.
    One thing has been silent. The price.
    If this is a next gen machine as many claim it is, then you will see a next gen pricetag on it along with next gen pricing to the games released. We honestly don’t think that the games for these powerhouse consoles are still going to be $59.99 do we?
    We can’t have it both ways. Next Gen graphics, Next Gen processing power and Next Gen services at ‘former’ gen prices? That’s not happening. But, I think consumers will eat it up even if the price is somewhat inflated.

  • 4.5 Teraflops / 1.84 Teraflops is not 3x.

    Moreover consoles need less teraflops than a graphics card for pc, because consoles are less bloated than a gaming pc with windows. Also the new ps4 will be accessible at the bare metal level, which implies game developers can do optimization of the code in ways Nvidia cannot even dream for its cards.


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