PS4 Had 57% Of The Console Market Share In 2016

Utter domination.

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The PS4’s dominance of the console market is utter and complete, of a kind that we haven’t seen since the days of the PS2. According to a report by IHS, the PS4 held over half the global console market in 2016- 57% of the global console gaming market was held by Sony (thanks to Sony’s success with hardware, games, and services), who also saw growth in their market performance in a year when the console market overall shrunk by 2%.

The console market as worth to about $35 billion in 2016 – which is a decline over 2015, in spite of some high profile releases such as Overwatch – with the PS4 accounting for $17.8 billion of that number. The Xbox One, by contrast, had 26% of the market, with $9.1 billion in revenue.

Going forward, it will be interesting to see if Sony can maintain this level of success- this year, the PS4 has a stream of hits and high profile exclusive games. On the other hand, the launch of the Xbox One Scorpio and the Nintendo Switch may mar its success somewhat. It’s going to be an interesting time for fans of games, that’s for sure.

[IHS Markit via MCV UK]

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  • Mr Xrat




  • ProAssassin84

    Microsoft are making a entire new console because they know XB1 is a disaster. But they have made all there developers mad and they have zero software for the new machine. I think Microsoft needs to leave the console market because they have Failed.

  • Deadbox One

    Xbox has no games.

  • Davey681

    Windows 10 PC users included ?? Yeah no. The console market is very finite and considering Sony wrote off $1 billion last quarter and showed year on year decline…they really need to expand. And Pssst… there is no need for PS4 since their exclusives are coming to PC…
    Xbox scorpio presents a major problem for Sony….
    -Native 4k vs an upscaling gimmick as low as 720p
    -Back compat vs no back compat
    -Game downloading service vs nothing
    -EA access/early game access vs nothing
    -Proper mod support vs gimped support
    -1080p TV supersampling and shader model 6 upgrade vs nothing
    -Shader model 6 upgrade rollout to Xbox one vs nothing
    -4k blu ray vs nothing
    -4k 60fps game capture vs 1080p
    -Coop and multiplayer gems vs 3rd person single player hack n slash bores with no replay value.

    • LifeOnMars

      WOW with all of that, why is the Sony Ps4 outselling it by the factor of 2:1
      Oh wait is does not exist.

    • MickaelSuarez

      “Windows 10 PC users included ?? ”
      PC users in the console market share…

      “there is no need for PS4 since their exclusives are coming to PC…”
      Can we purchase PlayStation exclusive day 1 on PC? I don’t think so…
      If PS exclusive become available 2-3 years after their release, it won’t have any significant impact on console sales, not like Xbox Play Anywhere
      Paying $20/month for old games has the same interest level than a Scorpio without any exclusive.

      “-Native 4k vs an upscaling gimmick as low as 720p”
      Native 4k with 6Tflops while you told us a console with 4.2Tflops deliver 720p..

      “-Back compat vs no back compat”

      “-Game downloading service vs nothing”
      Game renting service vs Game renting service…

      “-Proper mod support vs gimped support”
      PC vs console…


    • Cypher-Unknown

      Haha! Adorable!

    • Davey681


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