PS4 Has Too Many Games, Hard To Introduce Them All: Shuhei Yoshida

As well as a list of some major 2016 games coming to PS4 in 2016.

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The PS4 has way too many games, Sony Worldwide Studios’ Shuhei Yoshida thinks- so many, in fact, that the company has trouble deciding just which games to introduce at which event across the multiple trade show keynotes that Sony holds over the year. He stated this during a Winter Special event in Tokyo hosted by Dengeki Playstation, according to Segment Next.

Yoshida noted that 2016 looks to be a stellar year for the PS4, with a multitude of titles coming out for PS4, as well as for the new PSVR platform. He also noted that multiple Japanese games seem to be gaining a lot of attention outside of Japan as well, meaning international success, which has so often eluded Japanese titles of late, may not be inconceivable for them again.

Finally, he provided us a list of some PS4 games we can expect in 2016:

PS4 Games Coming Soon:

  1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
  2. Dark Soul 3
  3. Persona 5
  4. NiOH
  5. Final Fantasy XV
  6. New Hot Shots Golf
  7. The Last Guardian
  8. Horizon: Zero Dawn
  9. Gravity Rush 2
  10. Dreams

VR Titles

  1. Ace Combat 7
  2. Rez Infinite
  3. RIGS: Machine Combat League
  4. Summer Lessons
  5. Sega Feat. Hatsune Miku Project – VR Tech Demo
  6. Kitchen
  7. The London Heist
  8. Cyber Danganronpa VR
  9. The Playroom VR
  10. DriveClub

See, Yoshida? It wasn’t so hard to keep track of all those games after all!

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  • XbotMK1

    See, Yoshida? It wasn’t so hard to keep track of all those games after all.

    Except, he didn’t list all the games. Detroit Become Human, Gran Turismo Sport, Deep Down, Shadow of the Beast, WiLD, No Man’s Sky, Street Fighter V, Ratchet and Clank, Shenmue 3, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and many others.

    See, Pramath? You really are ignorant or a liar who has no business showing writing for the video game industry.

    • Starman

      STFU and stop trying to save the ps4 crap that has nothing to do and an on going broken network..just stop , you sound just as stupid as he does…

    • polysix

      Christ you sound bitter that you bought a crapbox one.

    • Psionicinversion

      Deep down lol that was supposed to release last year and where is it?? No where. Think its safe to say you shouldn’t count that game until its actually released

      Shenmue 3 end of 2017 at least, wow you are a pony seeing as Yoshida was talking about next year

    • XbotMK1

      I don’t think Deep Down ever had a concrete release date for 2014 or 2015 or 2016. But the last we heard, it was still being worked on.

      I think it is safe to say you should shut up. ^_^ ,,|,,

    • Psionicinversion

      They were aiming it to be out in 2014 but then they decided they wanted the graphics to be so good it could last 15 years lol on the ps4 hahaha it’ll be out dated by the time it releases.

      It’s still being worked on but for what? It will look like a piece of crap a year later. So you should shut up

    • Gamez Rule

      Have you got a link to show Deep Down was meant to be released in 2014 please?

    • Psionicinversion

      pfffttt you troll the damn comment sections for the last few years why dont you empty your head of crap and bloody remember something

    • Gamez Rule

      LMAO!, you are trolling and cannot show a link because what you posted wasn’t true which shows what I stated to be correct ☺ You just carry on in your little world mate ☺

    • Psionicinversion


    • Gamez Rule

      “Deep down lol that was supposed to release last year and where is it??”

      “They were aiming it to be out in 2014 but then they decided they wanted the graphics to be so good it could last 15 years lol”

      Show your links showing the game was meant to be released in 2014? We all know it got delayed BUT no 2014 date was given LOL (( the links above doesn’t show 2014 release dates )) you are trolling that date as fact is the Deep Down release Date = TBA☺

    • Terminator
    • Gamez Rule

      Really a wiki link LMAO!..Like I stated show the official link showing the Deep Down 2014 release date.

      Deep Down does not have a definitive release date at the as of this day.

    • Psionicinversion
    • Psionicinversion

      you crying that your wrong again??? like i said remove the crap from your brain and remember something

    • Gamez Rule

      Troll on. Show your links showing the game was meant to be released in 2014?

      We all know it got delayed BUT no 2014 date was officially given LOL (( the links you gave doesn’t show 2014 release dates )) So you are trolling that date as fact is the Deep Down release Date = TBA☺

      Even according to the Capcom officer’s Linkedln paged shows (( 201X deep down )) lmao!…Fact is you’re wrong!

    • Psionicinversion

      Ok how can a game be delayed in 7th Feb 2014 when there was no ETA???? a game cant be delayed without a release date

      Of course capcoms LinkedIn page has a 201x date because there 2 years behind and theres absolutely no release date anymore because capcom is broke as f’ck and probably needs to find more suckers to help them pay for the development of this microtransaction riddled sh’t show

    • Gamez Rule

      OMG, just show the link where Deep Down was to be officially released in 2014

      As for your February 2014, the public beta was announced as being delayed ( the beta was meant to be in 2014 ) NOT the game lol

    • Psionicinversion

      beta February + 3-6 months = 2014 release date. that simple

    • Gamez Rule

      Wrong and you know it. All you have done is shown others on here that when you’re wrong you can’t admit to it. Show the official release date link of 2014 for Deep Down like you STILL keep posting.

      (( without more excuses ))

    • Psionicinversion

      there probably isnt but it doesnt take away from the fact that it was supposed to be a 2014 game

    • Gamez Rule

      Ok, you posted..”beta February + 3-6 months = 2014 release date. that simple”

      Well in mid 2014, that public beta, was announced as being delayed to 2015.. This shows 100% the game wouldn’t have had an official release date of 2014 OR supposed to be a 2014 released title.

      So you are trolling that Deep Down had the 2014 release date, and even when show 100% that you’re incorrect you still make excuses about that date…Ok fella carry on and believe ya own lies.

      You cannot show an official 2014 release date..because there isn’t one for Deep Down.

    • Psionicinversion

      well then looks like capcom are just totally crap developers then. Reveal it in 2013 still not done going into 3 years later.

      Its not lies its just another Last Guardian… dont expect to see it until PS5

    • Gamez Rule

      Oh no it’s just you trolling when stating something that wasn’t correct and making out everyone was wrong when in fact you had been shown to be wrong in your findings. Instead of just saying you was mistaken you just carried on trolling that date trying to prove you was right, which you cannot do as you are wrong.

      And then to top it off you blame others for your posts ((ie calling Capcom crap as developers )) because they revealed a game in 2013 but didn’t release it in 2014…LMAO!

      Truth is you was wrong and didn’t admit that was the case once you was shown to be incorrect.

    • Psionicinversion

      well i was pretty sure it was supposed to be 2014, ok maybe i was wrong but i like to defend my point. Besides it was in response to that fool XbotMk1, he will of been listing deep down to come out every year since it was revealed even though it doesnt look like its coming out any time soon

    • Gamez Rule

      I asked for a link with PLEASE at the end to your 2014 Deep Down post, and all you done was insult me, well I ain’t having it fella, IF you want to dish it out I’m more than welcome to put you back in your place, so maybe next time someone asks for a simple link etc you might wanna think before insulting them because you might get back more than you bargained for.

      So like you I have defended my posts and shown you was in the wrong and that no official 2014 date for Deep Down was released.

    • Psionicinversion

      well ill simply argue the point till i cant be bothered any more… when 2 commenters goto war eh !!

    • Gamez Rule

      If I wanted to insult you or argue with you I could have done so believe me when I say I could if I wanted too but lives to short.

      I game on all types of devices and even right now I’m playing Dragon City on my tablet while downloading Fallout 4 for the PC while I’m posting back to you, but for you to keep putting consoles and it’s users down is not only sad but also pathic. You may think XbotMK1 is a fool but that still doesn’t mean he was correct in what he posted and you was wrong does it.

    • Psionicinversion

      if deep down didnt come out till 2030 he would still list it as coming out every year cus hes a massive troll. Makes me look like a complete n00b

    • Gamez Rule

      How does XbotMK1 make you look like a complete n00b?

      Example…You started insulting me in your posts and look how that made you look once I proved you incorrect, I didn’t make you look like anything because you made yourself look bad etc.

      That is not having a dig at you but showing you that sometimes it’s best to sit back and think….*Is that person correct or not*…then make a post asking for YOUR question to be answered. (( Like I asked you for that link )) as I was thinking to myself …*I wonder if that’s right as I’m sure 2014 wasn’t released*..See what I mean

    • Psionicinversion

      in terms of trolling, he does it incessantly all day every day and his trolling makes my attempts look n00bish.

      Hmm maybe but because of our past little clashes it just comes across wrong to me. maybe next time ill take a chill pill. I really was sure it was supposed to be a 2014 game otherwise i wouldnt of said it. I would of just said to XbotMk1 something like Deep Down yeah right the next last Guardian Vaporware due to be released some time in the next 10 years!! so if i didnt think i was right i wouldnt of said it, but i do start digging my feet in sometimes

      Stupid gamingbolt censorship you cant even tell why its catching you

    • Gamez Rule

      Games for PS4 in 2016 IMO can be any game that’s not released as yet. Times and dates can always change so IMO there is nothing from stopping Deep Down coming out in 2016

      Maybe XbotMK1 knows this to.

    • Psionicinversion

      he knows it he just likes to shove it in anything he can…. well that sounded wrong but you know what i mean!

    • ShoNuff

      Deep Down = The only reason I bough the PS4. I am still waiting for my greatness

    • Truth™

      Xtreme Derp crying as Sony pays for a superior PC version yet again

      Your tears are hilarious

  • Starman

    Aaaaaaa ha ha ha … what fkn games ? INDIES …just last week he said we don’t have many games coming in the near future…now you have too many ..more smoke and mirrors
    half of those are multiplats …what a fkn joke of a company , and their little fangirl followers

  • Truth™

    PS4 still has no games it seems. LOL 🙂

    • Gamez Rule

      Has them before PC by the looks of things, just ask Kojima☺

    • Truth™

      PC Has more games than PS4 will ever have at better resolutions and framerates 🙂

    • Gamez Rule

      And that has nothing to do with PS4 having Kojima’s game before PC☺ And without consoles a PC user cannot play all games either.

  • Mr Xrat

    Loads of first party content, “could do better.”

    Crumbs and excuses, “greatest lineup in Xbox history”


    • Truth™

      Poor rscottycuck going completely delusional since PS4 still has no games in 2014, 2015 and 2016 while PC runs everything superior, even your precious Batman Arkham Knight. Your damage control on /v/ has been so laughable lately. And since PC is getting every weeb game. PS4 will be nothing but a useless dudebro 360.5

      It’s going to be a very long generation for you 🙂

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