PS4 ICE Team Programmer: GPU Has No Problems Handling 16XAF, New ASM For Faster Offline Asset Baking

“No hardware/SDK issues that I’m aware of. “

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Cort Stratton, a senior programmer on Sony’s ICE Team has revealed a few interesting tid-bits about the PlayStation 4’s graphics capabilities. First of all he revealed that the PlayStation 4 has no issues in supporting 16 X Anisotropic Filtering, a method by which in game textures look great even when viewed at an angle. But certain games like Thief use the less impressive Trilinear filtering which led some users to raises questions whether the PS4’s GPU is capable of supporting 16 X AF.

Cort stated that there are no hardware issues restricting 16 X AF that he is aware of. “No hardware/SDK issues that I’m aware of. Sounds like a question for the developer.”

We had earlier reported that how Cort’s new code for PS4 will make surface tiling/detiling ~10-100x faster on the CPU. He clarified that the code won’t necessarily improve run time performance but will help in faster offline asset baking and GPU capture tools. “Most likely results would be faster offline asset baking and GPU capture tools for devs. Unlikely to have much runtime impact,” he tweeted.

[Baking: When game assets are readied for packaging/shipping they need to be ‘baked’ in a particular format which can be readily used. GPU Capture Tools: Tools to judge the performance of the GPU in terms of frame rate, stuttering, frame rate drops etc.]

It’s interesting to note that PlayStation engineers are hard at work, trying to improve performance across the board, something that Microsoft is doing with their updates as well. At the end of the day, all these improvements will not only result into better games but games that perform well at a technical level as well.

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  • Richardo

    AF is memory bandwidth intensive.

    I’ve been told PS4 Tombraider has superior AF to the Xbox One version.

    The likely culprit is the unified memory architecture. There is plenty of PR from developers regarding both systems are supercharged PCs are that unified memory helps decrease development time, but they don’t talk about the negatives to it.

    Unified memory means you have to split the memory bandwidth between the cpu/gpu and to a small extent the southbridge. You also have memory contention issues where a processing unit has to stall to wait for the other to finish its read/write. These aren’t issues with regular highend pc videocards which handle high AF just fine, since they have dedicated videomemory all to themselves.

    I bet you if you compare a 7850 which the ps4 is based off of to the ps4 in multiports you’ll see the videocard pull ahead of the ps4 in memory bandwidth intensive settings.

    • Psionicinversion

      I didnt think 16x AF has bin a problem for years, just a standard setting really

    • Rupz007

      Although this may be true for a PC Architecture running a conventional PCi bus and waiting, teh PS4 actually has a volatile cache bit that stops this from happening. Its actually super efficient and has 64 lanes for granularity in CPU/GPU compute usage. Its all to do with the developers getting use to the new hardware. REFerence:

    • Richardo

      Okay I looked over the article you posted and that looks like its referring to the gpu bypassing its local cache to access the mainmemory. This is still different from contention issues between the cpu and gpu.

    • cozomel

      Yeah, but come on the CPU doesnt need nearly as much bandwidth as the GPU does, and its 176GB/s, AF should not be a issue at all, and hence most games use it. But it seems like either there is a bug in the drivers or its pure developer oversight. Cuz, seriously, Strider? It has AF on everything else, including the PS3/360. So its got to be either just a bug or oversight.

    • Nibblo

      But it’s becoming a trend now with Dead Nation also not having it. I wonder if there is a CPU bottleneck going on. Pure speculation of course as the answer is with the developers themselves, wonder who will be the first to come out and say why.

    • Michael Norris

      Nah it’s not a Cpu bottleneck,AF is done by the Gpu only.I am thinking it’s a bug.How can you explain all of the other titles that use AF?

    • Michael Norris

      Well,i been playing TR and FFXIV beta.Both of those games use AF with great results.I just wonder if their is a bug within the SDK.Also, it might just be something that will get patched later on.From my understanding AF is more or less free to use on modern Gpu’s.I expect this issue to go away soon,because the hardware is fine.


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