PS4 NEO and Xbox One Scorpio May Cause Compromises For Base Versions Of Games, Says Developer

“I’m hoping both Sony & Microsoft keep a strict policy on the output of ‘vanilla’ PS4/XB1 versions of games.”

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15 Ways to Enhance Your Experience on PS4 and Xbox One

The PS4 Neo and the Xbox One Scorpio are now confirmed, and they represent a dramatic new paradigm for gaming console hardware, as well as console game development. Since these are early days, there will obviously be teething issues, as everybody struggles to find their footing- but on the whole, the move to iterative hardware is expected to be for the better.

However, Arran Seaton, from Monothetic Games, and currently working on Beacon, has warned about the potential flip side to these new machines- he has voiced a fear that a lot of detractors of the concept of iterative consoles have had for a while now, which is that developers may end up compromising on the base versions of their games in order to get the most out of these new machines.

“I’m hoping both Sony & Microsoft keep a strict policy on the output of ‘vanilla’ PS4/XB1 versions of games being as fully featured and stable as possible,” Seaton said. “Ideally, it will just function like the quality settings you are provided in PC games. The baseline consoles will run at the equivalent of ‘medium’ spec, whereas Neo/Scorpio games could target ‘high/very high’. Though, in reality, I have no idea if that will happen. It would be a disappointment if developers decide to use the performance gains to essentially brute-force past certain stuff to hit targets, instead of optimizing with both hardware models in mind.”

And what could these improvements and performance gains, made with both models of a console in mind, be? Seaton had some suggestions there, too.”Theoretically, I can imagine we would be looking at improvements such as higher resolutions, or being able to provide options like downsampling, higher quality anti-aliasing… more gibs. We’ll see when we cross that bridge.”

It will certainly be interesting to see how developers handle these upcoming SKUs- hopefully, they will turn out to be more like the Gameboy Color, which is probably still the best and most successful instance that we have had of a mid life spec bump to a system.

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  • Clint Hoffman

    Should be easy. Insist that Xbox One original is locked at 720p 60fps. Nothing higher on the One. Period. Even dynamic increases should be banned from the ONE.
    PS4 ensure 1080p 30fps & with dynamic drops to 900p.

    • Jonathan George Anaya

      The PS4 doesnt do 1080p@30fps. The Witcher 3 says Hi.

      As for Scorpio, it can be set at 4k/30fps at Very High; Neo 1440p/30fps High Settings. Should be what life is like for the next 3 years



      PS4: 1080p/30fps (yes, TW3 runs at consistent 30fps after last patches)
      Xbox One: 900p/30fps and 720p/60fps

      PS4 Neo/Scorpio: 1080p/60fps on ULTRA settings, that’s enough for the gamers …4K will bring down the games complexity… 🙂

    • Hvd

      um ps4 has 900p games as well scorpio the most POWERFUL console ever made 4k/30ps i like how you included the neo but left out the xbox scorpio…lmao

    • Guest

      Um, the vast majority of games on the PS4 are 1080p so some games running at 900p doesnt mean that you can claim that the PS4 mainly runs at 1080p. And Scorpios extra power will not translate into anything substantial, you might get a little b it better AO, or slightly better shadows or some insignificant hard to notice sh’t.

    • Tomaterrrx

      Half of what you said is probably just plain wrong.

    • Paul

      That’s not true, games can scale a lot and you only have to look at the PC for that, a prime example is Crysis 3, released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and yet that game looks way better on the PC than the older consoles and still looks really good today, so much so that Eurogamer still use it as a benchmark with new graphic cards.

      Point is, PS4 to Neo and Xbox One to Scorpio will have no problems with scaling, at least for developers that are used to developing on PC.


      Assh*le, that’s for you, translate it this article about 4K native on Scorpio (like i said b4) , and be happy… LOSER!! …LMAO!!!

    • Neil

      wot. doom is 60fps@1080p on ps4

    • Hvd

      its a fps like cod and bafflefield and battle front. those are the ONLY games that run at 60fps on the console.

    • justerthought

      Uncharted 4 says Hi. A proper game fully optimised and polished to a high standard. It makes all other games look like clunky rip offs.

    • Dynasty2021

      Uncharted 4 runs at 30 FPS shut up

    • reallydude?

      wow, do you even read?

    • Mark

      Yeah but the mp is 900p. I think Jonathan meant 1080p 30fps full game.

    • Guest

      Yeah, 900p 60fps.

    • Emilyrfitz2
    • Hvd

      there is no 1440p tv the neo will be 1080p/ 30fps or 60fps high.consoles are ment to be used on a tv not a monitor the next step up from 1080p on a tv is 4 not 1440p.

    • Mark

      True. Neo will prolly be 1080p Ultra settings with support of 30-60fps. Scorpio is targetted specifically for 4k TVs.

    • Guest

      Scorpio will barely do 4K, makr my words.

    • Mark

      Well even if I’d like to mark your words, I don’t know who u are lol

    • Guest

      You can easily render at 1440p and downsample to 1080p. Learn something so you dont sound so ignorant. Child of Light already does it on PS4.

    • Hvd

      console devs dont care about 1440p and never

    • Hvd

      thats all it dows the only games that are 60fps are cod games. and racing games thats it every single player game is 1080p/30fps even the witcher 3…lol

    • Guest

      Yeah and? the situation is even worst on the X1, 900/720p and even worst framerates.

    • Guest

      “The PS4 doesnt do 1080p@30fps. The Witcher 3 says Hi”

      What are you talking about? Its does 1080/30fps better than the X1 does 900/30 on that game. Especially on the new DLC Wine and Blood. So get your facts right.

      And you stupid MS fanboys, actually think that the power difference between the Neo (rumored specs) and Scorpio is that big, when you are the same people that since the official X1 specs were revealed claim a 50%(at the time but now 40% since MS oc’ed it) was nothing. But now flip flop as usual fanboys and claim that a 40% increase on Scorpio is huge. When none of you idiots have considered diminishing returns, the difference between Neo and Scorpio at those levels will be even smaller than the differences between the PS4 and X1 now.

      Plus Scorpio will struggle to even do 4K 30fps, because the GTX1080 with a 9TF and usually paired with a much better CPU can drop close to 30fps. And 6TF on a AMD machine is like equivalent to like 3TF on a NV card. A TX 1070 with 5.8TF can beat a AMD Fury 9X with 8.9TF.

      And if all that wasnt bad enough, the fact they devs still have to develop to the lower base models will guarantee that these news systems true capabilities will never be truly used.

    • epiqo5ky

      X1 Forza 6 1080/60, COD 900/60, Halo 5 900-1080/60 so what do you mean with that “nothing higher on the one”….

    • Guest

      Halo 5 mainly runs at 900p most of the time and barely even hits 1080p. And had to make all sorts of sacrifices just to hit that goal, like aggressive LOD where objects pop in just a few meters in front of you, no AF, half animations (30fps) just a few meters in front of you and more! The lastest CODs have barely run at a steady 60fps (BLOPS 3 and Infinty Wars) and have even worst frame rates on the X1. Forza 6 is basically a upressed last gen game.



      Games with PS2 graphics… Forza 6 is like a old gen title close to Driveclub…

      And Halo 5?! …PS2 graphics with 810p of resolution almost time… That’s a real joke huh?! …LMAO

  • justerthought

    Only the PC devs will brute force because that is how they work on PC. They never fully optimise any given PC hardware to the max. They simply brute force the latest tech and then expect the PC gamers to fork up the money to upgrade the hardware to handle their brute force.

    Expect all the lazy indy PC devs who are jumping the PS4 cash cow to brute force clunky performance into something that is acceptable, while the vanilla PS4 is left basking clunky zone.

    Large AAA devs who specialise in console games will do a proper job.

    I would like to see Sony police the quality of games on their console by testing each one before giving permission for it to be released. If a game is sub 20fps like Fallout Out 4 Far Harbour DLC, it should be thrown back at Bethesda to bring it up to speed. Releasing it in such a state was an insult to gamers and damages the consoles credibility as a quality product. Sloppy standards are harmful to Sony’s image.

    I look forward to a day when we read about a game being delayed because Sony have deemed it not fit for purpose to grace the PS4

    • theduckofdeath

      You act as if console devs come from some magical alternate dimension. These are the same people; they moved around and rehired all the time.

      Console devs work towards one solid target per platform — therein lies the most significant advantage. Programmers know what is in the machine and what it will be doing at all times. They stick to 3rd person for most 1st party games so the camera can be backed up. Games are chopped up into segments and set pieces. Further concessions are made to take the load off the processors.

  • Deon Walton

    Yeah right. We spend the first couple of years at the start every generation waiting for the support for the old gen to die. All in the hopes that we get better exploitation of the new hardware as development dollars do not need to be split.

    In reality these types of business models always favor the hardware that makes up the biggest portion of the userbase. The newest hardware spends the first few years being underultilized and limited by the capabilities of the previous generation.

    Unless we have a situation where the vast majority of console owners transition to new hardware immediately, most of the development dollars will go to make sure the base game plays well on the older hardware.

    EA, Ubisoft, Activision and other big pubs aren’t patrons of the arts. They are businesses and work to maximize profits, not performance.

    • Mark

      Personally imo, most of my multiplats run solid and look very good, and I’m on Xbox at that lol. I just feel EA, UbiSoft etc, will adapt well to the new systems. Not to say the games will run flawless, but if my experience is about equal with the Scorpio as well as Xbox One come next year, from a quality perspective, then personally man I’ll be more than satisfied.

  • sgt_hammertime

    Those people should upgrade

  • Nimble Navigator

    Aren’t these new APIs designed for these very purposes of optimization? Dx12 hasn’t even hit it’s stride yet.

    • Mark

      Well if Gears 4 is any indication of DirectX12 + UE4’s capabilities on both console & PC, then that combo should be huge, in every area, in the coming years. But we’ll have to see how good the PC version is too, come Oct

    • Nimble Navigator

      True, glad we’re moving the specs up on consoles better games by the time Dx12 matures.

    • Clint Hoffman

      The Xbox and ps4 API’s are already mature. It’s the PC side that was lacking. The dx12 API is just creating a base platform for the PC side. The worst part of the dx12 API is that the old Xbox One had to do all kinds of wierd concessions to get higher resolutions. :/

  • Hvd

    ithe only thing that matters in all of thisis if there is a difference in fps for multiplayer.if the xbox one does 30fps in a single player and xbox scorpio does 60fps in a single player im ok with that.

    the issue is multiplayer but most multiplayer games right now are 60fps maybe down the road after a few years the xbox scorpio is out there mite be a difference in multiplayer but bythat time the console xbox one will be 6 maybe 7 years old and it would be time to upgrade anyway..

    the xbox scorpio is just a mid cycle up grade which means by 2020 or 2021 we will see xbox two.

    • Mark

      Yeah I read Aaron and Phil mention that multiplayer will be the same across both vanilla Xbox & Scorpio. Single player is more up in the air. For me, Microsoft has got to tell devs to allow us a higher frame rate on single player with Scorpio, or I’ll be very disappointed. Always wanted to play Witcher 3 @60fps

    • Clint Hoffman

      They can’t have higher fps on the multiplayer side. If they do it can only be for games where the 2 new systems don’t talk to each other. A 60fps player will crush a 30fps player.

  • Mark

    I hear Arran, but it always seems like these “detractors of iterative consoles” are Indie devs….I could be wrong. But if I’m right, I mean these guys won’t even be the ones squeezing most of the computing from the systems. Also, they’re usually very small staffed, so I could see their perspective. I just think Arran’s concerns might not be a big deal to the EAs and UbiSofts out here. But we’ll see once NEO drops.

  • Ryuken13

    Of course the vanilla base versions of games will have compromises and not run as well as the game on the better hardware.

    However, that said there will be 2 clearly defined hardware tiers for both Microsoft and Sony. With clear expectations of what the basic hardware can do it is easy to make the base game functional for the basic tier and enhance the game for the upper tier hardware.

    PC development is tougher due to no true set specs.

    • Mark

      Right. So it SHOULD be easy for devs to optimize for NEO & Scorpio, correct? Cuz they’re set specs, unlike PC…

    • Ryuken13

      Yup. Developers know exactly what they are working with so optimizing for 2 tiers of hardware should be easy for developers on both systems.

      Best way to do it is create from the vanilla tier and enhance for the higher tier.

      PC development is nuts.. Nvidia or Amd??? 1 graphics card or 2?? what gen of CPU plus what tier of cpu?? What OS version??

      Tons of variables that will not exist as developer issues on console software development.

  • Ryuken13

    Wait for Kaby lake and the 1080 nvidia card to drop a bit in price lol.

    No console will match the Master Race experience..

    There are some advantages to that experience but the plug and play casual atmosphere of console gaming is tough to beat.

    I have had to download patches for consoles but it is not the same hassle as it is for PCs lol.

    • Mark

      Man crazy thing is I was just thinkin about making the move to buy a tough PC earlier this year, until I heard the NEO & Scorpio rumors haha. My biggest thing is, I’ve always wanted the option on Xbox to run single player games @60fps….really wanted to play Witcher 3 like this. But anyway I’m hoping Phil and Xbox tells these devs to give us the option to run 60 frames in single player. Give us a piece of that Master Race feeling! Lmao. I’m gonna tweet this guy…

    • Ryuken13

      Lol.. Best of luck with that.

      Pc Master race gaming is kinda cool if you consider waiting for Kaby Lake and the nvidia 1080 gpu combo.

  • John Tambanillo

    Optimize is the keyword for consoles. Making the best out of an underpowered machine. Essentially seperating the hardworking developers from the lazy, money-grabbing ones.

    Unfortunately, the console industry is heading towards the PC route, which is all about the graphics. Nothing against it though because there are genres of games that are made specifically for this medium, like RTS.

    Personally, I’d rather have a simple yet capable box than a powerful but complicated box. Just saying…


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