PS4 Neo and Xbox Scorpio Could Potentially Change The Console Game Business- Double Fine

Plus, the potential of 4K gaming.

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xbox one scorpio

The PlayStation 4 Neo and the Xbox One Scorpio now being a reality, it will be interesting to see what impact they have on the gaming market, from how customers perceive console purchases going forward to how the development community receives these upgrades.

GamingBolt recently spoke to Lee Petty of Double Fine, the project lead of Headlander, and we had a chance to ask him what his take is on these new upcoming iterative consoles. He hasn’t had the chance to see them in person, but he does seem to be intrigued by the concept, and the possibilities that they could offer.

“I haven’t seen them in person and don’t know much about them,” Petty said. “But this approach could potentially change the console game business — in the same way that Apple releases new hardware with greater abilities that still run most of the same software.”

But what about the role of the Scorpio in specifically delivering 4K visuals?

“As an artist, I am always interested in having more options,” he said. “The power of new technology excites me not because of higher “fidelity” but because greater GPU/CPU power gives me more room to explore new visual styles. I don’t think we’d change much about our approach in working with 4K, other than perhaps making sure our assets are built with more scalability in mind — something that we already do to some extent in order to support the large variety of PC/Mac capabilities out there.”

On the whole, it sounds like Double Fine are intrigued by what the Scorpio and Neo offer- as are we all. let’s hope we receive more details on these systems soon, because the wait is killing us.

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  • Psionicinversion

    the consoles are still weak, and closed off machines. i like the freedom of doing what i want with PC and that will never change with a console EVER

    • sgt_hammertime

      So then why are you here? I don’t remember anyone asking you what you liked.

    • Psionicinversion

      dont see MS asking what you like in the console either, so why are you here?!!

    • sgt_hammertime

      I like consoles, I like scorpio I think that’s more than enough reasons for me to be in a thread that’s about consoles and scorpio. you’re here processing your love for PC and hate for consoles and in that you have no reason to be in a thread that has nothing to do with PC but about consoles that you hate. so run along child

    • Psionicinversion

      tbh scorpio will be more powerful than most PC’s out there apart friom the AAA gamer PC’s (tbh by early next year my PC will about 3-4x more powerful than the scorpio if i go 4k cus i go 4K ill do it properly not half arsed like MS will do). i do love PC because its a not a closed platform i can install what ever i want and it something you can never do on a consoles. call me a ch8ild yet i know what it takes to succeed and you guys rely on a person i.e. spencer that knows absolutely nothing about pc hardware

    • sgt_hammertime

      I doubt you know what it takes to succeed. if you really knew anything about PC then you would know it carries a certain amount of overhead, the prevailing school of thought was “throw more power at it!”. consoles don’t carry this overhead so more could be done with a gflop on console than could be done with a gflop on PC. It is now that PCs are getting low level access with DX12/Mantle/Vulkan that was traditionally a console thing. if you know so much about PCs then i’m sure these are things you already know, its common knowledge. what i’m saying is, 6tflops on console is traditionally not the same as 6tflops on PC

      by early next year your PC will be 3-4x more powerful than scorpio which means your PC will be 18-24Tflops….care to explain to me how you plan on getting there?

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah i know consoles dont = exactly pc. 6TF scorpio would = about 10TF PC. its not 2:1 by any stretch. one thing you cant match though is saying 6TF AMD GPU and compare to an nvidia. there complletely different. There should be an RX490 at some point in the year and be about rhe same perf level a fury X BUT cheaper price. But tbh by the time scorpio is released theres going be GPU’s that put that system to shame if going by the new roadmap is to be believed. i.e. volta 2017 on 16nm with the new architecture in place going destroy it,

      The way ill get there is im aiming for 4K which means 2x the best GPU’s out whih easily exceeds scorpio by a ridiculous amount

    • sgt_hammertime

      lol lol I knew you were going to say that, it’s the reason I asked in the first place: 2x the best gpu out… if you’re going for the best then you’re getting an NVidia correct? and the best nvidias are priced $1000…so you’re planning to flop down $2000 just for GPUs? Ha! go right ahead buddy, i’ll only be paying $500 the most and will still get the best games and looking pretty damn good too that’s enough for me to enjoy my hobby.

    • Psionicinversion

      no not neccessarily, by next year 1080Ti will be out lower cost less cuda cores but higher clocks. but im properly waiting for HDR monitors which wont be out til next year and AMD fury line should be out by then. you can laugh saying ho ho ho you pay blah blah blah but that wasnt the arguement. it was what can provide 18-24TFLOP’s i told you no mention of price and a console isnt achieveing that for about 10 years

    • sgt_hammertime

      lmao, that was the only reason I asked you the question. there was only 2 ways you could get to that level of performance: SLI link 2 to 3 cards or AMD or Nvidia was going to release a card with that amount of performance. however, the latter isn’t really likely and if it is then you’d be looking at a ridiculous price. So the only sane option would be SLI which you’ll still spend a fortune.
      go right ahead man, go get your 3-4x power over scorpio. lollollol

    • Psionicinversion

      i will good luck with your upscaled 4K 30fps dude

    • Psionicinversion

      currently to get 18TFLOP APU youll need about 3nm FinFet. well done see you when you achieve it

    • NimbleNavi

      Point sgt_hammertime is making is clear and reasonable. These are just not “closed off machines”, instead these are highly-optimized hardware. I’m a PC gamer also but even I can consider the fact in what developers can do on consoles with 6tflops is pretty huge. As a PC gamer you should understand why PC games need huge clocks is because they’re discreet parts, right? If you didn’t know this then I don’t think your a “Triple A” PC gamer, whatever that means. Only reason you’ll be spending that kind of money is if you’re an artist or programmer engineering huge scripts which I doubt you are.

    • Psionicinversion

      they are closed off machines because you cant install anything you want. PC can have huge clocks because we have the thermal headroom to do it. When your cramming these parts into tiny cases they have to be underclocked otherwise they will overheat. doesnt make sense as to why you would purposely REDUCE the power output of the console from its rated spec. sure 6 TFLOPs is good but 7TFLOPs is even better and this is something you obviously dont understand.

      You obviously dont know what it takes to run 4K max settings 60fps otherwise you wouldnt say that idiotic stuff

    • Psionicinversion

      why would you need to spend $2000 on GPU’s?? at the moment the best is 1080 not the titans well until 2nd august but there stupid price. 1080Ti will probably be a bit slower but also much cheaper

  • kee1haul

    They deleted my comment. Goons.

    • Mr Xrat


    • kee1haul

      Just shows the media bias 😀

  • Paul

    Personally I like the idea of what they are doing with consoles and this is coming from a PC only gamer, we all benefit, consoles gamers get more choice on if they want to upgrade or not and PC gamers don’t get held back as much by console hardware.

    I expect PC will still be ahead even not so expensive PC’s when you can get a RX480 for $200 and thats 15 or so months before Scorpio is out, also I suspect Vulcan and DX12 will be used by most games on PC by the time Scorpio is out, PC still has the edge but both PC and console gamers benefit by all this.

    • Mark

      Yeah DX12 & Vulcan will be even more utilized by next holiday. I know EA’s one of the big companies jumpin on the new APIs. It’s crazy cuz there aren’t many games running on DirectX12, Mantle, and def not Vulcan. There’s alot of exciting stuff next yr imo

    • Paul

      Late next year most games will support the new api’s, the market share of Windows 10 should be enough by then and the Xbox console will be using DX12 for all there games, Vulcan can be fully used now, so yeah, good times ahead for us all.

    • Console and PC Master Race

      The PC gaming community needs more people like you. I appreciate your comment! Very mature, level headed and non elitest. You are one of the few that make PC gamers look good instead of bad.

      I also game on PC but have all the consoles too, and try to spread the message that platform wars and competition just brings causes strife. Everyone should just be able to enjoy gaming on what they have and not feel inferior or superior to someone else because of plastic they bought from a store. PC will always, always be a step or two ahead of consoles in performance, but that’s not a bad thing. PC gamers deserve to have the best if they are willing to spend what it takes to get it. Consoles are great as a cheaper option, with their own exclusive games and better performance is on its way with Neo and Scorpio. Every body can win.

    • Paul

      I agree, even though I prefer and think PC’s are better, I don’t have a problem with consoles gamers, I’m just glad they now have the option of getting better hardware earlier rather than later, it’s a win win, console gamers that don’t want to upgrade still get to play the games as they’ve always done, gamers that want more have the choice in either the PC or newer console without losing their games library and we all benefit, PC and console gamers alike by games having more breathing room to move forward,the only real downside I see to this is if Sony and Microsoft pull a fast one and cut off support for the older consoles too early, I don’t think they will.

      If we look on the PC, games can scale over a wide range of hardware and much weaker hardware and still work fine, a prime example is Crysis 3, a game that was released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, the PC version still looks good even compared to today’s games, that shows games can scale a lot and I suspect that more games will be designed with scalability in mind.

      So to me it’s a win win for everyone, consumers, developers, PC, Sony and Microsoft.

  • Starman

    Lets set the record straight ……The NEO isn’t changing a DAM* thing , they didn’t change or upgrade the CPU , but you all want to sit here and include them in “changing the industry” give me a fkn break….and please stop trying to compare that 5 yr old technology garbage to the Scorpio….

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