PS4 Pro 4K Resolution Unavailable On HDMI 1.4 4K Screens

This has been such a mess all around.

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One of the reasons that attempting to hop on board with any new technology in early days is that standards have often not been fully nailed down yet, and there is massive incompatibility between various competing formats and standards- anyone remember the HD DVD and Blu Ray war? And right now, something like this seems to be happening for a lot of PS4 Pro owners, where the 4K product that they have bought does not work with the 4KTV that they own.

Why? Because apparently, there’s no agreement on what HDMI ports should support 4K resolutions. The PS4 Pro will simply not output 4K resolutions to TVs that don’t have an HDMI 2.0 port- which is a bit of a problem, because a lot, probably even most, 4KTVs currently on the market have HDMI 1.4 ports. The PS4 Pro actually did support these older ports until firmware 4.05, when support was dropped for some reason, reports WCCFTech.

Sony have so far made no official word or statement yet, so it’s hard to know whether the removal of support was deliberate or an unintended bug or glitch. But in the meanwhile, if you own a PS4 Pro and a 4KTV, chances are you can’t even use the two together like you may have intended to. What a mess this has all been.

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    • Mr Xrat

      Oh look, another Milgrau r3tard.

  • quantum

    I don’t think it was intended as a slap in the face to Sony fans as depicted below. Hopefully they can sort it out with a firmware update or something.

    • kma99

      true hdr has never been accessible with hdmi 1.4 no patch or update can change that.

    • quantum

      I thought they had some sort of watered down work around for that? Anyway I only have a regular PS4, I was just thinking about the people who bought a PRO. I’m not going to upgrade again until the Scorpio comes out. Then I will buy a nice 4K TV and make sure it has HDMI 2.0.

    • kma99

      The definition of hdr is so watered down that they technically can get away with ut. Its not true hdr especially when it is mandated to have hdmi 2.0 from the beginning.

    • Somebodysomewhere

      Make sure it has HDMI 2.0a

      Even 2.0a will be replaced with something newer soon, within 18 months or less.

    • Mark

      Ahaha. I think he’s just taunting Xrat and Crazy Blacky

  • Mr Xrat

    Shame. Hope those affected get a quick fix.


    The PS4 PRO can’t do anything in native 4K while having a good stable frame rate nor can it run all 1080p games at 60fps so what kind of a upgrade is the PS4 PRO? The PS4 PRO is the biggest con in gaming

    • I have seen stable framerates at native 4k on the Pro and I have seen 1080p 60fps on the Pro and even on the base ps4 so neither of those statements you made are true. What a game does with the Pro is based on what the developer makes it do. Since all developers are not equal you get varied results between games.


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