PS4 Pro CPU/GPU Still A Bottleneck, 4K Checkerboard Technique Harder To Implement – Reinhard Pollice

There is a difference between native 4K, and upscaled 4K…

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The PS4 Pro is currently the world’s most powerful console. But in spite of Sony marketing it as a 4K machine, it really is not one- for most games, it is incapable of rendering the image in 4K natively, and instead resorts to a technique known as checkerboard rendering, which is a pretty clever upscaling technique.

However, that lack of native 4K rendering is going to be the biggest ‘bottleneck’ on the PS4 Pro, according to Reinhard Pollice, Product Development Director at THQ Nordic, who is currently working on Battle Chasers: Nightwar. In an exclusive interview with GamingBolt, Reinhard was asked what the biggest bottleneck on the PS4 Pro might be. He said, “It’s still both, the CPU and the GPU. With the PS4 Pro’s GPU, we can’t offer native 4K rendering, which is easy to achieve on good desktop GPUs nowadays.”

This lack of native 4K rendering is something that, according to Pollice, will be noticeable even to the casual observer. “The difference is that the 4K rendered output will look very crisp and smooth while the checkerboard technique will not look as sharp when directly compared. This depends also on the quality and size of the screen/TV, however. From a development perspective the checkerboard technique is a bit harder to implement as it is a custom implementation, while a native 4k resolution is just a higher frame output resolution. In our situation Unity takes care about it anyways.”

I can imagine not being able to hit true, native 4K is a problem for a lot of developers who may want to do just that- however, on the other hand, from Sony’s perspective, it would also have been unfeasible and cost prohibitive to bring a true 4K machine to the market at a consumer friendly price, I imagine. The PS4 Pro was presumably the best compromise between these two contradicting necessities, and here we are.

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  • Brian

    excellent article……looks like what I been hearing about the pro, is true……THANKS!

    • Mr Xrat

      Back to twitter you go, slug.

    • Tactical Lag-fighting tips

      So back to watching tv on your mediabox ?

    • Aenea

      Enlighten us? What have you been hearing?

      You heard that games look and run better on the Pro, right?
      That even non-patched games can run better on it with the new Boost Mode?

      That it’s the most powerful console on the market today?

  • Markis Anthony

    What everyone is sayin’…..I Should have waited for Scorpio

    • Affro-hop

      LMFAO and miss out on all those ridiculous exclusives Sony is putting out right now?

    • Mavericks

      Please, enlighten us with the titles of those exclusives Sony is putting out right now.

    • Affro-hop

      you can read my response to sergeantnorider above, you’re welcome!

    • Aenea

      Seriously dude? Get your head out of the sand, there have been quite a few exclusives already this year alone, how many does MS have? One….

    • Mavericks

      Can you please answer my question? Thank you.

    • Aenea
    • Mavericks

      Sorry, but that list is pretty weak, like would an Xbox One list.

      But hey, at least Xbox can put out of the door their franchises, right?

    • Aenea

      This is the X1 list:

      Now that is really a short list!

    • sergeantnorider

      What exclusives? From the confirmed list on Gamespot, the only “true” exclusive that looks good is Horizon Zero Dawn and that is being made a developer who has never had a hit. Here’s the list:

      Plus many of the games on Gamespot’s list are actually on PC:

      Nier, Ni No Kuni 2, Hellblade, Ace Combat 7, Shenmue III, FF VII, and Tales of Beseria are all on PC. Nioh looks like it going to PC as well if you care (or you can just play Dark Souls on whatever–which is the same thing).

      FYI. Death Stranding is also on PC. Now look at that list again and tell me if you still feel the same way about it. I kinda doubt it.

    • Affro-hop

      lol so with that logic the xbox one has NO exclusives and so there’s no reason to get one, including the scorpio, if u can afford a pc right? Check the metacritic reviews for Gravity Rush 2, Yakuza 0, Nioh (there’s NO indication that is coming to PC other than PC elitists crying out loud with their petition lol). These 3 are all TRUE exclusives released already for the PS4. Do I have to go on on the other TRUE exclusives comming up? Like you know, Uncharted The Lost Legacy, Crash Remaster, Horizon, Gran Turismo Sport, Wipeout: Omega Collection, God of War, The Last Of Us part II, Days Gone, Death Stranding…and so on! Now can you name ANY xbox one exclusives that’s not coming to the PC? Yea there isn’t any LMAO! But I’mma cut you some slack tho, even with the ones coming to PC how many can you name? All they got for the first qtr of 2017 is Halo wars. And please do NOT mention E3 cuz that’s not exclusive to Microsoft. I’m pretty sure Sony is going to announce a bunch of new games too!

    • Dougdec92

      Well I award you the achievement …the xboner flaccidator…from my experience here, xboners are in pain and they are hoping the Scorpio gives them relief…leave him or.her to their Halo wars and let’s enjoy the Sony game salad we waiting for cos Sony is always the best place to play bro

    • gabrimazzo

      Not PC, Windows 10 Xbox app, it’s hard to understand that MS has twoo platforms to push..and give us Play Anywhere to play in 4K right here, if We have The right rigs

    • Aenea

      Windows 10 Xbox app which is running on a PC…..

      So it’s still a PC game no matter how you want to spin it…

      Basically what you’re saying is: if Sony were to make a PlayStation app and let’s you run ported PS4 games with it, they are not running on PC????????????

    • gabrimazzo

      No, i mean that they are xbox exclusives, not related to an’s up on you where to play them.

    • Aenea

      They still need to be ported to Win 10 on PC, it’s not magically gonna work. They are still PC games…

      Listen, I’m okay with calling them console exclusives, there is no other console out there you can play them on, but to say that PS4 games that are on PC aren’t exclusives at all and then say that the PlayAnywhere games are, is nonsensical…

    • gabrimazzo

      I give up…xbox is not hardware anymore, is a Service.

    • Aenea

      Yeah, BS, a Win10 PC with an Xbox app is not an Xbox, PERIOD

      Dunno why people like you want to call it that. Do you really not see that it’s absurd to claim that one is an Xbox exclusive and the other is a multiplat? There is no difference, the game doesn’t automagically work on Win10, and no, no amount of UWP nonsense is gonna help, for both they need to be ported and put time and effort into, both run on PC AND a console. It’s the same fricking thing…

      Just call them console exclusives and be done with it, why the need to claim it’s something that it isn’t?

    • gabrimazzo

      BS? Have you never used it? You need a MS account to play, in a MS enviroment. Are you pc gamers really so stupid? BTW i play on every platforms.

    • Aenea

      Yes, BS, a PC is NOT AN XBOX…

      Why are you trying to make it something that it isn’t? Why the need to keep calling it “Xbox Exclusive”? Isn’t “Xbox console exclusive” good enough?

      I don’t get it

    • gabrimazzo

      you can play it on Steam or Windows 7? No…so is xbox exclusives because you need to be logged in with your account and you have to use the MS Store. MS has separeted hardware from service…they are not tied togheter anymore.

    • Aenea

      Hahahaha, this is too idiotic for words!

      Anyways, if it makes you sleep better at night, call them what you want, doesn’t change facts tho…

    • Shalashaska

      Aahahaahhaahhahaahahha good work! Please, just keep rockin’ with your MS-fanboysm bullshit

    • Tek PhaN

      If you can play on PC that takes the Xbox exclusive part away.

    • sergeantnorider

      You weren’t paying close attention were you?

    • Aenea

      Were you? Not once has it been mentioned that Death Stranding is coming to PC except on that page.
      That page also mentions it’s being published by Sony going against the notion it will be coming to PC….

    • Tek PhaN

      The dumbass is strong with this one.

    • Triton

      Ace Combat 7 is coming to Xbox aswell. Yay!

    • Mr Xrat

      Another multiplat destined to flop on the movie player.

    • Triton

      You can always ditch that moviestation and get the Scorpio.

    • Aenea

      There’s no need for a CancelBox, the few games that come out are on PC….

    • Tactical Lag-fighting tips

      in 720p of saltyness

    • Triton

      Just like Nioh?

    • Mr Xrat

      SergeantNoGames can’t handle the fact the PS4 is beastin’ and all he has is crumbs.

    • Holeybartender

      When I think of console exclusive games I consider them between PlayStation,Xbox One,Wii U (now Switch) and not PC because the concept of “Only on (insert console) ” was originally created in response to competition from those core groups. Adding PC gaming to the whole argument is kinda redundant as most multiplat games,which the console market thrives on, have always released on PC anyways. Add in the fact that ALL games are created on PC too and really what’s to argue?

    • Aenea

      I agree up to the “created on PC” part…

      Yes, they are programmed and designed on PC but usually with software specific to the console using libraries that do not exist on consumer PC’s so the games can’t run without the development SDK or even the dev. kit itself…

      Even 3DS games for instance are created on PC, even Android games are created on PC, but they don’t run natively on PC…

    • Aenea
    • andy

      Lol Killzone 2, 91 on Metacritic. So its the same score as Forza Horizon 3, the ONLY Xbone (that’s also on PC) game this gen to be the same score or higher, a sports game. Troll harder next time.

      You hipsters and your “Eh yeah Horizon Zero Dawn looks like the greatest console game ever made but Guerilla Games aren’t exactly good a making games, you know, except for those games that were critical successes and sales successes too.”

      Do you just block things you don’t want to hear? Killzone 2 was released in Feb 2009. How did you miss this over the past 8 years???

      And Death Stranding? Yeah the Sony owned Guerilla Games’ “Decima” engine will be coming to PC. In your dreams. At least we know what games you are BEGGING to come to PC now.

    • Tomaterrrx

      Guerrilla games made Killzone 2, a 90+ game on Metacritic.

    • ShowanW

      i think the joke that Mavericks is trying to say is, none of the games that are releasing on Playstation were “Produced” by Sony

    • Aenea

      Why, exactly?

      So this dev can then complain that sparse rendering is also difficult to implement? That they still can’t do native 4k on it while a PC can?

      The extra power is not gonna magically make sure the Scorpio will be able to do native 4k for ALL GAMES….

    • ShowanW

      maybe sparse render is a easier technique to pull off and get the same results…
      i remember Remedy Games saying checkerboard rendering was a bit tough while making Quantum Break.

      maybe sparse rendering is a easier way of achieving the same or better results since the hardware is most likely to be better…

    • Aenea

      No, sparse rendering is just another name for checkerboard rendering. Plus both of them are done in the rendering phase so engines need to be adjusted for it, which this dev is complaining about “native is so much easier”

    • ShowanW

      u also have to consider that all xbox games from pc to One(S) are using Microsoft’s Project Helix development tool set as well.
      which may make the process a pinch easier if it’s runs in conjunction to the tool set or native to it.

    • Aenea

      Tools is not gonna make this developer happy, he already has a game engine that does native 4k and finds it tough to change it so it can embed checkerboard rendering. This engine is not made with Helix I presume since it’s also running on the PS4, so even if sparse rendering would be easier to do with ‘Project Helix’ he still has to port his engine to it.

      Thing is, this is just a dev complaining, a small developer to boot, who probably already had code written before he got his hands on a Pro dev. kit and now he needs to change the engine to use checkerboard rendering if he wants to support it. Of course native 4k will be easier, means less changes!

      Besides, what do we know of project Helix other than that article? Is it ready? Are devs already using it in the wild besides at MS???

      Checkerboard/sparse rendering is a fantastic technique, but it’s not easy to change an engine to use it, is also the reason why a game like Fallout 4 on the Pro is not using it. Some engines might be easier to make the changes for, others are not. When you recently started (past year) a game and knew about this than you could start from the ground up and embed it which is much easier.

      Future games will be easier to support it…

    • ShowanW

      Gears 4 and Forza Horizon 3 were like the only 2 games using some of the Helix tool kit, as it’s not finished as a whole yet i believe…

    • Aenea

      Then this dev probably isn’t using it yet either and thus will complain about “ohnoes! more work! native 4k would’ve been easier!”…

      Don’t you at least agree about that?

  • Tek PhaN

    Article is dumb as the Pro DOES have some TRUE 4K games. Also Scorpio doesn’t have enough power to do true 4K in every game either.

    • Triton

      Some of the indie games on PS4 Pro can run in 4K res, thats it.
      Funny how a promised 4K res somehow is depicted as a lie when its Xbox.
      But it was ok to market a non 4K gaming device/No UHD-player device as a 4K device.

    • Mark


    • Aenea

      And remasters too, or are The Last of Us and Elder Scrolls Indies now?

      As for the lie Xbox has in their ads about 4k: well, they made it seem like the X1S can do games in 4k while it can only show video in 4k, which incidentally the Pro can too, just not when the video is on an UHD Bluray…

      So why is it okay to market the X1S as a 4k device and not the Pro, especially since the Pro is capable of running games in a resolution that one can only see on a 4k TV while the X1S can’t?

    • Triton

      Remasters are only improved last gen games.

      Games like World of tanks uses (some) 4K textures on the One, that shows how little resources it takes on less demanding games.
      Streaming video is not native 4K either, thats why there are a lot of asterisks (*) on that almost unreadable miniature text on the PS4 Pro ads.
      At least the One S has something in native 4K/UHD while still not having any other upgrades HW wise.

    • Aenea

      You said “only Indie games” which I proved wrong, no need to downplay them in another way, I know not all games are in native 4k…

      “At least the One S has something in native 4K”

      You’re joking, right? We just established that Indie games, remasters and some games are native 4k (I believe FIFA is, some others too) and you’re saying “at least the One S has something in native 4k”??

      Both have things that do native 4k, the Pro does them for games, where the One S only does them for UHD Blurays. Besides, most games that have Pro support do a higher resolution than an HDTV can handle so a 4k TV is needed to see them…

      It’s hilarious that you feel it’s okay that MS makes people think the One S is a 4k capable machine and then turn around and complain about what Sony does, ‘cos to me Sony has a bit more rights to call it that than MS does (granted, both can give the wrong impressions to casual consumers)…

    • Triton

      Im not saying that. That was a sidenote.
      Im saying the Pro is a marketing lie, not that Xbox One S is better in any way except than with its native UHD player.

    • Aenea

      They either are both lies or both are not, simple really.

      Basically they both aren’t lies, they say things in such a way that it’s correct, but honestly, for me, I feel letting people believe the Xbox One S does anything for gaming on 4k is worse than what they are doing with the Pro

    • J.j. Barrington

      The Pro was never marketed as having every game at 4k. And contrary to the article AND you, there are native 4k non indie titles on the console.

      You got caught in a lie. Now hold this L.

    • Eddie Battikha

      NBA 2K17 and FIFA 17 are both 4K Native, NBA 2K17 has HDR. They look and play Aweosome on my PS4 Pro running on my LGB6. Nothing INDIE about those two games.

    • Triton

      Sports games dont need very much processing power.

      The range of view is very limited.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Sucks when u get proved wrong, go back to ur closet and stay in it

    • Triton

      Proven wrong? I wouldnt be here if i were wrong.
      All I see are Sony sheeplets trying to force stupid opinions on others.

    • Rise Moon (Scott Takashi)

      Can you actually prove, the Scorpio can’t hit Native 4K if we are going by the Digital Foundry white paper that is just speculation meaning for a fact, it didn’t prove anything and the Scorpio still can hit all games 4K.

      So Sony basically failed, by not waiting long enough to work on the Pro which is useless if you already have a PS4.

    • Aenea

      Can you prove it will?

      Besides, the specs that were mentioned by MS themselves, 6Tflops, is more than enough info to know it will be impossible to go full native 4k on ALL games.

      Scorpio, like the Pro, will offer games in native 4k and games that use either traditional upscaling or techniques like checkerboard rendering (MS calls it sparse rendering).

      For instance, a game like Fallout 4 on the Pro only does 1440p, to get from that to 2160p it would take more than twice the power of the Pro to do that and the extra 1.8Tflops is not gonna make that happen.
      Even all the other specs, bandwidth, memory size and CPU will not magically make up for the lack of power of the GPU.

      Conclusion: Fallout 4 will not run in native 4k on the Scorpio therefor Scorpio will not have enough power to do native 4k for every game….

    • ShowanW

      Shannon Loftis and Phil Spencer state:

      1st Party games that release when Scorpio ships will be Native 4K … if they can’t deliver on their words the internet will destroy them… gamers are savages…

    • Aenea

      FIRST PARTY games, yes, not ALL games…

    • ShowanW

      because they refuse to give mandates to 3rd party devs as well.

      they wanted to try that when the xbox one was gonna first launch and gamers (the internet) destroyed them for that…

      microsoft will be a in a lose lose situation no matter what this generation.

      mandate standards… gonna get destroyed
      ease off standards… still gonna get destroyed
      produce new games… gonna get destroyed
      dont produce new games cause people revert back to CoD, Battlefield, etc.. gonna get destroyed…

    • Zarbor

      The truth is that there are more gamers that have an axe to grind with Microsoft than Sony. Its why MS can’t win. I’m in it for the games no matter the system but clearly the Sony faithful seem threatened by the Scorpio since the Pro may no longer be the most powerful console. That bothers them even though we don’t have final specs. Sad.

    • Aenea

      Sigh, of course they can’t give mandates because mandating games to be native 4k on the Scorpio will either mean devs need to downgrade the graphics or they will just skip Scorpio support altogether…

      6Tf will not allow games like Fallout 4 to render natively in 4k, no way, no how…

      Yes it will be faster than the Pro, yes games will look better, but keep the expectations real.

    • ShowanW

      a RX480 (8GB variant) runs Fallout 4 in 4K/30fps… and that’s only about 5.2-5.5tflops…

      so why isn’t it possible?

    • Aenea

      Okay, then how come Fallout 4 on the Pro can’t get higher than 1440p/30fps?

      Either they are deliberately crippling it on the Pro or they can’t do it, my bet is on the latter part. And nope, it’s not the CPU’s fault…

      And at what settings are we talking? Same as on the Pro or lower or higher?

    • ShowanW

      when has bethesda ever done a quality job on playstation?

    • Aenea


    • Tek PhaN

      Can I prove it can’t? 6TF is not enough for 4K across the board in every game.Titan X P is 11+ and can’t even achieve 4k/60fps in every game. MS themselves have indirectly said it couldn’t by saying it’s up to the devs. Regardless… I doubt we will see better visuals on the Scorpio than Horizon ZD,Spiderman or GOW. Then theirs the fact that the Xbox 720p oops I meant One support is still there which will hinder the Scorpio.
      So I can see the same low quality exclusives in 4K and some 3rd party games in 4K but most won’t be.

    • Jpilgrim82

      You mean like Nioh being 720p on the PRO!!

    • Aenea

      LOL, yeah, sure it is….

      And there are different modes, one uses dynamic resolution and apparently does go a tad lower than you’d want but that doesn’t mean it’s running at 720p. If it is than quite a few games on the X1 are running even lower……..

  • Gary

    Who cares. Just got one as a gift and it looks good enough for me anyway. I’ll just grab the PS5 when it comes out.

    • Tactical Lag-fighting tips

      You bet.

      Horizon zero dawn developers’ haven’t been complaining.

  • Direct-XbotMK1 Elite

    The PS4 Pro has 4K games. It is up to developers to hit 4K when they design their games. The reason why it is a 4K machine is because you need a 4K TV to really see the higher resolutions even if some games use checkerboarding.

    Checkerboard rendering is not the same thing as “upscaling”. People need to stop calling it upscaling because that is false. A 4K TV can upscale to 4K but it doesn’t do what checkerboard rendering does.

    It can also be argued that checkerboard rendering is native 4K depending on what you define as native. Textures and parts of some games are rendered at a sub 1080p resolution but the final resolution is still considered native 1080p. It’s the same principle with checkerboard rendering. Checkerboarding is like other sacrifices made to hit a certain resolution. If checkerboarding makes the game look close to a proper 4K image that doesn’t rely on checkerboarding then it doesn’t matter how it was achieved.

    But we’re also getting to the point of diminishing returns where 4K resolution isn’t as valuable as other parts of a game. It’s going to get more and more difficult to tell the difference the higher the resolution gets. It’s going to be more difficult to see the difference between 1600p checkerboarded to 4K and proper 4K.

    The bottom line is that the PS4 Pro is only $399 and costs much less than what a native 4K PC costs. Scorpibone won’t be providing native 4K in every game either. If you want 4K in every game then you’re going to need to wait for PS5.

    • Triton
    • Falconhoof

      You were doing great until the bit where you fanboyed.


    • Bettymburton

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    • Falconhoof

      That’s great; can you forward the details to the crown-prince of Nigeria who emailed me last week?

    • Mark


    • Eddie Battikha

      He told it how it is.

    • Falconhoof

      Outright shilling for a known fanboy.


    • Mark

      Dam dude u sound like us Xbots last year. Wait……

  • Mr Xrat

    If you’re here from CrapGamer’s channel, this is a friendly reminder that you and him are a stain on this industry.

    • Tactical Lag-fighting tips

      He praises quantum break for been 720p..

    • Triton

      It had checkerboard rendering.
      But I guess it has to be bad just because its not on PS?

    • Mr Xrat

      Different forms of checkerboarding, Xgimp. QB’s looked particularly bad. Probably rushed in on Phil’s orders.

    • Tactical Lag-fighting tips

      The Microsoft forced tv show part was fun?

  • Aenea

    “we can’t offer native 4K rendering”

    Well, that’s on them and their engine, isn’t it?

    Of course it takes more time to create something on a console, with PC you can just throw better hardware at it and thus up the minimum specs….

  • andy

    Why do you have to do this? You always take 1 or 2 sentences from some dev out of context and make them look like a clueless idiot. How do you have devs that want to talk to you anymore when you ruin their small reputations?

    • Triton

      Why would he post information that isnt related to the article?

      THAT would be out of context.
      Its obviously taken from a longer interview about the game.

    • andy

      And that is what Gamingbolt do.

      They do an interview and then over the space of 3 weeks they make articles out of every question as if it is a comment that a dev has went on record of publicly saying out of the blue, i.e out of context.

      Its like that time 5 years ago when all the articles showed up saying “EA aren’t doing Single Player games anymore” which I laughed at. Then I was talking to a friend 5 days later and was surprised that he bought it and was furious over it.

      Then later it turned out that the guy at EA was taken out of context, in other words there was way more to what he had to say, not just that single sentence that everybody jumped on. Everyone who was shocked and every single gaming “journalist” that ran an article about it, now looked like idiots.

      So you would argue that because that EA rep’s comment/sentence was “related to the articles” being posted at the time, he wasn’t been taken out of context then? Because he was……………IMMENSELY.

    • Tek PhaN

      They need the hits.

  • Aenea

    Fallout 4 on the Pro is 1440p, 2160p is more than twice the pixel count, and you think the extra 1.8Tf will make that happen??

    • Cenk Algu

      Not only RAW Power also much more advanced GPU architecture will make it easily.

    • Aenea

      Keep dreaming if you think MS has another secret sauce that magically makes a 6Tf capable GPU behave like a 9Tf one!

    • ShowanW

      it depends on how you look at the 1.8TF of power..

      if you are talking 1.8TF w/ Zen/Vega and 320GB mem. bus, yes it can be done easily.

      if you are talking puma/polaris w/ 320 mem. bus, it may get to the borderline and then sparse render…

      if you are talking jaguar/polaris w/ 320bus… probably not.

      Fallout 4 using old engine… it all depends…

    • Aenea

      Even with “1.8TF w/ Zen/Vega and 320GB mem. bus” it won’t make up for the missing raw GPU power.

      Yes, a better, faster CPU helps, better GPU will help a bit as well, but not by that much! From 1440p to 2160p is more than twice the pixel count on a GPU that can only do 40% more floating point operations per second. It will not, no way, allow Fallout 4 to render in native 4k without a compromise to the graphical fidelity.

      And if they didn’t add checkerboard rendering for the Pro version I highly doubt they will take time to add it to the Scorpio version.

    • ShowanW

      PS4 Pro comes close (very close in some instances) off of older tech, that has gotten some clock boost…

      and once again, we do NOT know the final spec of Project Scorpio… Phil could have just said screw it and went all out.
      Fallout 4 is using an old Skyrim Engine. That should NOT tax Scorpio at all. Gears, Forza Horizon, would be more taxing than Fallout 4.

    • Aenea

      Unless they go all out and opt for a 9 to 10Tf GPU Fallout 4’s engine won’t suddenly do native 4k….

      And as for which engine is more taxing, that’s not the point really, it’s more how optimised the engine is for a specific platform. Fallout’s engine is not really all that well optimised, also ‘cos it’s a multiplatform engine. Gears and Forza don’t have those issues and MS has to prove something, so of course they will make sure those will do native 4k.
      Tho, honestly, that will still mean they need to choose resolution over frame rate AND fidelity, you can’t have it all…..

    • ShowanW

      if skyrim remaster can hit native 4K on PS4Pro, then why can’t FallOut 4 which is using the same engine?

      it’s the same engine and also some of the same assets…

      Fallout 4 can run native 4K on a rx480 (the 8GB variant) and thats about 5.2tflops or so, so why couldn’t project Scorpio, which will a similar or better gpu…

    • Aenea

      That’s the thing tho, the GPU in the Pro is also Polaris based (with Vega and custom bits thrown in).

      Anyways, it being the same engine doesn’t mean they do the same thing. What I mean is, they could’ve added new things to the old engine that F4 is using which Skyrim never used and which eats a lot of GPU power… I dunno…

      If a 5.2Tflops GPU can handle native 4k, then you’d expect it on the Pro to do better than 1440p…

    • Aenea

      You do realise that the Pro’s GPU has Polaris and Vega functionality, right? It’s not just a doubled and overclocked GPU from the PS4…

  • Vulcanproject

    Consoles are technical compromises from the very first second they are created. PS4 Pro is no different. You should know that you are buying a technical compromise and accept it.

  • Hvd

    from one of your own articles according to cerny

    “[With] checkerboard rendering, the first two pluses are the same: crisp edges, detailed foliage, storm fences, but also, increased detail in textures, increased detail in specular effects,” Cerny said “But we’re doubling pixel shader workload, there are other overheads as well and it may not be possible to from 1080p native all the way up to 2160p checkerboard.”

    The end result, however, is great looking games with relatively fewer resources and effort required.

    “The point though is that these are techniques that can be implemented for a fraction of a per cent for the overall budget for the title,” Cerny said.

    there is no effort what so ever you must suck a a dev because cerny and sony never lie.not even about 8.4 tflops.

  • Aaron blanchard

    So it’s not real 4K. And it has no UHD drive. So false advertising to a point. Xbox one s upscales to 4K, it’s got a UHD drive and it’s half the price of the Pro. What gives?? Why are consumers so gullible these days? And why do companies lie to its fan base only to be exposed by independent researchers? The Pro is an upscaling console. Watch out Pro…… here comes The Scorpio!! And let’s see if Microsoft can give us what they have promised. A true blue American made 4K entertainment and gaming console that doesn’t bottleneck or Upscale to 4K. It’s real 4K. Right out the box.

    • Tek PhaN

      Xbox One has the worst uhdbr drive made and at times has performance issues…this is a fact.

    • Aaron blanchard

      It’s still got one. And for 250.00 CDN it’s worth it. Never had a issue with it. This is a fact.


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