PS4 Pro Multiplayer Games Will Run At The Same Framerate As On Standard PS4 Systems

That does make sense.

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For all the crap that I am giving Sony and the PS4 Pro, this is at least one thing that I understand- Sony will not be allowing multiplayer games to run at higher framerates on PS4 Pro as compared to on standard PS4 models. This is because they don’t want to give PS4 Pro users an advantage over players still on the older system.

It makes sense, especially after Sony’s push for continuity and compatibility, and their insistence that games on Pro and standard PS4 systems all share the same multiplayer servers, with no separation by system model- so what it means is that a lot of popular PS4 games, such as Bloodborne and Destiny, will not be running in 60fps on the new system, after all.

Single player games, at least, don’t seem to have any such restriction, so there is a possibility that games with discrete single player modes, such as Uncharted 4, may be getting patched to run at 60fps.

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  • efnet

    Hey pramath! Thanks for making all of this enjoyable lol

  • Mark

    Man I doubt UC4 will run at 60fps. If so, there won’t be any graphics improvements running on the Pro. Single player games are almost always 30fps….for good reason

    • Dave Haroldson

      Singleplayer games are almost always ~30fps because the console is garbage and developers are unable to optimise their games

    • Mark

      So why are most single player games 30fps on PC as well? So ur Wrong, has nothing to do with optimization. The MAIN reason single player games run at 30fps and not 60, is because single player requires massive amounts of objects, each with their own texture detail. The more objects, the more CPU load, which has a heavy hit on frame rate. This is a game design issue. Generally the higher the frame rate, the less objects with their own detail can be rendered. I know you think you understand why UC4 won’t be 60fps, so I’ll give u the last word……but it’s mainly because of how single player games are designed.

  • PlayStation4Life!

    Let just wait for a second. Can we even know for sure that PS4 Pro can run most AAA games on 4k AND 60fps ?
    it’s only $399 for god sake. Either 4k 30fps or 1440p 60fps.

    • Marc Grierson

      Its upscaled 4K, not native 4K. Most will be 4K upscaled but 30fps.

    • PlayStation4Life!

      oh ok, Thanks. Full 4k and 60fps seem unrealistic to me. Since the Pro only $100 more expensive.
      Question, is there any way i can switch the mode ? Like if i want to play in 1080p 60fps instead of upscaled 4k 30fps. ( Since i don’t have 4k TV )
      Can i ? Ya know, like graphic options on PC.

    • Marc Grierson

      As far as I’m aware they have said its down to each developer but for what they have shown at the event there was 3 modes, upscaled 4k 30fps, 1080p 60fps with reduced effects etc, or 1080p 30fps with increased effects.
      That’s pretty much exactly what I was hoping for (I’m not overly bothered about Native 4k right now the price would be far too high and if the upscaling is as good as people like Digital Foundry as saying, its fairly close to native anyway! also games like Elder Scrolls online will run native 4k but they don’t look that great to begin with so it would be a lot easier to run ESO in 4k than say Uncharted 4 / Horizon, they are also saying Horizon is pretty much as close to native 4k as they can get and people haven’t been able to tell its not native so the tech they are using seems pretty good!)

    • topota molder

      There are native 4k games

    • Marc Grierson

      I think this was posted prior to things like the last of us and ESO being confirmed to be native. Even then those aren’t exactly games I would be screaming about nor are they system sellers (TLOU is a PS3 game, ESO looks horrid regardless of the resolution lol its just not a graphical powerhouse) I’d be impressed if they got Uncharted 4 running native but that’s not going to happen.

  • Just happen to pick the 2 popular multiplayer games that happen to have 30fps in multiplayer Bloodborne and Destiny. Forgot to mention most of the popular Multiplayer games on the PS4 are already 60fps in multiplayer like CoD, BF, MLB Show, Killzone, D3, FIFA, Pro Evo Soccer NBA 2k, Battlefront, U4 MP, Project Cars, etc.


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