PS4 System Update 3.15 Now Available

It adds nothing to the console- not even stability.

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Yesterday, Nintendo gave the Wii U one of the least exciting updates of all time, when they launched a new firmware version that did… absolutely nothing. Well, okay, it tinkered with stuff behind the scenes to patch up some exploits, but that was about it, really. It was a boring, pointless update from the user’s end.

Sony are not ones to be left behind at anything, and so, today, they have responded with their own absolutely useless firmware update for the PS4 that does nothing. It’s version number 3.15, and it does a whole lot of absolutely nothing. Seriously, the patch notes don’t even mention ‘stability,’ they just say system performance has been improved.

Oh well. Looks like I’m going to have to wait till the next PS4 update for my dose of stability. I need that stability in my life- I can do without major feature changes to the PS4, but I can’t do without my stability.

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  • Starman

    They’re all ghost updates .. that serve no purpose ,but they can’t keep saying stability and the damn thing keeps crashing and over heating….garbage…..

    • DarkSeptember

      Oh Starman why do you keep making yourself look like a fool ? I didn’t see you complain about the Xbox Ones latest update which done…..NOTHING.
      My PS4 certainly doesn’t keep crashing or overheat , but then you wouldn’t know this as you don’t own a PS4 and you always try (and fail) to portray the PS4 and Sony in a bad light.
      I could go on and on……..

    • Starman

      What fk do I care what you think … you can keep lying to the little kids here , no matter how you slice it .. weather you talk sales , more power or what system the ppl prefer , the PS4 has nothing , no games , no power they claim , no 1080 and 60 fps on nothing , not even their 1st party projects … … so do me , yourself and everyone else a favor …and STFU !!!!!!!

      Also you stupid little f**g*t fangirl , ….you didn’t see me mention Xbox or MS products … so who is the stupid little petty fangirl here … spare me kid , go play Knack…

    • papasmurf

      Why do you hate the ps4 ?
      The public has spoken and your words will not stop the ps4 sales momentum

    • Starman

      lol , first of all , I owe you no explanation…. I own the POS , and I call it how I see it … Best device Sony had was PSX and the Sony Trinitron(TV) if you’re old enough to know what that is …PS2,PS3 and PS4 is nothing but hype …they haven’t delivered on nothing they promised .. but you support it .. Plz don’t bother me anymore son… oh , almost forgot …STFU ! son…

    • DarkSeptember

      Oh boo hoo. Calling me a f**g*t that’s so big of you , and it’s YOU that should STFU little boy and go and play with your Barbie dolls.

    • Starman

      LOL, I know your kind , lonely , bored , don’t get any coohie , I bet you need glasses , and a little overweight , not a lot , but overweight … you do nothing but play games all day when you’re done with you HW… You’re like damn …how ….how did he know …I’m done with you kid ..
      want me to continue reading your lame lonely @$$

    • DarkSeptember

      You keep making your childish comments , doesn’t bother me one little bit. You’re just making yourself look like an even bigger idiot making remarks like that hiding behind your grubby little keyboard. Have a nice day kid.

    • Starman

      I thought so …lol and the keyboard thing … listen you naive little pr*ck, this is about video games , don’t make it something else … my opinion is my opinion , if you don’t like it , don’t read , don’t comment …
      But lets not talk like you wanna take it any further than this keyboard bruh…. trust me you don’t want it , i give out addresses and zip-codes , show you I’m real … geek ..
      So please , don’t drop innuendos about taking it further than the website , trust me , you ain’t about that life son .. don’t get it twisted…

      And if you think your IP address cant be “pinged” try me … have fun , or STFU and go play your PS$ crap …

    • DarkSeptember

      Making threats now ! Grow up.

    • Starman

      I said what I had to say …. want it to go further …try me then … for some reason you think I’m just talking …mind your fkn business and play games … you’re walking into something you can’t finish … trust me …this wont be my first rodeo… unless you’re over seas , you better STFU .. if you live in the US …you really need to STFU .. I’m in NYC all day fa**ot

    • Starman

      oooooh , you told me … GTFO !

  • parrotcam

    u sound angry in this post. the updates are probably for ‘under the hood’ improvements that arent UI based.

    • Starman

      And you sound “naive” to believe anything else kid…

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  • Truth™

    Still no games

    • Marc Grierson

      Yeah sure it doesn’t . . . .

  • textomatic

    When will gaming website writers learn to leave their personal opinions out of news articles? Seriously, this is a problem with all the gaming site. I can’t find not even one site that will report just the news without getting on their soap box.


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