PS4 to be called Orbis: Anti-used games, AMD CPU and GPU, also sketches recovered – Report

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Sony has no plans to give you the ability to play PS3 games on a PS4 – a new report has surfaced. Sources told Kotaku that the PS4 is codenamed Orbis, and such a leak has happened earlier in December last year as well.

Codenames for both the next Xbox and PS were leaked: Durango and Orbis. It was leaked by a random anonymous user on Pastebin who claimed he got hold of the data which was given to the developers.

Now, the Kotaku rumour is pretty interesting as well, and while it conflicts with the one the anonymous guy posted, the codenames are accurate – which lends some credibility to both rumours. The console will be released next year, according to the leaks.

PS4 will not play used games and its the same rumour that was spread for Durango as well. It seems Sony and Microsoft are collaborating together, but that’s just a guess. You’ll have to pay a fee to unlock the full game.

AMD CPU and GPU for the console has been fixed and the current rumour is an x86 architecture which makes no sense to me. It has an AMD Southern Islands GPU, which is a high-end 2012 GPU and also is capable of displaying 4k resolution and in 3D.

Stay tuned for more news and updates at GB.

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  • charles2029

    I think I would be okay with the no used games feature on the next consoles, if the developers are really losing that much money. On the other side of that, I think their games would get a lot less exposure without a traditional used game market.

    • Banditjack

      yeah, the only problem with all this “anti-used game” stuff is that, for gamers, it really ruins the idea of going back to play games that aren’t in print anymore. They’re not really “losing” money, they’re not getting back their investments for games that don’t do well. It’s like saying “Oh, this game did really crappy, but if you want to see it for yourself, you have to support them for making a crappy game by paying the full amount, therefore, they don’t think anything is wrong and they keep doing the same thing.” Instead of anyone being exposed to the game, people will instead rely solely on reviewers to tell them if it’s good or not, because no one wants to go spend $60 on something that they aren’t sure it’s going to be good, no one wants to buy a $60 piece of crap. It’s like letting your friend borrow an old cd, but before your friend can listen to it, they need to pay the full price for the cd, so they pay $15 but it turns out they hate that type of music. Now your friend is out $15, you look like a douche, and the company slips his money in their pockets, sounds good?

  • Musser64

    Looks fun!

  • spen

    so what happens if u dont have the internet u just never get to play any games because of this crap lock they r trying to force on gamers and these developers arnt losin money because of used game sales they r losin money because they r makin crap games that nobody wants to buy for $65

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  • Chris

    The people who say their OK with the anti used game lock are the ones that will ruin the games market for everyone. Used games aren’t doing you any harm so don’t support the game lock. There are people out there, myself included who can’t afford to go out and buy a new game for £50+. So I buy the same game pre-owned for £30 or less. Once again the people who have done nothing will be left to pay for the mistakes we didn’t make. GAME DEVELOPERS!!!! SORT YOUR ACT OUT!!!

  • Nenew

    Hey dude this will mean alot to me .. umm can tell me what to do because i jtuesd got unity 3d and its says 30 day free trail i havent registered yet though can you help me i want unity 3d really terrible. :/


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