PS4/PC Game H1Z1 To Feature Rain Clouds That Move Through The World and It Only Rains Where They Go

Smedley reveals that the game will have realistic weather effects, advanced day night cycles and reveals that something big is going to happen next week.

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h1z1 dynamic weather

The dynamic clouds in action.

John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment has revealed a ton of new information for the upcoming upcoming zombie MMO H1Z1. First of all Smedley stated that they are going to reveal something big next week. “We do have something rather big planned for H1Z1 next week. not ready to tell just yet though,” Smedley tweeted.

Smedley then spoke about the weather system in the game and how it’s going to be different from the other games out there. “Just got to see our weather system in action too. really liking the realism,” he tweeted. He then tweeted  the screenshot above of rain clouds moving through the world and it only rains where the clouds go.

And what about the day night cycle? According to Smedley the base system is ready and now they are working on an even more advanced system. “The basic system is in. Now we’re taking it a notch further with a really advanced system,” he revealed.

He also stated that they will be assessing the PlayStation 4 version of H1Z1 after the early access goes live but unfortunately there is no timeline yet.

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  • Psionicinversion

    “they will be assessing the PlayStation 4 version of H1Z1”

    basically means see if it can actually power the game how they want,… my bet, it cant

    • Bruce Lee Roy #Likesquad

      But if they do pull it off I will be purchasing a ps4. The marketing team must be thinking of ways to sell more ps4s,I have heard more ps4s have sold and I believe it because it is 100 dollars cheaper however I feel like the majority of the people who bought ps4s are not on the same level as people who bought xbox 1s. Xbox one users are more serious gamers than play station users so we tend to buy more video games. And if you believe that ps4 sold more than xbox one you would have to agree with that statement because it has been a proven fact.

      My point is that people in the marketing team would be trying to captivate the more “serious” crowd because that is where the money is at. Say you sell 1 billion ps4s and everyone who owns a ps4 averages about 8games (average)

      Now say Microsoft sells 500 million xbox ones,but the average player has about 20 games.

      Another thing that proves my point is that Microsoft is a company that will sell you a headset where the adapter is sold separately.

      Anyway,I have a mac but will probably be getting a PC when they release the alpha.

    • Psionicinversion

      eh its a PS4/PC article doesnt mention X1 anywhere and neither have i why have you brought up the same old bull$hit arguement im fcking sick of hearing it… PS4 vs PC fck the X1

    • Biddaman

      I don’t think a game made by Sony Online Entertainment will find it’s way to xbone.

  • Guest

    That is pretty awesome about the clouds and rain moving together! Might could even use that to your advantage. Diggin what i’m seeing so far

  • Mrtemper

    I haven’t followed this game. Is it coming to steam early access?

  • icuntbeliefit

    they did this in Red Dead Redemption already. have you heard about the weather tech there usign for the new Halo game ? Now THATS something to get excited about. The Cloud startinf to come to fruition. soon gonna get emberassing for $ony 🙂

    • Guest 54325

      Omg dude, the new halo or any halo dont have anything to do with this

    • ps4lol

      Delusional. Bu bu bu just wait!


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