PS4’s 8GB GDDR5 RAM ‘Allowed Us To Crank Everything To Maximum’, Engine Porting Was Easy: Outlast Dev

Red Barrels co-founder Philippe Morin talks PS4 development.

Posted By | On 02nd, Feb. 2014 Under News

ps4 amd

If you didn’t know about Red Barrels’ Outlast – which won our Best Indie Game and Best PC Game of the Year awards – then you’re in for a treat. That’s because the game will be releasing on PlayStation 4 in February, and for PlayStation Plus subscribers, it will be for free via the Instant Game Collection.

GamingBolt recently had a chance to speak to Red Barrels co-founded Philippe Morin about the PlayStation 4 version of Outlast and how the console’s 8GB GDDR5 RAM helped in porting the game from the PC.

Morrin stated that, “It allowed us to crank everything to the maximum, without having to consider lower specs. It also helped for streaming issues.” As for how easy it was to port the engine to the PS4, he stated that, “We had access to the code of Zombie Studios [developer of Blacklight: Retribution] and we built on top of it. The whole process has been fairly easy.”

Outlast will be available on the PlayStation 4 on February 5th. Will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comments.

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    Nice…. I do believe we will be hearing more and more of the same stories when regarding games for the PS4.

    Keep these killer ports coming……

    • Gamez Rule

      Yeah I agree.

      I can’t wait to see how this game turns out. Having been hearing all good news about it so far.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      I wonder if it will make use of the Toucpad-as Killzone:Shadow Fall and Infamous:Second Son are the only games on it really using its capabilities beyond mapping and the like.

    • Gamez Rule

      I think it does use the T-Pad.

      TombRaider DE, AC4, Trine 2 plus others also uses the Touchpad so more devs are taking advantage of it.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      gotcha. I hope I like it.

    • Gamez Rule

      I look at it as an added bonus☺

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      yeah, there’ll probably be an option to turn off use of the TouchPad in the game for those who don’t want to use it for game play.

    • Gamez Rule

      True. With a bit of work gamers could take to using the T-Pad more if devs added more features within it and the games?

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Yeah, the more features people seeing used out of the Touchpad the more people will embrace that. If the games coming out this year on PS4 can do that, DS4 will grow to be more vital to PS4 than than DS3 ever was to PS3.

    • Psionicinversion

      Read some stuff on it and was going buy it but not going to for £15 on the PC but before you get all excited about these “killer ports” its a DX 9.0c game which means a GPU of today will easily be able max any game out thats dx 9 really.

      Not dissing the guys who’ve done it cus it seems quite good but hardly an advanced engine that pushes the boundaries though


      I understand what you are saying. There still is much to be had with dx9 when using new features in the engine. Witcher 2 brings one to mind and I haven’t even seen my system run it with mods yet.

      I just think it is good news to hear all around that the system is easy to program for. Really all I was getting at.

    • John D

      DUHHHHHH. We all know this. It is a great game and it is 1080P and 60fps maxed out. Who gives a crap what engine it is. It is free for PS4. There is not one negative thing about it.

    • Gamez Rule

      I have this on PC and being honest I can’t wait to play it on PS4. Although I have a 24″ Monitor for PC I’m looking forward to playing it on a 46″ screen with full surround sound☺

  • TristanPR77

    Glad to hear developers are very happy with the PS4

  • Dakan45

    Not suprising considering a 6 year old pc can max it out.

    Its an indie game like amnesia dark decent its not particulary demanding, even wiiu can max it out.

    I gotta say though they optimized the game very well on pc.

    • simpleas

      Exactly. I was like um.. Does it look better than forza 5 or ryse? If not maxing doesn’t.really mean anything lol

    • Dakan45

      So much hype about ps4 being capable of running games like warfare and planetside 2 maxed out, for crying out loud those are indie games, geez and ofcourse th sony fanboys will eat you alive if you think a next gen system being capable to max out indie games is anything short of “amazing”

    • Psionicinversion

      Next itll be PS4’s 8GB of GDDR5 allowed us to max out minecraft!!! looks the same as PC with no dialing back of the detail… truely amazing!!!

    • John D

      Can I ask you a question. Who is the guy or girl between you and Dakan. You guys are the definition of PC narrow minded Trolls that does no service to the PC community. Quit making them look bad and go post on PC game articles. Oh thats right there hardly is any.

    • Psionicinversion

      I arent narrow minded im putting some people in place about there beloved PS4, some consolers on here think just because its 1080p 60fps it provides the same level of detail as a PC whereas in fact its not, sometimes no where near and sure a PC can cost alot more to but its general purpose, dont see the consoles encoding/transcoding AVI’s MKV’s etc, which is what i do sometimes.

      But for MS’s sake next time they do a console for 4K they should follow sony and do off the shelf easy to implement and program architecture to get good looking games out the door straight away and not take years to try master the architecture. Yes i know PS4’s GPU is custom which it needed to be cus AMD dont make an APU like that becuase then they would be competing with there own gfx cards which is business suicide

    • Gamez Rule

      “im putting some people in place about there beloved PS4, some consolers on here think just because its 1080p 60fps it provides the same level of detail as a PC whereas in fact its not”,……

      You’re not putting anyone in there place as people already know that a gaming PC with a mega GPU and CPU will game at higher res- and fps than consoles. But that doesn’t make PC games better does it now. I shall explain.

      Most people have a PC for PC gaming while most people use consoles, for ( well you know ) console gaming. It has nothing to do what a PC can offer when games are solely made for consoles much like Uncharted Series, Infamous series, ect. No matter how much power you have under the hood of your PC you still can’t play those exclusive games on PC.

      When PC games get updated for consoles and can out do normal PC set-ups ( Normal sets not classed as a very high gaming PC ) then what console gamers say is correct. BUT if you have a high GPU & CPU with loads of RAM, of course you can add more AA, boast up resolutions to make the game look better ( in some places ) over console versions like Tomb Raider DE. BUT it’s not as straight forward as that, I will explain.

      Example = “Tomb Raider Definitive Edition graphical extras – such as the dynamic foliage and the impressive sub-surfacescattering – are absent from the PC”, So this points out what I’ve been saying, no matter how much power you have in PCs if it’s not made for PCs you’ll miss out while console gamers get extras.

      Now Outlast on PC could be played at 4k ( if you have a PC able to do so with a 4K-TV, monitor ) but that doesn’t stop the fact that PS4 gamers are having a 1080p/60fps Full HD experience with that game on high settings does it now☺

    • Psionicinversion

      With the tomb raider thing i agree and disagree the extras have bin added in to a game by third parties to maybe breathe some life into it and make it more of a worthwhile purchase by saying weve increased this and that and PC hasnt got it which is fair enough, but the team behind it, crystal dynamics wont waste there time updating tomb raider for PC cus there already working on the next one and i wouldnt want them to waste there time, ive played it, ive completed it, its good wont play it again unless i get bored and having a new face wont make me play it again. But yeah consoles do get exclusive content that isnt available on the competitors console or PC or they get access to stuff earlier but thats more trying to get you to either buy there console/feel good that your getting someat the other guy isnt and MS/sony do pay alot of money for that exclusive stuff

      Just bin playing Outlast cus decided get it, pffft its good at least at first made me jump and stuff no game has ever made me feel like that but then again im mostly not into survival horror but if Alien Isolation is anything like this its going be very good. Outlasts gfx kind of remind me of Black Ops 1, a 1GB 6870 maxed the game out between 45-60 fps not sure so it wouldnt be hard for the PS4 to do. If they put it on X1 and that cant handle it then its purely down to no optimisations and little understanding of the X1 architecture cus even its GPU should 1080p 60 outlast.

      Yeah sure for, SC ill be honest i want play it in 4K so ill be saving up between £1500-3000 pending on if i go for a full rebuild or not and you could buy like 8-9 PS4’s for that but without us PC gamers buying the high end hardware you wouldnt see the GPU and game engine advances you see today because whats the point in trying to get more realistic game engines when a consoles hardware is fixed for nearly a decade and wont advance with DX improvements Opengl improvement cus they need hardware acceleration and you cant do that with a console cus it doesnt change. Im not saying all but some consolers dont see that. Games like star citizen where people want 4k resolution 2K resolution triple monitor 5760×1080 pushing the limits of hardware well make AMD/Nvidia get new architectures and improvements to enable that 4K experience easier and while its curently only achievable in high end cards it will filter down and buy the next generation of consoles there should be cheap GPU’s liek in these consoles to enable 4K gaming for the masses also the TV’s should be at a reasonable price by then. That would not happen without the PC

    • Gamez Rule

      So what I posted was correct then. The fact is even if you had three monitors, duel GPUs in a PC pushing resolutions of 5760×1080 you still need a console to play games that PC can’t play due to being console exclusives like Uncharted / all the Gears of wars / GT series, ect.

    • Psionicinversion

      Well when you look at it like that yeah your right. Its still PC games and hardware that enables the games you play to look so good though. Now that there both using x86 cpu’s and stuff your games should dramatically improve via licensing from PC engines and they can create game engines to properly scale like frostbite 3 and the Nitrous engine from oxide, maybe even cryengine 4… would crysis 4 run on the PS4 hmm difficult to say how well but unless the X1 get mastered its got no chance, may as well buy the game and chuck it down the toilet for how well it would run on the X1 atm

      For me though console exclusive games im not bothered about cus the games im interested in are usually multplatform so i get them anyway, well usually get rubbish ports but now they can build them for PC and easily scale them down with tweaks and optimisations specifically for each console so i think this generation its a win for everyone and hope they dont change it next time.

      Thinking about it i dont think there are many PC exclusive titles or nearly non existent atm. Glad SC is though cus means it wont be dumbed down for the consoles, spose consoles do have it better in ways though

    • Gamez Rule

      “would crysis 4 run on the PS4 hmm difficult to say how well”….. Example= would all the PCs that used STEAM ( shown in survey ) be able to run Crysis 4? Because PS4 has better specs than most shown in the PC STEAM survey.

      See, PS4 could play it better than a lot of those PCs, but not as good as a lets say a HD 7990 Gaming PC. But it wouldn’t need too either as all the PS4s hardware is the same, so console gamers get the same experience while PC gamers do not ( they get better of worse ) depending on their PC, as well as PC might have things missing in-game while Consoles have more stuff ( and vice versa ).

      Now although you’re not bothered about console exclusives approximately 160 million + gamers are, and that’s why Nintendo, Sony MS make them. and hence why PC gamers make partitions for games that consoles have. ( and vice versa ) in some cases.

      At the end of the day I own a gaming PC and multiple consoles for a reason. To game.☺

    • Psionicinversion

      people could play crysis 4 but at low setings which is kind of pointless i reckon the ps4 may get medium/high, light GPU stuff high/medium, more taxing settings medium… minimal antialiasing, ambient occlusion etc. Crysis has and always will be a game that is designed to destroy all but the most powerfulest of computers. I think even crysis warhead still taxes most systems.

      Yeah sure console is just buy and forget about it but its also games like those that drive hardware sales, you want play that game upgrade your computer. I dont think the PS4’s visuals will get better as much as they did on the PS3 mainly because it was such a pain to develop for it took them years to master so you had sub par looking games for so long that when they mastered all the SPU’s they looked amazing compared to what they originally looked like. Now then because the PS4 is easy to develop for and pumping out good quality titles right now, it wont have as much of a visual leap as the PS3. The X1 is where the PS3 was, pain in the bum to develop for and get the most out of it so may take years to get to where the PS4 is already at now.

      You also have to remember that the 360 and PS3 technically were extremely powerful for there time, think it took 1-2 years for the PC to catch up to the 360 but this time round there more middle of the field but yah i get and do appreciate the fact that your guaranteed to run every game you buy for the lifespan of the console and at the best visuals, gameplay etc as the developer can muster.

      Dont take what the polls on steam take into account. Not everyone uses or likes steam and not everyone is bothered abut posting. Some posts ive seen are more teenagers etc which cant afford decent comps unless the parents by em one but unless there dad or mum is an avid gamer they wont understand why theyd spend tons of money like £800-1000+ rather than buying a washing machine or go on holiday or something or adults with rubbish jobs and kids and dont have a lot of spare cash so they buy what they can afford. It’ll be those people voting. Sure it gets a feel for where people are at with PC’s at home but a proper PC gamer will always have decent hardware and thats what games like crysis are aimed at.

    • Gamez Rule

      Crysis 4 ( If Released ) should be played on higher settings on PS4 than some of the gaming PCs shown in that Survey, due to having better specs than most PCs shown. But like i stated before a very High Grade PC will be better.

      “I dont think the PS4’s visuals will get better as much as they did on the PS3” …Well PS4 has already surpassed the PS3 in visuals, and PS4 will get better in time ( going by all past console released games ). Time shall tell.

      As for STEAM survey “Steam conducts a monthly survey to collect data about what kinds of computer hardware and software our customers are using”, so this jan-2014 showed that most PCs using that service are below PS4 specs for gaming. You have to take account into that as millions of PC gamers use STEAM ( as steam reminded us ).

      Anyway the point still comes down to this, PS4 can and has beaten may gaming PCs in the graphical games department, but a PC that’s using all the bells and whistles will be better than PS4, BUT if a PS4 game is not on PC then no matter how much power that PC has it can’t play the game ( vice verse )

    • Psionicinversion

      Well if steam collects system information to do that survey then thats quite invasive but if people do that fair enough. More high end games appear to be on origin anyway and Uplay which is Ubisofts crappy online thing. so wouldnt expect to be more high end games on there. I think anyway dont know for sure but thats what my impression is of steams catalogue at first glances

      When i was talking about PS3 visuals, take a look at a game on release then take a look at a game now…. theres prolly a huge difference

      But PS4’s look good now but you cant expect as big of a leap graphically as what happened with PS3 start to “finish” thats down to the power of the GPU. A 270x is the closest to the PS4’s GPU i think and plays games well, go one step higher to mine a 280x and it beats a PS4’s GPU hands down. the performance gap will close with optimisaton and stuff down the line but in 2-3 years i will definately have upgraded again and left it completely in the dust yeah sure it will beat alot of low end PC’s and be on par with mid range ones so yah.

    • Gamez Rule

      “A 270x is the closest to the PS4’s GPU i think and plays games well, go one step higher to mine a 280x and it beats a PS4’s GPU hands down”

      What you have to remember is that developers will push the PS4 in more ways than a PC due to the PS4 hardware being all the same. So PS4 could play games better than a 270x

      Example = look at Uncharted 3, could that run on a PC with only 256MB RAM on both System and VRAM while using a Geforce 7800 GTX? ( No the PC couldn’t ) not at the quality PS3 could do.

    • Psionicinversion

      probably not but the actual hardware was more powerful than PC’s at the time anyway, The PS3 had massive amount of gigaflops/teraflop that it could achieve at the time and was more than any PC put out at the time, was the same with the 360 that lay waste to PC’s and both those systems was prolly down to the unified memory that it had but yeah talking about more modern games, yeah sure it wouldnt run at all. Not really sure why tbh must of developed tools to do it.

      In the future sure games will run better than a 270x but as of right now there prolly on better if not a bit better. But as with hardware more powerful cards will come along at the same price point and take over that as a mid range card and shunting the 270x down in price but i think i see what your getting at….

      If you kept a 270x from now till the PS4 got superceded by the next console lets say for arguements sake cus you dont believe the 8 year lifespan call it 6-8 years, yeah sure the 270x will not be powerful enough to run the games as well as a PS4 at the same settings the 270x runs a game now. game engines advance gfx advance they get more real, physics become more taxing, PC games gunning for the best youll have drop the quality.

      But PS4’s wont be all that great either itll still look good dont get me wrong but dont expect it to suddenly max every new game out at the time with a few optimistaions cus itll be limited by bandwidth, GPU power and teraflops to process it. The only way i think to get around it is you noticed how install sizes are bigger than PC’s think its down to less texture compression, would take less power to process or get uncompressed textures and inject them directly to the framebuffer bypassing the GPU.

      For example PS4 GPU is 176GB/ bandwidth, 1.84 teraflops of compute power. my sapphire 280x toxic is 320GB/s 3+ teraflops. Downside to using less compressed textures is that you could saturating the bandwidth if your trying shove more data down than can go your going get GPU starved and it cant keep up because it wont get everything it needs to process the image or its being delayed with something while someat is getting shoved to the framebuffer… im not a game dev or hardware engineer but thats my guess on how it goes so there are still limits to what you can do and could posiibly achieve. Not sure how Partially Resisdent Textures work and why you can store 2GB in 32MB but my guessing is you’d still need a decent GPU to render full scenes. X1 probaly wants use it cus of its tile based rendering can just update little bits of the screen as needed. getting fuzzy eyes now and waffling on about stuff im not totally sure on haha but conclusion is its still going to be limited and reach the ceiling at some point like everything i guess

    • Gamez Rule

      How much better can games really get? Now ask yourself that. Is 4K gaming going to become the next best thing? The reason I ask is this.

      4K television has yet to achieve mass market appeal and the real reason being simply put is lack of 4K content. See what people forget is that 4K comes in many resolutions as well as pixels, and that’s not good when you want to make a console with hardware to play games at a highest fixed resolution to a lowest fixed resolution.

      PS4 will be enabled for 4K resolution for videos, but not gaming. People say that PS4 couldn’t do 4k due to lack of hardware? Well Trine 2 could hit 4K at 30fps if Sony ever unlock the output of the PS4 to support ultra-HD, but yet Sony hasn’t do so. ( and that’s according to the developer that made that game ) yet Trine 2 in terms of native 3D support in 1080p60, Trine 2 is also effectively future-proofed too.

      So PS4 is able to play games at 4K, but Sony had the last say and won’t unlock the output. ( yet )

    • Psionicinversion

      that doesnt make much sense it could just be an upscaler to 4K cus if its erratic with 45-60 fps on tomb raider how can it push 4x the native pixels… 1080p textures on a 4K screen wouldnt be to hard but 4K textures on a 4K screen needs a lot.

      Although the tegra K1 mobile chip can push 4K at 15 fps with onscreen physics etc, offscreen is 38… so yeah i guess there could be i dunno. insane little chip got 192 kepler cores on it hahaha

      Maybe if they designed a game engine to get every nook and cranny out of the PS4’s hardware maybe it could run a proper 4K game at what level of detail is debateable and how much of it can be displayed at once. Whether the environment needs to be more static etc… who knows

      Spose theres differing levels of detail to be put on screen star citizens smallest ships are at least 300,000 polygons there biggest ships at the moe are 7million with all the glorious details, asteroid fields will be easy cus they can use the same textures over and over and its going to be that insane to run that CR seems to be recommending 16GB + SSD hes not said why but some think hmm 16GB ram thats a bit much but some ppl are speculating it could use say 8GB of that 16GB for a RAM drive + the SSD is to feed it cus it can deliver 400-500MB/sec on 6Gb sata so ram drive for star citizens textures will be mental. obviously pure speculation. But if true its a testiment to how insanely detailed the gam eis going to be, preloading textures to ram via an SSD, if thats true i can see sales of SSD’s going up after it keeps breaking them haha

      I know there isnt much content for 4K but the hardware needs to be there to deliver it but then there has to be enough demand for it. Netflix is testing UHD streaming, cinemas have films in 4K, Vue cinemas use 4K screens. Its just 4K needs about 100GB of disc space on average for a film so the tech needs to be there cheap enough to be given to the consumer, id hate to imagine how much a 4K player would be at the moe or the disc to run it. Think the max is 50GB dual layer bluray atm?? not sure. but with UHD streaming you also need bandwidth and unlimited caps also the hardware needs to be able decode it which a UHD TV should have. So film content is there atm although not much out for it prolly a far as TV goes itll take alot longer than 8 years for that

    • Gamez Rule

      Well here is the link about PS4 and Trine 2 4k ( ) but remember the HD 7870 is now able to run 4K x 2K displays (max resolution 4096×3112) over HDMI, so PS4 could in theory do 4K at 30fps in games link Trine 2

    • Psionicinversion

      Ive watched and youtube does use compression but having 2 resolution side by side at the same bit rate gives the same visual differences, watched it at 1080p video quality and the PC version is noticeably alot sharper and the physics are a lot more advanced. The PS4 does a good job but like i thought its a 2D platform game with majoritively static background.

      You try Battlefield 6 say at a 4K native resolution and the PS4 would be lucky to get 15 fps if it would run at all. Not saying most PC gamers could run it cus they wouldnt, we’d need a sli/xfire setup but like ive stated before PC gamers CAN get those visuals cus our hardware can change whereas a consoles is static just like Trine 2’s background. I reckon the Tegra K1 could run Trine 2 at 10-15 fps at 4K and that will be powering some of the new 4K tablets so the PS4 isnt a massive technological feat in terms of that

    • Gamez Rule

      But we now know is that PS4 could play Trine 2 at 4K ( that’s the important point ) but like the developer stated, it’s up to Sony to unlock the output of the PS4 to support ultra-HD gaming.

      If a 7870 could run 4K the PS4 should be able to do so in theory.

      And the Tegra K1 isn’t as good as PS4 ( although it does beat PS3 as shown by Nvidia in the link )

      Even this hands on talks about K1 and Trine 2 ( ) and it’s always against last gen consoles.

      What you have seen is titles like ”

      Nvidia’s 192-core Tegra K1 chip will match PS4 and Xbox One performance”☺

      Well Nvidia Tegra K1 holds 192 cores, yet PS4 PS4’s GPU was about the same level as a GPU with 960 cuda cores? ( or more ) so the point was that the writer of that article made a mistake, they should have said PS3 & 360 are outperformed by the Tegra K1 ( Shown by Nvidia website themselves ), and not that PS4 & Xbox One are matched by it.

    • Psionicinversion

      You do realise that Trine 2 because it has a a static scripted background it can be pre-rendered and injected straight to the frame buffer for output same as a film??? Its basically a film with a very limited character and the characters physical animation of clothing is static alot tof the time check out near the end of the video…. at the end of the video its the same as the PC but in the scene before that the clothing is completely static which seems like theres abit of trickery going on.

      For example if the background output seems to get to intense for it, it generates static clothing so the GPU doesnt get overloaded… when there enough power it generates physics on the clothing.

      Now lets say the background and visual assets of buildings are completely static and can be pre-rendered bypassing the GPU… apply the character to BF4, the GPU needs to actually render upto 64 of those character in real time with weapon modeling, bullet flight physics (the reason why at long distances you aim above the player cus your bullet drops), volumetric fog like explosions flash bangs smoke, etc are you telling me the PS4 can do that??? 3x Nvidia GTX Titans in SLI would have a hard time

      Your insane to think the PS4 or in fact any computer today can run that well even at all at 4K and all the optimizations on the planet wont make up for weak hardware. Do you not get that???

    • John D
    • Psionicinversion

      Please dont tell me your thinking its running in 4K, my god how stupid are ya. It says theyve played it on a 4K screen.

      If you watch a film from 1960 on your 1080p TV does that mean that film is magically transformed into a native 1080p picture? the upscaler applies a filter tries to upscale the resolution and although will still look good itll never look as good as a native one. Check out normal dvd’s the player or TV tries upscale the picture to 1080p although still looks good itll never look as good as a bluray which is 1080p native. The same goes for say 360 or PS3 itll run like 720p native and looks good on a 720p TV (HD ready) but looks even better on a 1080p one even though its not running in its native resolution of the TV

    • John D

      No I know it is not 4k. i just thought I would ruffle your feathers. LOL.

    • Psionicinversion

      it worked hahaha SC might be coming to PS4 actually hes said hes open to the idea if sony opened things up for him maybe, the controller are good for flight cus of the analogue stick but how would you type in a chat window and stuff will be a problem. Plus i doubt he’d work on that till after release and dont expect any exclusive content cus after us PC gamers have put up $38million for it he’d be crazy to do that. But he wouldnt need any incentives cus the game speaks for itself

    • Psionicinversion

      I made a reply but dont think it saved to here so ill try make it brief uggh

      Crysis 4 no it wont run on those types of PC’s. Wont run to well on PS4 either in gfx detail cus crysis has always and forever will be designed to destroy the most powerfullest of hardware and optimisations wont replace pure power.

      the PS4 wont have as big of a leap in visuals as the PS3 did cus PS3 was a pain to develop for and took years to master the SPU’s so sub par games at first and amazing games at the end. This time PS4 is good games straight away and somewhate better later. 360 and PS3 were technically extremely powerful for there time and PC’s took 1-2 years to catch upto the 360 this time round there more middle of the field and all the optimisation wont make up for lack of power.

      The computer that are on steam poll are likely from 1. low income families, 2. teenagers and kids who cant afford computers 3. parents who arent gamers and dont understand why they should buy a £800-1000+ PC when they could spend money on a washing machine or holiday etc. Dont take much notice of steam any decent gamer keeps there hardware upto date to run the games may not always be at maximum detail but high/very high at least for the games they want to play. Also getting results from 1 site is like getting world news from FOX in america or getting the daily politics and highly intellectual news articles from the sun newspaper in england (if you dont know both are not news worthy).

      when i said if there was only consoles on the market was hypothetical and was trying to prove a point.

      Oh and the 8 year life cycle from the consoles is from sony/MS themselves well MS at least i think but if one starts making one sooner you can bet the other wont be far behind. Besides if they plan on 4k for next time they need to allow the time for people to get 4K TV’s into there homes which 8 years makes perfect sense. i wont be upgrading my TV for another 5-6 years well unless it breaks

    • Gamez Rule

      It did post lmao!! and i replied☺

    • Psionicinversion

      Because 4K gaming requires alot of muscle for a AAA title and the only way a cheap GPU thats in the PS4 and X1 to be available for next generation that can push those pixels is for PC hardware to advance, youd need 2x 780 Ti’s to get a decent framerate at 4K at the moe and even if you can play it at 4K the textures arent 4K (SC’s are cus theres no resolution baked in so it can scale perfectly cus there extremely high polygon counts) and that £1200 of GPU’s. So the tech needs to advance, GDDR6 which should be out fairly soon will have increased bandwidth and lower power consumption (hopefully), better architectures more efficient pipelines hopefully better API’s like better DX opengl, mantle (if it takes off but doubt itll help much at 4K cus itll be GPU thats the problem) so that you can play 4K native content next generation.

      4K TV’s now will just upscale the picture to 4K it wont actually be 4K but you probably miss understood me about the TV’s. Its not the TV’s that wont be affordable cus there getting that way now but the hardware to run a game properly with 4K textures etc.

      Also reasonable isnt like £3000 or even £1500 although thats more like it im talking about the £500-1000 bracket like 1080p LED Tv’s are at the moe. thats affordable! well done for getting £500 off but not everyone is going to get that so just cus you got one doesnt mean everyone can get one and to get £500 off its either ex display or a really high priced one. Cant see em knocking £500 off a £1500 set unless there someat wrong with it

    • Gamez Rule

      Well all of what you said above is your opinion and that’s fine, but hardware falls in price over time OR goes up in price for that matter without any help from PC gamers.

      The consoles are to play games on a TV and most people own 720p/1080p TVs and not 4K, and that’s why console hardware in consoles is the way it is.

      If you look at STEAM Hardware & Software Survey: January 2014 ( ) you’ll see that most people that use STEAM haven’t even got a PC as good as PS4. Now what that means is PS4 is able to out do most of those PCs when it comes to games. But you get the odd percentage that can play 4K without a sweat, but they are not the normal market percentage.

      You talked about RAM, but looking at PCs using STEAM most of the PCs are using 8GB of DDR3? Most PCs using STEAM are using 2 CPUs next is 4 CPUs? Get the point I’m making.

      The consoles this gen are ok for hardware compared to PC gamers using STEAM so games CAN look better from consoles when compared to some gaming PCs ( as shown by gaming PCs used by the survey ) but cannot compete against a Gaming PC with all the bells and whistles.

    • Psionicinversion

      Ok if there was only consoles on the market and no PC’s, and a console is designed to last for 8 years with fixed hardware why would say AMD/Nvidia waste there time creating new architectures and more powerful chips when there is no one to buy them so they can receive money and research and create more stuff. The only way to do that is to create consoles that are modular with replaceable parts but thats generally what a PC is. technology would move at a glacial pace in terms of gfx tech. Hardware price only falls because it appears in high end stuff first then makes its way down as it gets cheaper to produce and they move to that new tech, but even still if no one is buying that tech how can they afford to do that? see what im getting at.

      DDR and GDDR is completely different. GDDR as a system/gfx ram at the moe in a PC would suck becuase GDDR5 has a alot of latency which CPU’s are sensitive to so if your using your computer for word, playing films, anything that isnt gaming really would be terrible. The PS4 is kind of designed to get around that and cus its mainly used for gaming its not as important. The next step is DDR4 for system ram which is 50% more bandiwdth 40% less powe which should arrive this year but will be very expenisve till it filters down to OEM’s and makes it affordable and GDDR6 which is only used for graphics ram cus GPU’s are very forgiving with latency so its fine for that.

      Sure consoles are aimed for the tech that people have at the time but i think for a console that this time round are actually planned to have a life span of 8-10 years before there replaced if there 1080p again and have another 8-10 year lifespan but really powerful i have a feeling alot of people will be mad at that cus thats like 16-20 years of by then a backwards resolution. 4k tv’s need be affordable so alot of people have one in there homes and is worth making a 4K console, whether that will happen well youll have to wait and see. Think the consensus is alot of people replace there TV’s every 6 years maybe so if there properly affordable by then then next console should be 4K but you still need PC harware to advance to filter down to the low end and eventually end up in these consoles

    • Gamez Rule

      But you can’t say “if there was only consoles on the market and no PC’s” because we all know there is PCs on the market, so everything about that sentence is irreverent LOL

      “Hardware price only falls because it appears in high end stuff first then makes its way down as it gets cheaper to produce and they move to that new tech” .. Not all the time. Sometimes Hardware prices go up, and we all know that happens.

      “DDR and GDDR is completely different”, .. Yes i know yet either way PS4 has both those RAM types anyway, so the console has best of both worlds, as the 256MB is for OS background tasks, while GDDR5 is for everything else Sony needs. While many PCs on STEAM survey still use GDDR3 and DX9 more than DX11, while most PCs VRAM is at 1024MB

      As for the 8-10 year console life that doesn’t mean hardware has to last that long.☺ Example when did PS3 get released in UK? ( March 2007 ), and yet PS4 was released in UK ( November 2013 ). So how many years it that?

      UKs PS3 will be ( Seven years old in March 2014 ) which means it was under 7 years old between UK releases for PS3 & PS4. So they don’t wait 8-10 years before there are replaced like you pointed out.

      But what Sony will do is still make games for the older hardware for 10 years☺ ( or more as shown by PS2 )

    • JohnD

      “It allowed us to crank everything to the maximum, without having to consider lower specs. It also helped for streaming issues.” As for how easy it was to port the engine to the PS4, he stated that, “

      That is the same level as PC. Then you say no where near. Not one multiplatform game on PS4 and PC the PC beats it out of the park. Certainly not bad enough where anybody would want to build one.

      Also PS4 exclusives will look better then most PC games so who cares. The Order 1886 puts any game on any platform to shame graphically. Visual and tech wise.

    • JohnD

      PC gamers hold one another back and it has nothing to do with consoles.

      Consoles are fixed hardware meaning better optimized and better exclusives because they can push the hardware.

      PC- they cannot do the same because every single PC player has different set ups. They cannot put new crazy technology in there games unless it runs on older hardware. All PC gamers have either weaker hardware or very good hardware. It is not the same and why most developers are preferring developing only on Console.

      And PC only games are getting more slim by the day so it makes the chance of them pushing all the crazy hardware slim. DICE and Crytek are the only developer willing to go the extra mile and max out PC.

      As a business person there is no drive to push PC games because more then half have weaker hardware. Waste of money and resources.

      Consoles are different. Sony or Microsoft throws all the money at there developers to push the console to there limits. Take Last of Us for example. No tech geek would ever think a game that good looking could be possible on PS3. Guess what they did it. Why? Because Sony gave them as much money as they want. Same with The Order 1886. That game is months away and it makes any game look like crap. When you have a huge budget that console developers get you can perform miracles.

    • Dakan45

      well said.

    • John D

      You know how gay you sound. Well Said. LOL. I bet you and that guy are the same one you pathetic PC fangirl.

    • Dakan45

      gay? Am sory Now you are homophobic? Is this the intelligence of the consoletards? that they scream gay while playing cod and call everyone a butthurt fangirl?

      Well done you proved my point that you consoletards are immature kids and completly clueless.

    • John D

      Yes I am homophobic. I do not like gay people. My opinion.

    • John D

      Hey there is PC articles go post on there. Quit trying to stir up crap with your hidden agenda. If you do not like consoles why are you here.?

      Oh I know why you are here because you are alone and have no games to play. I bet sim city and RTS games gets old after 10 years. LOL

    • Dakan45


      The article merely states that the developer likes the new consoles because they are more like pcs and that will make it easier for the pc gamers.

      He didnt state anything about either console on terms of making games.

      Yet the console fanboys ESPECIALLY the sony fanboys started a war on who has the best exlusives and which system is better.

      Basicly the sonytrolls dont need a excuse.

      There is antoher article that once again gamigbolt post it in a way to cause hits that said developers are impressed with ps4, i stepped in and mentioned that developers are praising both systems, its not like they like ps4 but hate xbox. I wanted to balance things out, i got insulted again like you are doing.

      Also not sure what you are talking about, pc has more exlusives than all consoles combined.

      Where to start? shadow warrior, cry of fear, amnesia a machine for pigs, arma 3, shadowrun returns, antichamber, magrunner, chivarly medieval warfare,x3,project cars,legend of grimrock,hotline miami 2,reset, papers please,gunpoint,rise of the triad,strike suite zero, takedown,total war 2.

      Fps, survival horror, arcade, puzzle games, racing games, medieval fps, sci fi rpgs, tactical coop games, simulators, so much variety when all you got on console is samey games that play alike.

      You must be a clueless idiot to think pc doesnt have any games.

      Also here is something showing how many exlusives pc had that got metacritic score of 80 or higher in 2013, just in case you gonna claim those games are crap

      Now cry consoletard.

    • John D

      The butt hurt is strong with you.

    • Dakan45

      What butthurt? i proved you wrong and you continue about delusions of butthurt.

    • John D

      You are extremely butt hurt. Just admit it. You cannot stand consoles because everybody is buying them. I bet you cry yourself to sleep every night because you have nobody to play games with. Lonely PC gamer. Maybe somebody will play Farmville wit you on your wittle powerful computer.

    • Dakan45

      For what exactly i am “butthurt” mister 29 year old man?

      Why am i “buthurt”

      You calling me a lonely pc gamer, but i got more friends in steam than you, you say ingornat bullsht like playing framvile while pc has more exlusives than your shtty consoles do, you say i have no one to paly games with but if i go and play cod 2, i can still find people playing on pc, as opposed to consoles where no one plays the old games anymore. its a well known fact mp games have more people playing on pc even many years after release.

      So why am i “butthurt” because i have a OLD pc that is STILL able to play next gen games and i have been playing with 1080 and 60 fps while you IDIOTS had to go and buy a next gen console with NO GODAMN GAMES to play them?

      Yes brah, i am butthurt for not buying a useless console without any games on it, i am butthurt that i payed less for my games than you thanks to steam, i am butthurt that i will never play your precious exlusives when i got sooo many games left to play on my pc, i am butthurt for not wasting my money on a console that has no good games on it, i am butthurt for playing with better graphics, better controls and mods, i am butthurt for not paying for mp, i am butthurt for being able to remap buttons and use whatever console i want, i am butthurt for having backwards compability and being able to play anygame since the 80s inclusind console games,

      Man i am so butthurt for having the better and cheaper experiance.

      Your wife must be braindamaged to marry an idiot like you.

      My god you are the biggest idiot i have ever seen.

    • John D

      I bought something for 400$ that plays all games extremely well with amazing exclusives you will never see on your shiny old PC. And we get better ports like Diablo 3 which will be 60 fps at 1080P at max settings with all dlc on PS4.

      Why would they bring a franchise that is PC only to a console and make it better.? Because these developers are not dumb like you. They know what is hot and selling and it is not PC gaming. If it was they would not need to bring most PC games to consoles. Consoles exclusives stay exclusives because they make enough money on them to stay their.

      With features that pC does not got. Also my 400$ console will be getting new games and playing games for another 9 years while you have to upgrade and upgrade just to keep up.

      Yes you are so butt hurt. Please give me your address so I can send you some Vasoline.

    • Dakan45

      What amazing exlusives? there arent any amazing exlusives on ps4 you moron, you bought a console with NO GAMES. HOPING that one day there will be good exlusives, my god what an idiot.

      Also diablo 3 is not a graphically impressvie game and if you play diablo without a mosue yu doing it wrong.

      Like i said on the other article congrats on running a 2d indie game on 1080 60 fps BIG FREAKING DEAL.

      Developers are indeed not dumb like you, pc gets all the games and more developers are workign on PC GAMES than console games.


      Pc has more exlusives.

      “Consoles exclusives stay exclusives because they make enough money on them to stay their.”

      No you complete excuse of a failed abortion, console exlsuvies are PAID and OWNED by ms and sony.

      Proofm bungie is done with halo, ms still has halo and they hired new studios to work on them,

      More proof bayonetta flopped in sales, sega didnt want to make a sequel, bayonetta 2 is founded by nitendo, x360 and ps3 fantards beg for a port but like the developers said it wont because nitendo pays for the development.

      my god you are a complete idiot.

      “With features that pC does not got.”

      HAHAAHHA pc has a ton of features consoles do not have, such as mods, 3d, oculus, better sound, control customization, free mp, backwards compability.

      AHAHAHAh cry kid, cry.

      “will be getting new games and playing games for another 9 years while you have to upgrade and upgrade just to keep up.”

      BUAHAHHHAHAAHHA my god what a braindameg buffon.

      WAKE UP CONSOLETARD ps4 and xbone are weak, this generation will be shorter than last time, it will be 5 years MAX. You dont have to upgrade to play new games you MORON, titanfall for exampl has requirements from 2006. Consoles dont “keep up” as years pass they just run games wtih inferior settings.

      EXAMPLE bf3,max payne 3= low pc setings

      b4, crysis 3 =UNDER the lowest pc settings.

      After 5 years you will be running game on low settings while i would by able to upgrade and enjoy a SUPERIOR experiance.

      Ps ANY game on ps4/xbone ALREADY run at inferior settings than pc. ALREADY!!!

      Oh look pc gaming is cheaper in the long run.

      Please stop posting and go educate yourself you are a complete consoletard and asbolutly clueless about pc gaming, you are the typical muppet dudebro that uses consoles while is completly clueless about pc gaming, a fine specimen of a race of clueless idiotic missinformted fantards.

    • John D

      Actually there is no hype for that. Quit making stuff up. The developers are just giving out news on what the games will run at. There is new engines coming anyway by half of Sony developers that blow anything out of the water today.

    • Dakan45

      ofcourse its hype you pathetic fanboy. That fact you think sony is the best shows it.

    • John D

      The fact that you think just by having a PC your cool. Guess what you do not have masterpieces like Last of Us and many more to come. Quit crying on Console articles. If your PC was so good why aren’t you busy playing game instead of trying to pretend PC gaming is cool. Guess what it sucks. PS4 and XB1 has sold already 14 million consoles combined. Just putting nails in the PC coffin. GTFO

    • Dakan45

      No moron i dont think i am “cool” i just like to have the better controls for fps, i like being able to remap the buttons, i like being able to mod games, i like being able to replay old games with updated graphics via backwards compability.

      What masterpieces? Last of us was a mediocre game with horrible ai and graphics and it go high rated for the same reason gone home and bioshock infinite got high rated due to critics wanting to prove their medium is as important as hollywood or artistic movies.

      “Quit crying on Console articles. ”

      Quit being gigantic consoletarded fantards.

      Pc gaming is proudly “dying” since the 80s, too freaking bad that its more alive than ever as opposed to what the consoletards think

      Pc has more developers working on games and developers say pc is the future.

      next gen consoles are copying pc by doing mmos, f2p and digital distrubition.

      steam has more active acounts than xbl

      Many developers state that pc is the future.

      Sorry kid, pc has no sign of slowing down, pc is pretty much the future and its more alive than ever.

      star citizen 39 million though crowdfunding

      If anything dies will be consoles not pc.

    • John D

      Yeah you got me their. Such a mediocre game. LOL
      All you PC nerds are the same. Someone proves you wrong then you bring up Star Citizen. LOL. That game will go over so well.

      Tablets and Phones are hurting PC more then consoles. See people see consoles to play games on. PC all they see is something they already got like a Tablet or Phone.

      I go by Wal-Mart. You might joke and say Wal-Mart. Who shops there for games. The biggest retailer in the country you can go there and there is 3 rows of consoles and console games. They are even doing pre-orders now. You cannot even find the PC section. Why? Because most PC losers are to busy ruining gaming by pirating games because they are to lazy to get out of there moms basement to go buy one. Wal-Mart and many other stores know what sells and it is not PC gaming. Maybe online but the average person wants a console.

      At the end of the day arguing about this is pointless because I am not going to believe anything you say as you will not belief anything I say. I will just let the games and the years speek for themselves. 10-15 years from now when consoles are still around you will look back on what I said and go you know maybe that guy was right.

      To prove my point even farther. I am 29 years old and I have worked most my life and I have also met a lot of people. I have only met 1 count it 1 hardcore PC gamer. Everyone I have ever talked to is either got a Xbox or a PS. That is all the proof I need on what people want. PERIOD

    • Dakan45

      Am sorry do i need to bring halo and cod ratings?

      Or do i need to show you biocrap infinite ratings?

      Star citizen is a pc exlusive and pc game sales are increasing not decreasing, pc is basicly the future, i couldnt care less what you dumb wal marts dudebros think about gaming.

      Pc sales come from digital distrubition not wal mart and gamestop you braindamaged consoletard muppet.

      Sorry to break this to you but if anything dies that will be console gaming and not pc gaming.

      Consoles have owners like sony and ms, if they screw up, they will die like sega. Pc however is a free platform they DONT have an owner and as years pass consoles are becoming more like pcs and try things like f2p and mmos and browsing but without backwards compability, in the future consoles will die out and they will stream games on pcs.

      I find laughable that you are 30 years old with kids and waste your time here.

      Sorry to break it ti you but you are completly clueless about pc gaming and if you go by majority of gamers, then please slap yourself in the face because the majority wants cod and gta, the majority are MORONS ,the majority doesnt know what they want, they are the reason games like resident evil 6 want 7 million sales and thus they turn everything into same generic action shooters and entire franchsies and studios die because they cant give the casual dumbed down AAA hollywood scritped experiance the majority wants.

      I find it funny how many consoles are sold and how low sales the sales are.

      There are 160 million of ps3s and x360s and yet games struggle to get 3 million sales.

      They dumb down games like syndicate and turn them into fps to appeal to dumb majorities of morons like you, the result? They sell like cram, while xcom staying true to its roots sells well.

      They dumb down dead space 3 and resident evil and they dont sell enough to make profit.

      They dumbed down tomb raider, spended 100 million on it and the game barelly broke even.

      This is how it is you idiot, gta and cod and assasn creed keep selling and keep getting milked for profit, the rest are selling like crap.

      Sleeping dogs on 160 million of ps3 and x360s…sales? 1.5 million.


      So long story short F#CK consoletards for runing gaming by dumbing down games for idiotic clueless dudebros, for increasing the development costs and for not buying enough games to keep the franchsies going.

      That being said your piracy argument is irrelevant since not evne the “glorious” massive console userbase can keep the industry going.

      In 2 years fron now all you will play will be cod and assasin creed because of high development costs, losts of studios will close down and pc gaming will keep going with smaller games as it has been all those years.

      75 million ACTIVE users on steam, please tell me how pc gaming is “dying” more games, more exlusives and more developers on pc, pc has so many games i cant keep track on nor ever have the time for your precious consoletarded PAID exlusives, please tell me how pc gaming is dying.

      F3cking idiot!!

    • John D

      Just because someone plays indie and seek and find games does not mean that is PC gaming. Everybody has got a PC so yeah they play games on it including me. How ever to play the latest and greatest games you have to have a powerful PC so them 75 million half of them or more do not have that kind of PC.

      Actually most pC games and MMO are coming to consoles. So your logic on console is dying is false. PC gaming is dying or developers would not have to bring PC only franchises to consoles. Most PC players pirate everything and developers are getting tired of that.

    • Dakan45

      but according to you all pc gamers play rts and famvile games.

      Trolling much?

      There is no proof that most pc games are mmos or that they are comng to consoles.

      Quite the oposite infact, most pc games are indie games and most mmos are NOT coming to consoles.

      Pc gaming isnt “dying” you braindamaged buffon.

      How its dying when the pc revenue has hit 20 billion in 2012?

      How come more developers work on pc games than console games?

      How come pc has more exlusives than all consoles combined?

      Again 75 million active steam acounts thats NOT the people who play mmo, mmos use their own launch platforms.

      More and more games are released to pc, HOW is pc gaming dying? Its stronger than ever.

      “would not have to bring PC only franchises to consoles.”


      Listen mister 29 year old man, do you have any idea how exlusives work? In the old days each platform had exlusives because it was hard to port games, infact many games were remade from scratch by diffirent devs for diffirent platforms.

      Now that its easy to port a game on any system there is NO REASON whatsoever not to port a game to as many platforms as possible. Why you think they make crappier versiosn of games for ios and ds? To make more money ofcourse.

      There is NO REASON whatsoever to NOT release a game on a console. The only reason console exlusives exist is because ms and sony and nitendo PAYS for their development. All sony and ms exlusives are published by sony and nitendo.

      The basic idea of a console is to buy it to play games, if you really were 29 year old you would knew that you bought a console to play the exlusives but as years passed multiplaform development became possible so less exlusives were around.

      Thats why consoles have “exlusives” because the console manufactures pay the development and publishing of those games, they OWN those franchises.

      Pc doesnt have a owner, its a free platform, so anyone can release anything on pc, while on consoles developers have to pay thousands to buy a license and devkits and then sony and ms have to test their game and approve it and then they get 10 bucks from every copy sold as royality fees to cover up the development costs of the consoles which are usually sold at a loss.

      Thats how console gaming works you moron. They sell you the consoles cheaper and milk the developers and publishers and make their money by taking a cut from every copy sold. As for exlusives? They pay for them. They could might as well price them less since they get they royality fees anyway, but they dont because they are greedy.

      Do you reallize how stupid you are now?

      Also i find the piracy argument to be laughable. Developers have to dumb down horror games and sell 5-7 million copies and STIL fail in sales despite desperatly trying to appeal to a large audience. In a world that games are dumbed down to secure more sales and fail to do so, blaming pc piracy is beyond stupid. When 160 million of x360s and ps3s give only 1.5 million sales to sleeping dogs, you cant argue piracy, its not a matter of which platform has the larger install base or the most sales, but games themselfs sucking.

      My god you are bigger clueless consoletard than i thought.

      Newsflash kiddo, everyting in the last 2 years flops in sales. Entire genres are dying, development costs are rising, next gen is gonna be a huge mess, you will see more sequels than new ips. Infact bioware stated it clearly “a true next gen experiance will require 10 million in sales so no one is willing to do it” So next gen wil be a smaller jump.

      Games will cost over 100 milion to make just like tomb raider 100 million development cost, dumbed down causal game, barelly managed to break even.

      Ubisoft wont make a game unless they know its gonna sell well,they expect over 5 million sales on watchdogs which is crazy for a new ip.

      There isnt room for innovation or risks, next gen bill bring the death of many franchises and developers, games will become more generic and samey and all that thanks to your consoles while pc survives by giving money to new talented devs and help them make their way in the industry like cdprojekt or creative assembly or obsidian or crytek.

    • Psionicinversion

      Nice one you just owned him with that post

      Tbh sony is going down hill if they have to keep selling off parts of there businesses there going to lose that much cash and have virtually nothing come in to even make a PS5…. hope it lasts a while cus could be the last console they make. knowing MS theyd prolly help sony out with cash so MS wont get hammered for anti-competitive practices and to have some sort of competition in the console space.

    • Dakan45

      He is a prime example of a clueless consoletarded fantard who thinks pc gaming is dying and has no games ant it just mmo and rts and has no idea how game development works.

      Sony may sell ps4s but everything else is crumbling, their credit rating is labeled as “junk” if wiiu or xbone fail, they are not gonna give a damn, but sony is ruined if ps4 doesnt sell.

      Thats the only reason they are playing the nice guy card, because they are in trouble.

      I dont think there will be another generation of consoles, it may sound far fatched but the things that have happened this gen are insane, games cost too much to make and thus become more generic to appeal to as many people as possible, i seriously wanna see what is gonna happen in 2 years from now.

    • Psionicinversion

      I think MS will then again in 8 years i think theyll be pushing for cloud big time, windows 9 will be getting more cloud based by the time like windows maybe 12 is released maybe that time more and more high speed net infrastructure will be in place, although if 4K is the norm, the bandwidth reqs are rediculous… if a console game now is 40+GB wonder how much a 4k game is unless can super compress the data i think star citizen will be the benchmark. if SC is like 40-50GB on PC can count on consoles being like 60-80GB. But ya never know

      But true sonys smartphone/tablet busniess is just breaking even (according to same article that said its sold there PC business) after dumping something else a while back. Its probably a much needed cash injection, there making TV side a separate business (in wonder if there subsidizng the TV business from other ares of the company so if the TV side fails it fails whic will be a MASSIVE blow to that 4K streaming service they got).

      If sony only did smartphones/tablets/PS4’s and attributable stuff there prolly still getting cash from SOE they can use but seems like the company is dwindling… my opinons PS5 yes but it will be make or break for them… PS6 pends how the PS5 goes… if PS5 sticks to the design language they got now, off the shelf parts with some customization, easy to program more difficult to master they may have a winner BUT if MS comes back with the next Xbox with the same design language yet decides to use there massive financial resources to put much more powerful hardware in even at a loss, both should be using GDDR6 by then and a redciculous GPU it will crush the PS5 into oblivion…. itll be like sticking a black hole behind the PS5 and wait till its crushed into nothing!!!

    • rob

      dont even mention xbox1 game with it below standard visual oh my bad xbox 720 i ment since most of it game run 720 lovin my ps4 as u can tell u know and i know the xbox 720 is inferior to the ps4 com on man

    • Broj’swife

      I see you and your boyfriend are at it again. The only reason you troll on console threads is because your a lonely PC fan yard. Nobody games on a PC. Go play sims and angry birds.

    • Dakan45

      you got 3 fake acounts and you talk crap about me?

      Sorry kid pc has more games than all consoles combined. CRYYYYY.

  • rob

    sure glad i didnt invest in the xbox 720p. ps4 is a beast

  • John D

    PS4 is such a amazing console.

    • Guest

      for low IQ paupers indeed.

    • Dakan45


  • rob

    and building a pc the cost can b steep and xbox 720p is inferior to the ps4 the ps4 is the way to go until alienware steam machine come out later on this year it only 399 to 499 so i invest in one

    • asdffdsasfdaasfd

      You get what you pay for.
      Wan’t gaming without compromise? Triple monitors? Max graphics? 120fps? 1440P/1600P/4k? in 3D? The PC is the only choice.
      Call me when a console can compete with that.

    • John D

      Puts 120fps thinks the human eye can see past 60fps. LOL. PC players are so dumb.

    • Psionicinversion

      actually 120 fps on a 120/144hz screen is noticeably ALOT smoother than even 60 fps on 60hz monitor so unlucky try again

      also technically the human eye cant see past about 30 in reality or its 24 one of those 2 its jus a higher framerate makes it appear smoother so in that regards whats the point in 60 fps when its dbl what the human eye can see???

      60+ hz is good for long viewing which is why you set your monitor at maximum hz level cus the flickering of frames isnt noticeable on an unconcious level so you dont get so tired so quick

    • John D

      Most movies looks worse at 120 hz or higher. Makes them look like a live movie. Same with games. Some games developers only strive for 30fps just to make the game look better. I am actually surprised Outlast is 60fps. I would think 30fps would be a more grainy horror feel.

    • Psionicinversion

      The frame rate doesnt determine what the textures are like… if it ran at 1 fps or 100 fps doesnt make any difference the textures are still the same. My PC would probably be pulling 100+fps out of Outlast but it does have the grainy horror feel from yesteryear, youll have to play it, it is good and does make the hair on the back of your head stand up cus the audio cues are awesome in it. Same as a film the right music can build tension and stuff and does it well in Outlast. Testament to a lowish quality game texture wise can be on par if not better than some of the titles that are being pumped out of big studios

      With gaming 30 fps is fine for slower paced stuff its even moderately fine for FPS games cus if your game slows down so does the enemies. You need 45+ fps consistently for multiplayer cus if your computer slows down the other guys isnt thats shooting at you so youll die. Thats why you can jack the details up and run it fine as long as it doesnt dip below 30 youll get a decent enough experience then lower some details to hit that frame rate for multiplayer

      The thing with the hz is the high the hz the more smoother its supposed to be in fast action scenes not 100% sure what ya mean but thats the idea of it

    • John D

      I am just excited for this game. It has been a while since a proper horror game has come out on console. I just think Sony is smart for grabbing these exclusives like Outlast. I hope Amnesia would come to PS4 as well. The developers was talking about it.

    • Dakan45

      oh am sorry, i thought the human eye cant see further than 30 fps according to you consoletards.

      THEN you got your ps4 and you saw that, just admit you morons are clueless and we alrady had what you have now many years ago.

    • John D

      Maybe XB1.

    • Dakan45

      no it was ps3tards. But you sonytards forget pretty fast.

    • John D

      Why cant we just be friends. I love you bro.

    • Dakan45

      Because you are a dumb sony dck licker.

    • John D

      But bro Sony makes computers also. LOL. You dumb

    • Psionicinversion

      Selling off there PC business cus its not profitable and if they cant sort out there TV business to they might have to sell that off

      Its not signs of a company thats doing well. Its a good job the PS4 is doing well cus if they’d gone with a Cell 2, i think it would of finished sony off and theyd be dead in the water.

      Whereas as MS is different they can take massive losses on the chin and not even waiver, sure the stock price would go down but its no biggy for them. They were losing $5billion a year on bing and just soaked it up think its starting to just turn a profit not sure but the losses are getting smaller. If sony lost $5billion a year sony wouldnt be around now

    • Dakan45

      but bro, sony doesnt make computers, they stamp their label on them but the hardware is not theirs, its intel, amd, nvidia, etc etc and they are made in china.

      Sony’s various divisions are leaking money, from cameras to tvs to computers to pretty much everything.

      Only ps4 sells everything else is junk, thats a way sony can possibly die despite ps4 sucess. On the other hand ms is 3.5 times larger and they had half the losses from their x360s from what ps3s had. Xbone can flop and ms wouldnt give a flying crap.

      Same goes for nitendo.

  • iuybsadfoiuhbfsao

    Having only 8Gb of ram is laughable, it’s going to be absolutely anemic in a few years, I wouldn’t be surprised if mobile phones easily pushed past it.

    • Gamez Rule

      Just look at the games on PS3 like Uncharted 3, The last Of Us, Beyond Two souls, all made with only 512MB split pools of RAM. So PS4 and Xbone will have no worries with 8GB of RAM at all, due to developers utilizing the consoles hardware better than they do with PC hardware.☺

    • Dakan45

      that last of us has the blurriest textures i have ever seen and awful lighting it looks like running a game on pc on low settings.

      if i have to praise something that will be killzone 3, i couldnt believe ps3 could have that kind of textures.

      Also since pc and consoles will have the same architecture and mantle is coming, pc games will become very optimized as time passes.

    • Gamez Rule

      I will agree with the last of us and low textures, but you still got to give that PS3 credit. I mean a PC using a total of 256MB ram for OS and a GPU with only 256MB could never make games a PS3 did ( Including Killzone 3 / God of war 3 ) ect.

      Now times have changed with similar architecture based on PCs architecture things can only get better, hence why 8GB of GDDR5 Ram is good enough,

    • Dakan45

      i think that rumor was debunked, honestly god of war 3 is not a graphically impressive game, acension yes but god of war 3 is mostly good art style.

      What i hope is that now they got all that ram, games will stop being scripted corridor shooters and will have nonlinear maps, whos thumbing down everything?

    • John D

      God of War 3 not graphically impressive. What? Are you kidding me? That game still to this day puts most games to shame graphically. Ascension was just a unnecessary game.

    • Dakan45

      No its not graphically impressive, but you consoletards dont understand graphics, i am talking about graphics here such as textures, lighting, geometry not art style, uncharted 2 had great visuals but the graphics were not that impressive especailly the lighting system. The last of us has 2004 quality textures and awful lighting.

      Killzone 3 is graphically impressive.

    • Gamez Rule

      Thumbing down is not me, I’ve had it done too ☺

      Anyway what rumor do you mean? Because God Of War 3 was a very graphically impressive game, which was why when god of war ascension got released everyone was like WOW. But all I’m pointing out is that a PC same spec as PS3 couldn’t have played games like that while PS3 could do. And that’s why the PS4 having 8GB of RAM is plenty for a console as unlike a PC it doesn’t have to do everything. ( meaning running tasks like a PC needs to do ) You know what I mean,.

      But yes, games for both PC and consoles should benefit due to the change in consoles hardware as developers have clearly stated. Which for gamers like myself that own PC and consoles is very good news.

    • Dakan45

      its a hack and slash game, its not a graphically impressive game, its mostly the art style,

      Come on, the lighting, the geometry, the shaders…meh.

      Personally castlevania lords of shadow has better graphics.

      Ps3 is not to be compared with a pc, originally it was gonna be a cpu based console, it wasnt gonna have a gpu and it has a custom 8 core cpu. It is a pretty weird architecture that everyone hated. However ps4 is very pc like and from what i heard 5gb are available for games, the rest are for os and share and browser functions, those things dont run on magic, they need resources too. The 5 gb are used both by the cpu and gpu.

      Now consoles are pretty comparable to pcs, ps3 was nothing like a pc.

      Killzone 3 is graphically imrpessive god of war 3…mostly art style.

    • Gamez Rule

      Opinions on games is cool, but what I tried pointing out is that Consoles do not have the same hardware as PC ( similar ) yes but not the same as otherwise we might as well all stick to PCs. The other point I’m making is that 8GB of RAM in PS4 is more than enough for developers and gaming in general so where someone posted “Having only 8Gb of ram is laughable” wasn’t the case. Look at the games made on PS3 with only two pools of RAM at 256Mb each.

      PCs need more RAM than consoles and that trend continues today.

    • Dakan45

      you still comparing it with ps3 which was a alien architecture. Now its pc like and like i predicted alot of the ram is used by the os and other functions.

      The more ram the better i dont want anymore corridor shooters.

    • Gamez Rule

      The more RAM would be better yes. But isn’t needed because even though the PS4 is using a similar architecture to PCs they are not the same. That’s why consoles can give games without all the over-heads PCs need. Consoles give out games using a low GPU / RAM / ect yet for that game to run at the same quality on PC you need more hardware ( in spec ) than the console to play it. That’s why I posted 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and 256MB DDR3 RAM is fine for PS4. It doesn’t need more RAM.

    • Dakan45

      “PS4 is using a similar architecture to PCs they are not the same. That’s
      why consoles can give games without all the over-heads PCs need.”

      What you mean by that? Games on pc are not designed for pc hardware nor are utilizing them effectivel most games use up to 3 cpu cores and 4gb ram. so your argument is kinda pointless.

      Now with x86, optimization, mantle and x64 exes, everything will change give it a year or two.

    • Gamez Rule

      What you mean by that?… What I’m pointing out is that Consoles don’t need the same hardware PC does to play games.( Meaning that a console can have a lower spec hardware in it but still play games that a high spec PC plays )

      Even John Carmack pointed out “Consoles run 2x or so better than equal PC hardware”

      Exaample = a PC using Intel i7-3770k processor clocked at 4.3GHz per core, and 16GB of DDR3 RAM, using a R7 260x GPU dips below Sony’s PS4 hardware playing games.

    • Dakan45

      I am telling that what you said will not be true due to similar architecture and mantle which is basicly low level access, what consoles have while on pc you have to lose perfomance thanks to a layer between the hardware and directx.

      Carmack also said that both consoles are the same in power and the old consoles are not maxed out and there are alot they can do.

      So screw him.

    • Gamez Rule

      And the point was that 8GB of GDDR5 RAM in PS4 is more than enough for gaming ( even when people believe it’s not )

    • Psionicinversion

      8GB ram is enough for the PS4 3-3.5GB for the OS and 4.5-5GB for everything else seeing as CPU and GPU can call from the same data pool with out it having to be duplicated its fine.

      PS4 does have the same hardware as a PC now its just the layout of the SoC is different. If AMD started producing PC’s with a SoC like PS4’s (would never be exactly the same cus the chip would/should be upgradeable) it would be the same setup as its the most efficient way of doing stuff. The chip inside the PS4 is balanced cus all its doing is gaming really not much else, low powered AMD chip custom GPU bolted ontop (just has extra ROP’s and stuff nothing majorly changed tbh) which is still AMD architecture and GCN for gfx (is different to kaveri cus those chips are more for light gaming etc anyone really wants play games will get a dedicated GPU). PC’s arent as efficient in design as consoles cus there designed to be modular. Anything modular mostly will never be the most efficient way of building it.

      Your still overlooking the fact that the PS3 and Xbox 360 were extremely powerful systems at launch, 360 Xenos GPU could do tesselation in hardware for example, no PC could mainly cus MS held back tesselation from dx10 to 11 cus of nvidia didnt have a part ready and the hardware wasnt at the same standards. It also took high end systems 1-2 years to catch up to the 360 on gfx.

      The architecture in the xenos was implemented by AMD and nvidia on a level cus it was a much better way of doing it than they currently had.

      This time round both consoles are no where near as powerful even with HSA architecture and stuff it will still be limited by the GPU some what cus its about a mid range GPU sure CPU can offload tasks for GPGPU but it cant be used for everything, only for certain things i think. Like ive said before optimisations will only get you so far before your limited by the hardware and this time round the limits will be alot closer,

      Sure the games may still look great but dont expect massive improvements, im sure the PS4 can 1080p 60fps in almost every game that wont be the issue its how well the gfx “settings” improve i.e. can we push the system so instead of using medium settings can we get high, then can we get very high, doubt itll hit an ultimate level detail well on a top notch game like say crysis 4 i highly doubt it will ever achieve that but itll still look good none the less.

    • Gamez Rule

      How does PS4 ( have the same hardware as a PC ) when in fact it doesn’t have all the same hardware as PC.

      PS4 architecture is similar to PC nowadays, but hardware in PS4 is not the same as PC ( only similar ).

      Just be looking at the GDDR5 RAM used for OS & GPU in PS4 showed what i stated as PC uses DDR3 ( or below ) for OS and uses GDDR5 for it’s GPUs hence why the PS4’s RAM is unified memory, which means just one pool of high speed memory for both & not the two pools of RAM that are needed in PCs or found on 99.9% PCs.

      The PS4 is more ( like ) a PC…Yes. Which will benefit all gamers now that the architecture is more PC like, and will now allow developers to easily make games for PS4 ( as well as porting PC games to PS4 ) All this because PS4 uses ( familiar PC like architecture ) unlike it’s PS3, ect.

      See why PS4 is not the same as PC architecture BUT it’s closer to PC architecture, while the PS4 hardware is similar to PCs hardware ( but not the same ) hence why I brought up the RAM to show this.

      Now even “Van Der Leeuw explained that his studio was heavily involved in the creation of PS4’s architecture, and while it might be ( more PC-like than its predecessor ), it is still very much a games console. = an Der Leeuw explaining = Mark Cerny Explains hardware

      But if you want to believe that PS4 is the same as PC in the hardware / architecture departments that’s your opinion and very much entitled to it☺

    • Psionicinversion

      You dont listen to anything do ya. I watched Mark Cernys video its call the Mark Cerny – Road to PS4 its about 45 minutes long i think…. go watch it rather than looking at some site that takes excerpts… the second site is taken directly from that video, then i again i still dont think youve got the intelligence to comprehend anything.

      I said to you that a consoles design is more efficient cus its fixed hardware, it isnt designed to be modular and support all different type of hardware. Xbox 360 had unified memory so PS4 is just catching up in that respect. A PC doesnt use unified memory until now with kaveri where kaveri will run off DDR3, mainly cus you cant buy GDDR5 as a memory module but that would require a new motherboard making, new chipset to support GDDR5 as a memory module, new memory controllers and path circuitry to accomodate the increased bandwidth. Its like buying a suit from a cheap shop with about the right size or going to a tailors to get one custom fitted to your needs

      Or like going to a doctor which is a jack of all trades, or when you need brain surgery going to a brain surgeon which specialises in that field. The doctor is a PC, brain surgeon is a games console.

      The underlying stuff IS a PC, the way its put together is different becuase its fixed you choose the parts that suit what your doing so your not underutilising something or over saturating something.

      To prove my point lookat your rubbish about running proper 4K games, oh optimisations make up for everything ill give you a power difference to think about

      1.84Teraflops bandwidth 256bit bus
      176GB/sec bandwidth
      1152 stream processor

      My gfx cards for Star Citizen if i go AMD
      9+Teraflops bandwidth 512 bit bus
      6-700+GB/sec bandwdith
      5632 Stream Processors
      hopefully can get 6GB GDDR5 on them by then if not 4GB is ok for a single 4K monitor

      Im hoping i can play on maximum settings at 45-60fps even that might be a bit dodgy, might need 3 cards but im only going have 2, if not might have drop a few details down a bit.

      Thats a setup that can do that do you think the PS4 with its amazingness can do similar to that? Also with mantle the CPU bottleneck becomes less and can shunt stuff to the GPU rather than CPU which makes it alot faster about 50% faster on xfire cards cus removes the CPU bottleneck.

      Now than putting that into perspective still think the PS4 can run a proper 4K game???

      Oh and you say well steam this steam that, well people who want to play star citizen are well aware of the type of power thats needed to run the game and are already saving to buy the best rig they can when the game comes out, and thats most of the community there. People will be buying new computers JUST for Star Citizen. Fair play 60,70,80% of PC users wont have those specs of PC’s fair enough they wont simple as that but we want to play the game, we pay for the hardware to run it to and thats fact

    • Gamez Rule

      “A PC doesnt use unified memory until now with kaveri where kaveri will run off DDR3, mainly cus you cant buy GDDR5 as a memory module” ……..

      That post of yours alone should show i was correct when stating what I did about PS4 architecture being similar to PC nowadays, but hardware in PS4 is NOT the same as PC ( only similar )☺

      You stated it yourself in your own post that you can’t buy the PS4s hardware ( GDDR5 ) for PCs ( yet you state that “PS4 does have the same hardware as a PC” ) lmao! Yet everyone else knows that both PS4 and PC hardware is NOT the same just similar. ( Like i pointed out ) and shown by links above.

      Hence why I also posted

      “Just be looking at the GDDR5 RAM used for OS & GPU in PS4 showed what i stated to be correct as PC uses DDR3 ( or below ) for OS and uses GDDR5 for it’s GPUs hence why the PS4’s RAM is unified memory, which means just one pool of high speed memory for both & not the two pools of RAM that are needed in PCs or found on 99.9% PCs”

      “The PS4 is more ( like ) a PC…Yes. Which will benefit all gamers now that the architecture is more PC like, and will now allow developers to easily make games for PS4 ( as well as porting PC games to PS4 ) All this because PS4 uses ( familiar PC like architecture ) unlike it’s PS3, ect”….. BUT NOT the same☺

      As for 4K debate it was the developer of Trine 2 that stated what he did about PS4 playing THAT GAME on PS4 at 4k if Sony allowed it at 30fps. I believe that could be the case too as a HD 7870 could play games at 4k. But either way Sony’s PS4 will not be playing 4K games as Sony confirmed,☺

    • Psionicinversion

      280x is an overclocked 7970 Ghz edition so it performs much better also the sapphire 280x Toxic has a new PCB rebuilt form the ground up to allow better performance and overclocking ability and its back from RMA so can pick it up tomorrow :D, the 7870 is the middle brother to the 7970 so dunno how you worked that one out (i do now see below). 7870 cannot run a proper 4K game well maybe a really low detailed one. Its commonly agreed that a 4K game needs 4GB ram at least cus of the massive textures involved so the 7870 could prolly run trine 2 cus its a side scrolling pre-rendered physics partially enabled pile of rubbish. 280x would beat the 7870. my 280x wouldnt run a 4K game there no way well nothing worth playing at least

      “Please note that the above ‘benchmarks’ are all just theoretical – the results were calculated based on the card’s specifications, and real-world performance may (and probably will) vary at least a bit.”

      There figures arent right. Its got the core speed down as 850Mhz vs 1000mhz which would be true for a stock 7970 but 280x’s start at 1040Mhz my toxic runs at 1150Mhz standard factory settings. I can put any type of antialiasing to the max and it blows through with out a hitch, put the settings i use on a 7870 and it wouldnt fair anywhere near as well

      The hardware in the PS4 is the same as in a PC, the PS4 doesnt have specially designed GDDR5 its the same, it doesnt have specially designed CPU the same thing is in kaveri still uses AMD design, it doesnt have a specially designed GPU, its the same GCN architecture in every 7xxx AMD card and up (the 8xxx series thats in the PS4 was only designed for the integrated GPUs thats why theres no 8xxx series standalone gfx cards)… maybe not 290/290x cant remember if they updated it a bit. All the GPU has is extra ROP’s that you wouldnt usually find on a card with 1152 SP’s and thats it. Theres nothing special about it.

      GDDR5 as a main system ram coupled with kaveri in a PC for general computing would be horrible cus of its high latency, but its fine for the PS4 cus all its doing is gaming and not anything else. The 256MB ram you mention i think thats a bridge for the GDDR5 to CPU for commonly used calls similar to how Hybrid Hard drives work… they have like 4GB flash ram between the HD and that so that commonly used stuff gets stored in there for faster execution. Probably the “fix” they employed for the latency problem of the GDDR5.

      They specifically said they used off the shelf parts to build the PS4 so its easier to program for etc… the GPU might be “the most powerfulest theyve ever built” but there talking about the integrated gfx. PC’s dont need gfx like that becuase most people would just slap a much much more powerful GPU in if needed.

      MS licensed the tech from AMD and built there own CPU and gfx chip some what, im sure they had alot of help from AMD and will be similar but i bet the R&D of MS for the X1 is alot higher than PS4 and thats without the kinect development. As it stands at the moe i will say it doesnt look like its paid off but as i said i think youll have to wait a few years to see what the X1 is really capable off and if its still subpar well only good thing to come out of it is for MS to take a more conservative approach next time.

      I will concede your point about the system architecture (not hardware architecture cus it is the same) it is different to a PC fair enough but ive realised what it is actually very similar to a tablet or smartphone, they both use SoC’s they both try to have the most efficient design they can both will use a unified memory consoles are just over sized smartphones!!!

    • Gamez Rule

      “The hardware in the PS4 is the same as in a PC, the PS4 doesnt have specially designed GDDR5 its the same, it doesnt have specially designed CPU the same thing is in kaveri still uses AMD design”

      No the hardware in PS4 is not the same as PC, OR used the same way, but similar.

      As shown by this too “Kaveri faces is the fact that the GPU component has no access to ultra-fast GDDR5 RAM – instead, the DDR3 RAM installed on the motherboard is utilised for graphics tasks – something for which it wasn’t really designed as the raw bandwidth simply isn’t there”

      See not the same OR used the same as PS4, but similar.

      As for the “used off the shelf parts to build the PS4 so its easier to program for etc” you do know yourself they didn’t mean that in the way that you can buy PS4s GPU / GDDR5 RAM / CPU / Motherboard, ect ( Similar Yes, but not the same as PC ) So system architecture in PS4 and the PS4 hardware is different to PCs )

    • Psionicinversion

      Ok the architecture is pretty much exactly the same the only thing thats different is kaveri uses DDR3 which with mantle can achieve 45 fps on BF4 medium settings no antialiasing which is impressive.

      System architecture is different yes, the actual hardware architecture is the same. They havnt created a new CPU architecture just for the PS4, they havnt created a new GPU architecture for the PS4 its the same there isnt any special GDDR5 its exactly the same as it is on gfx cards. The way it interfaces is different, that what ive bin saying all along.

      PS4’s system architecture would suck for a PC but is good for games thats why its build the way it is. There isnt a special GDDR5 for unified memory thats handled on chip so it can use it for 2 things and got nothing to do with GDDR5

      The X1 is custom built by themselves so the PS4 is off the shelf parts with a little tweaking.

      No different to having A8 chip with a 8570D, or a A10 with a 8670D, exactly the same architectures and way it handles stuff there just tweaked to provide more power. Thats all the PS4’s chip is a tweaked version of a low power chip they already produce. Theres nothing different architecture wise really.

    • Gamez Rule

      As I said before IF you believe that Sonys PS4 is using the same hardware & architecture as PCs then that’s your choice and opinion. You can’t buy Sonys PS4 hardware off the shelf, as the hardware is not the same as PCs hardware ( Hence similar )

      I will still state that the architecture & hardware in PS4 is ( Similar ) to PCs but not the same like developers pointed out ( hence why PS4 works differently to PCs, as well as Kaveri ) and cannot be used in PCs. And it’s this familiarity that could make it easier and less expensive for game studios to develop games for the PS4.

    • Psionicinversion

      yah ok…

      good news is were all on x86-64 and gfx tech is the same so easy to get good games across all platforms which is good and we’ll leave it at that 😀

  • AVJ

    I have PS Plus, I have PS Plus 😀

  • Guest

    More $0N¥ PauperStation Foul BULLSH*T that that won’t deliver. Nobody gives a F*CK about craptastic poor man’s indie games.

    • Surging

      Hey man im looking forward to this game, 1080p at its finest better than your xbox 720p weak station !.

    • Dakan45

      oh please xbone can easily do 1080p on this game, my 6 year old pc could.

    • Surging

      oh please, only 2 games so far that are 1080 60 on xbone, the rest are 720 60, 1080 30, 720 30..

    • John D

      So true. If the XB1 cannot even run COD in 1080P you know something went bad wrong in the design phase of that console.

    • Dakan45

      I still laugh at you idiots sonytards going to a comparison of ghosts on ign and saying “oh you can so see the diffirence here” then ign apologized because the comparison was prior patching so the game run on 720p on both systems.

      Long story short you CANT see the diffirence you PRETEND you can. dumb consoletards.

    • John D

      So let me get this stright fan boy. Just caught you in a horrible fan boy lie.

      So you make comments that say PC looks better because of 1080P then consoles then you say there is no difference from 720P of XB1 and 1080P for PS4 on ghosts. LOL. Quit lying to everybody. TROLL

    • Psionicinversion

      Actually alot of reviewers who actually look, not the lazy ones who assume its better tell that there isnt all that much difference. The X1 upscaler does quite a good job with it. The PS4 one may have bit more clouds in the sky or slightly sharper birds which are still bad cus the AA both use is very poor, the AA difference between both in general is negligible cus again its poor.

      Thats probably more attributable of the rubbish dinosaur age engine Ghosts still used, best is to compare BF4 which uses a proper upto date engine thats designed to get the most out of a newer system and gfx technologies.

      BF3 for me was far superior to Ghosts in terms of gfx and gameplay actully and that 2-3 years old… Ghosts looked horrible in some places for example when you shoot a rope over to the skyscraper. The quality of the gfx there was absolutely horrible and that is cus of the engine i thought to myself what is this rubbish im playing. Thats with all settings and antialiasing to max. Ghosts is a poor choice to compare both of them

    • Dakan45

      No i am saying that you pretend you can see the diffirence or that yo ucan tell the diffirnce between the graphics

      People claim bf4 looks the same on pc and ps4. You yourself say that last of us graphics are impressive and thus i believe you dont really understand graphic nor you can reallize what looks better in terms of techinical graphics, not art style. Sony fantards actually think that uncharted 2 and last of us has better graphics than crysis 3, which run UNDER the lowest settings on consoles.

    • Dakan45

      pc master race.

    • Nathan O

      Uh there is close to 15 games that run at 1080 on the xbox, I’m playing one of em right now. The Amazing SpiderMan 2. Its awful, but its 1080p. Just picked up Child of Light, its 1080p, Wolfenstein is being released at 1080p 60fps for the XB1. Just because you ignore all these titles, doesn’t mean they don’t exist

    • Surging

      this was 3 months ago lol, do try and read the dates before you post


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