PS4’s GPU Is A Beast of A Processor, API Is Strong And Straight Forward

The Director at Roll7 gives his thoughts about the PlayStation 4 and Sony’s help in understanding the console’s API.

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Sony have been secretive regarding the actual specifications of the PlayStation 4. There are many parameters that Sony haven’t revealed publicly and it looks like that won’t change in the future. However with the advent of modern GPU processors for gaming PCs, what does it tell about the PS4 GPU?

Speaking to Simon Bennett, who is the Director at Roll7 Ltd, GamingBolt posed the same question. “I guess that all depends on how hard developers are willing to push GPUs over the generation,” Simon said. “It’s a pretty beasty processor – I reckon it will hold its own.”

And what are his thoughts on the PlayStation 4 API and Sony’s support for third party developers in its implementation. “I think its fair to say that the API is pretty strong, it’s far more straight forward than the Vita version – which is nice. Sony have been super forthcoming with developers around the API and implementation. I guess their biggest push was to get Unity and GameMaker integrated, which will be a big hand to smaller studios. We are actually using PhyreEngine on an unannounced title at the moment – with Sony’s direct support – it is great!”

Roll7 have currently finished worked on the PC version of OlliOlli which you can be pre-order on Steam.

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  • Michael Norris

    I am a PS gamer.but calling the Gpu a beast seems a bit optimistic.I know Sony did some tweaks on the buses which should improve things.

    • PC Elitist

      he is making a new game with their help , so hes all “optimistic” now. but i would agree compared to ps3 , it is really good, shame it will only have so little good games.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Huh, yeah. Little games like Bloodborne, from the developers of Demon’s Souls? I think the petition to port the latter to PC is still going on.

      And don’t forget that the PS3 ended 2013 with more than 20 exclusive games. Guess for which console those developers are writing games, now..

    • albatrosMyster

      I know I know, the XB1? MS opened the secret sauce jar and all Sony studios loved it, it’s very tasty apparently!

      So surprise surprise, Uncharted 4 will be 4k 120fps on the xb1, with cloud computing and all in there (to move the three leaves in the wind).

  • Richardo

    Gaming Bolt should preempt interviews telling or introducing that they are a very tech oriented news site with very tech saavy readers. Then maybe the interveiwees would hesitate to say this mystical PR drivel, and they’d have gotten some interesting statements instead of laughable “beast” adjectives. This guys statement sounds like its targeting Nintendo Power readers…

    • Mark

      I hear u, I’d rather read some good specific info regarding the PS4 GPU, so I could learn some stuff. It’ll be interesting to see what Indie studios can make with Unity 5, CryEngine, and UE4.

  • Axe99

    I love my PS4, but to call the GPU beasty is a bit over the top. That said, as PC Elitist says below, he’s working with Sony on a game, so he’s hardly going to go knocking it, and the PS4’s early results were pretty solid (not as good as Higher-end* PCs, but very close for 1/3rd of the price – noting that cheaper PCs can also get very close for around 1/2 the price) – but at the end of the day it’ll be optimisation and clever coding that make the PS4 sing, rather than raw horsepower.

    * not the highest-end of course, but something like an i7 with a 780.


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