PS4/Xbox 720 Need To Please The Hardcore Gaming Crowd By Competing With Steam

Focus on the hardcore gaming crowd.

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With the big day approaching soon, there are a lot of assumptions on what Sony are going to announce on February, 20th. There are several rumors each day and it is getting like a big cloud of dust, where nothing is clear.

Rumors and assumptions aside, it is always best to listen to what a well known industry member has to say on the matter. Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester has shared some interesting thoughts regarding Sony and Microsoft’s next gen consoles.

He wishes that Sony and Microsoft should focus on the hardcore gaming crowd, something that Steam is doing.

Sony and Microsoft need to focus on the hardcore gamer.

“If I can make a wish list for upcoming consoles from Microsoft and Sony I have two wishes. The first one is that it’s easier to publish content for the platforms and it should be more digital focused. That’s one wish. Maybe three wishes. The second one is digital focus which should be obvious to anyone. And the third wish then is a return to hardcore gaming,” he said

He also believes that Sony and Microsoft are two such companies that can provide competition to Steam.

“Please the hardcore gaming crowd first and foremost, because Steam is sort of taking over that crowd and as much as I love Steam, and the people working for Steam and their pioneer position in the gaming industry I still think they need competition and Microsoft and Sony are the ones that should provide that competition,” he said to GR.

With the Steam’s new gaming hardware on the horizon, Wester’s comment makes sense. What do you guys think?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Seriously. You guys have to let go of the “digital focused” aspect. It is a completely pointless argument. The moment all OS’s on phones, tablets, and PC’s provide OS recovery on the cloud for free is when you will see “digital focused”. Since that won’t happen in 10 years, just stop talking about it.

    Not everyone has an internet connection fast enough, and if you do, great!! But you are one atom in my ice cream sandwich. Plenty of other atoms don’t have what you have. Stop mentioning it. It will not help nor hurt for a physical and digital focus. So we’ll call it “Gamer Focus”. Lose the word digital. Those of us with a brain will just laugh at you and call you names for suggest something that isn’t possible right now. And then you get mad, we get mad. No one is happy.

    That’s how Chuck Norris gets involved. No one wants that. For Christs Sake.


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