PS4/Xbox One 8GB Memory Is Not Optimal Situation For Devs – The Park Dev

Funcom’s Joel Bylos believes it will “last because it has to.”

Posted By | On 22nd, Jan. 2016 Under News

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8 GB has been a major talking point for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 since both consoles released. The Xbox One has 8 GB DDR3 RAM, of which 5 GB is for games, while the PS4 has 8 GB GDDR5 RAM. Much has been made about how this, along with other hardware in current gen consoles, would lead to better looking games. And for the most part it has.

However, Funcom creative director Joel Bylos, who is working on bringing The Park to current gen platforms, is a bit iffy on whether it will last for the next 5 odd years. “Hmmm, that’s a difficult question. It will last because it has to. Is it an optimal situation to put developers in? Absolutely not.

“And VR is coming – that’s going to come with hefty requirements. Who knows what will happen in the end? There are rumors that the PS4 VR has a separate box with unknown hardware inside. Maybe they’ve added a little extra hardware to help with the requirements.”

Considering the heavy system requirements for Oculus Rift, it certainly seems possible. But where does that leave non-VR titles in the coming years? Regardless, let us know your thoughts on the viability of RAM for both respective consoles in the coming years.

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  • Riggybro

    I still to this day don’t understand why (in laymans terms) the consoles use such an incredibly massive chunk of ram for the OS? 3.5-4GB?!
    Especially in comparison to Windows… I mean PC can stream, tab in/out have other things running etc… but VRAM + ram usage is so minimal?
    Huh? Why?

    • Jason Mounce

      Well, Windows 7 OS for me always takes up 20-30% of my RAM at all times, I have 16GB of RAM. So it’s taking roughly 4GB to 4.5GB just when it’s idling or running browsers. So, how is it that consoles using 3.5 to 4GB is somehow extraordinary?

      Have you ever owned a PS3? Have you played games like Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls which was ‘always online’ while attempting to go to the XMB during play? To message a friend or do ‘ANYTHING ELSE’ without immense delay or lag? It was HORRENDOUS. It had minimal RAM and it was a complete bottleneck to the ‘seamless experience’ that they were attempting to do.

      Yes, that’d be why consoles Should always put some ‘extra reserved juice’ to the OS, so it’s a seamless experience. Just as PC users can play a game in full-screen and Alt-Tab to the desktop. The more power the game uses? The slower the process of Alt-tabbing is. The more power your computer has in reserve that the game isn’t taking? The easier alt-tabbing is.

    • Riggybro

      Thanks for the good reply.

      Ha yep I remember last gen the clunky as interfaces (just trying to navigate ps store was a nightmare).

      4-4.5 gb when idling in Windows is kinda high to me. Which is kinda why I find the 4 gb on a console a bit extreme (not that I’m a tech expert). When I’m idling in my Win 8.1 and Win 10 I am about between 1.7 – 2.3 GB (but mostly on the mid-lower end – I just checked).
      And while I do keep my PCs pretty clean (close down everything not in use – no crazy extra things running) I would say it’s probably doing as much if not more in the background than a console?

      I dunno. Your probably right with the seamless experience thing… (they definitely nailed it – I have a ps4 and its pretty damn seemless) I really just thought that the boffins at MS & Sony would have the OS down to a fine art and would have reduced it down to a minimum (2gb maybe?) especially on a fixed console platform.

    • Jason Mounce

      No problem. Thanks for not going randomly hostile like most people on the internet.

      Well, yours is 1.7-2.3GB of what total amount of RAM?

      I’m not sure how optimized or how good Sony is at making OS’s, but in comparison you could argue that since Microsoft and Xbox 360/X1 requires a lot of RAM to also run an OS – you could easily think that since Microsoft are EXPERTS at making OS’s, and have been doing it for many years that their Console-product would get the benefits of all their years of experience. Yet, Xbox One holds the same ‘issues’ than as Sony and their console, which uses similar amounts of RAM catering specifically to the OS.

      Sony wouldn’t be as experienced as Microsoft, yet the demands and output are pretty similar. So it could be argued that what they’ve devoted for the OS alone is a normalcy, rather than abnormality 😮

    • Generalkidd

      Actually, the Xbox One’s OS architecture is really quite amazing. Keep in mind that the Xbox One is actually running 2 OS’s (3 during 360 emulation mode) concurrently. All these OS’s run together seamlessly thanks to the hypervisor that’s essentially the core of the Xbox One OS. The main OS is Windows 10 which runs apps and the UI while games are run in their own special OS. The hypervisor that manages these OS’s could even be considered an OS of it’s own so the Xbox One can basically be running up to 4 OS’s at once.
      So even though on the surface it may seem that the Xbox One and the PS4 use the same amount of RAM for their OS’s, keep in mind that the Xbox One is running up to 4 OS’s at once. So Microsoft’s experience in operating systems actually does shine with the Xbox One’s OS architecture. If the Xbox One did run a single OS, it probably wouldn’t need more than 1 GB of RAM or so. But then the Xbox One would lose it’s split screen multi tasking abilities and essentially operate like the PS4.

    • Jason Mounce

      The more you know, any sauce for it though? Am unsure to what extent and multitasking the PS4 does in contrast unless you know what depths it has, if any.

    • Generalkidd

      Disqus won’t let me post links, but if you look up the Wikipedia article on the Xbox One, in the system software section it will mention the Xbox One’s multi OS set up. It only says 2 OS’s though managed by a hypervisor. Whether you want to count the hypervisor as an OS is up to you. I personally do consider it an OS though since the hypervisor is responsible for the split screen multitasking and transitions between OS’s.

      Anyways, as for the PS4, it does not have split screen multitasking, but it does have background tasks for certain applications. You cannot however play a game while having a browser, youtube video, etc, running side by side at the same time on the PS4. That’s not exactly a limitation of having a single OS architecture, but rather the overhead it’d place on the OS. The version of Windows 10 running on the Xbox One is a very stripped down version of Windows, just enough to run Universal Windows 10 Apps. Probably only uses a few hundred megabytes of RAM by itself, a gigabyte at the most. Were it to be a full OS, it’d be as people above described with Windows taking up 4 or more GB just idling. Rather than having one packed OS, Microsoft opted for multiple barebones OS’s for specific tasks.

      I can’t tell you exactly how much RAM each OS takes up, but my main concern with this approach has always been the hypervisor itself. A hypervisor is basically a virtual machine and there’s always some slight loss of performance when an OS is running within a virtual machine. So I don’t know how much performance is lose with this hypervisor approach.

    • Mirimon

      Those apps are all running, jusg nobody cares to see the game and their browser at the same time. Why would they? This is a living room machine, not something for a lone desk jockey to kiss the screen about.

    • Mirimon

      Lol, what nonsense is this? If you are going to be a fanboy, at least get your own brand’s stuff right…. what a shill.

    • Generalkidd

      Look it up, the Wikipedia article will do for basic information, there’s more technical articles out there you can read but that’s how the Xbox One achieves split screen multi-tasking. As I can tell you’re a fanboy, most likely a Sony fanboy, I already assume you people never research anything and make wild claims and assumptions so it’s unlike you’ll take my suggestion and look this up. Besides, you shouldn’t have to look it up to begin with. The multi-OS set up was part of the original marketing for the Xbox One and was basically showed off in every Xbox One commercial back during its launch.

    • Mirimon

      First of all, xb1 runs 3, not 4 operating systems. RTOS which is a non hyper-v base layer, and two versions of windows 10.

      “Split screen multitasking, or snap, ia not new, not hard, and certainly not exclusive to xbox but more importantly not important. Nobody likes having their share of the screen shrunkndown to play a game just because it is the only way the xb1 can play music also, that is not a feature worth noting, since it came with nearly any mid to high end tv since 1983…..the xb1 milti os system doesn’t magically make it happen.

      And you can’t tell anything about me.. YOU fan boys, you shills for the brand you tied your low self-esteem to have this bad habit of calling anybody who does not shower your brand-god with holy praise fanboys, while knowing nothing of reality… you can’t even google correctly ffs…

      While the os and ui have made improvements to its previously lethargic operation speed, it is still slower than others, and needlessly cumbersome. It ids getting there, but still has far to go just to get in par with other products.

      Your posts would likely come off lrss like an advertisement if you stopped trying to advertise for them. They can tell their own lies… (fyi, ps4 os uses less ram than xb1, allows more for the games. Snd lol, running one OS would mean losing “split screen ability” (para)…explain what windows is…..its been runni g “Split screen taskings” for a while now… xb1 uses windows… so again, why run simultaneous operating systems? It really is a poor excuse)

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    • Psionicinversion

      well it uses about 30% as a pre fetch, it only actually needs about 2GB but it stores other data for faster loading of previously used programs and can recover that RAM if it needs to

    • Paul

      Not sure what you are doing to use that much memory that is very high, on idle on mine it uses about 1.3GB, this is with Steam, Avast and AMD graphics control panel running, Steam as we know has it’s own browser, and also, Windows if it was like a console and striped down would use a lot less memory than it does on PC, I was shocked like many others about only 5GB being used for games and to this day, I’m still amazed it still uses that much reserve memory when Steam alone does quite a chunk of those features you talked about, I think they could trim it down to about 1GB and still do what it does now.

    • Jason Mounce

      Mines with Trillian, Skype, Steam, Chrome browser being up and drivers for my webcam/Blue Yeti Mic being on all the time. No AV or Firewall though. So, yeah – No idea, depends how long I guess my computer has been running perhaps. It’s now just using 3.5 so it fluctuates from that average.

    • Paul

      Chrome uses a lot of memory on mine as well, can go up to about 4GB with that, I do remember on mine that the longer the computer is on for, the more memory it uses even if it’s the same programs running, probably memory leaks, mind you I’m planning to upgrade later this year most of my computer and getting 16GB of memory, don’t think it will get used with Windows 10, DX12 using less memory but best to have for future proofing and the good news is that DDR4 memories been coming down in price a lot lately, thought it was going to be around £200 for 16GB but I saw it for under £80 around a month ago, much faster at 2400 compared to mine which is 1600 speed.

  • Mirimon

    Is this what passes for journalism?

    • Orion Pax


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  • Dirkster_Dude

    This is 1 of those things where you can never have enough.

  • Zanna


    Please explain me again about your deep experience with console.

  • Hvd

    i could care less about what some craptastic pc dev…give me my AAA’s please.pc didnt give a crap about his game.kepp you crappy pc games of the consoles.

    • Paul

      You might not care but he does have a point, 8 GB which 3 is reserved for the OS and the memory is split between the cpu and gpu, when you look at it like that, it’s not as much memory as it sounds, on the PC, 8GB to 16GB system memory and 2GB to 4GB graphics memory is kind of the norm for midrange to high end PC’s.

  • Truth™

    Everyone knew these consoles were outdated before they even launched. Developers were just paid to shut their mouths about it.

    “MUH 8GB GDDR5”, right?

    • Hvd

      lol you again.

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