PS5 May Arrive In 2nd Half of 2018, Nintendo NX October Reveal Clarified – Analyst

PS5 already?

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At this point, we actually don’t know when the Nintendo NX will be revealed- the original rumor was for September, but that’s seeming increasingly unlikely as more and more of this month passes. A report that emerged last week said that analysts are projecting a reveal for the console in October, now, which is a point that The Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki recently stated on Twitter, clarifying the notion that if we don’t get to see it by TGS, we will probably not see it announced till next month.

The NX was not the only console he talked about, however- he also noted that Damien Thong, the lone analyst who correctly predicted the existence of the PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim, was also predicting that the PS5, as in the successor to the PlayStation 4, will be arriving in the second half of 2018.

That would… honestly be a bit too soon for my liking. The PS4 Pro just launched, after all, and in 2018, the PS4 itself would only be five years old. I think Sony would do well to hold off on introducing a PS5 for a good while.


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  • Terminator

    Release the PS5 in 2018? Only 2 years after releasing the PS4 Pro? Oh yeah that’s going to work so well, we know how the PS Drone fanbase (the real hardcore ones) buy anything Sony puts out there even if it was a bag of sh*t they would praise it and buy it. lol

    2019 or 2020 would be a better bet. 4 years console life cycle is just alright if you ask me.

    • Cypher-Unknown

      “Oh yeah that’s going to work so well, we know how the PS Drone fanbase (the real hardcore ones) buy anything Sony puts out there even if it was a bag of sh*t they would praise it and buy it.”

      You could say exactly the same about Microsoft fans. Or “Xbots”, if you insist on being a bellend.

    • north58

      No one said you had to buy the pro just stick to the original and wait for the ps5,easy as that. I don’t get why people are complaining just because something new is released they aren’t holding a Gun to your head to buy it.

    • CouldntComeUpWithAName

      Because now day one PS4 owners and those that have bought a PS4 before the Pro launched will have the inferior version of the games and what not….well that’s what people are saying. Consoles are becoming PC’s and some don’t like it.

    • Mr Xrat

      Like how you Xgimps rushed out for the Xbone S and even then it did underwhelmingly at retail?

    • PonyExpress

      Even though its been outselling the PS4 since its release. Try harder Pony lol.

    • BelAirBoss

      Microsoft is combining sales of the one and the slim. Slow down son. Slow down. When the ps4 pro is out as well as the slim, that will be far more telling of what is really happening in the market.

      In addition, many people were probably holding off for the slim and pro announcement, and the release of those consoles, just as xbox one sales dipped lower in the months before and directly after the one S announcement, with people not buying an xbox one and waiting for the release of the One S. Gee whiz.

    • Blue Gum

      “I’m a gamer first, and a fanboy last. Love gaming but hate Fanboy Trolls…”

    • Marc Grierson

      hahahahaha!!! Fantastic. What an absolute pleb.

    • Terminator

      No relevant counter argument? Got it.

      Don’t be mad because you didn’t like what I said that you had to go through the whole trouble of stalking my account.

    • Blue Gum

      Hovering my mouse over your icon is stalking now?

    • Terminator


      Well regardless of your attempt to undermine me because what I said is true and it hurts you I am still a gamer first and a fanboy last. I have an Xbox One, a PS4, a Wii U and a PC…I really don’t have to explain myself to you so I will just leave you to sob in a corner and end this irrelevant and derailing conversation here because you didn’t like what I said.

    • CouldntComeUpWithAName

      So true.


      Considering the other consoles are inferior and have not seen a 90 exclusive in 2 years…(xbone doesn’t even have one) I’ll say they choose right!

    • Eddie Battikha

      I thought Sony is switching to a 3 year hardware refresh cycle, I also thought PS5 was coming out Nov 2019 for sure, either way I’m in Technology just moves too fast. PS4 Pro and a LG B6 this November sounds good to me.

  • Old3nglish

    Only FIVE years after ps4 launched? Dude, last generation cycle was abnormally long. Probably due to the economic recession – 5 years is generally how long console generations last. I’d be all for a ps5 coming out in 2018. Have it be 100% backwards compatible and I’ll be happy.

    • Andrew Sandstrom

      This is why I do PC lol. After I upgrade everything it’s still backwards-compatible with all of my games even 10 years later. =P

    • Old3nglish

      Yeah that’s one of the reasons I love pc gaming too. Consoles are good for their exclusives and I have family and friends that only game on consoles, so it’s worth it to me. PC gaming is ahead of the curve in many ways and I doubt that will change anytime soon.

    • lanmanna

      How do you know someone’s a PC gamer? They’ll let you know alllll the time.

    • 5 years was standard, but that was before games had multi-year development cycles. When it takes several years to make a game, a five year console cycle is probably not a great idea.

    • Old3nglish

      Wait, what? so during the N64 era and then in the xbox era, games did not have multi-year development cycles? 5 years is plenty for a console cycle, IMO.

    • Weresmurf

      Yeah but games didn’t generally take 3 – 5 years to make back then, sometimes well in excess of that.

    • Eddie Battikha

      So many Sony Exclusives are coming out in 2018 and they’re to show off the PS4 Pro, the only way PS5 will come out in November 2018 is if Scorpio sells like hot cakes for months, Sony is switching to a 3 year hardware refresh cycle that way technology isn’t held back and evolution will continue. PS5 in Nov 2019 will be a true 4K Gaming Console.

    • Sam

      Actually in some cases it was 4 years. First xbox and 360 were 4 years appart for example.

    • Eddie Battikha

      I’m getting a PS4 Pro and a LG B6 this November. I originally thought 2019 for PS5, But with Scorpio in 2017, I see a PS5 in 2018 or 2019.

    • Eddie Battikha

      AMD always counts launch day as a year so 2018 makes it 6 years, No backwards compatibility for PS5 it’ll be a clean break.

      But perhaps the biggest takeaway I had from the meeting with Mark Cerny was the insight into how Sony views the console generations. PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio have been seen as the beginning of the end of the jump to a new, more capable wave of hardware in favour of intermediate upgrades. What’s clear is that Sony isn’t buying into this. Cerny cites incompatibility problems, even moving between x86 CPU and AMD GPU architectures. I came away with the impression that PS5 will be a clean break, an actual generational leap as we know it. I do not feel the same about Project Scorpio, where all the indications are that Microsoft attempts to build its own Steam-like library around the Xbox brand, with games moving with you from one console to the next – and eventually, maybe even to the PC.

    • fuzzywarbles

      I don’t even understand a reason to buy an xbox console anymore. If all xbox games are playable on PC why get it? Will the scorpio be that inexpensive and powerful to justify investing in it than just upgrading your pc? Some people prefer consoles I guess but still. Seems rather silly, but I am 100% for your library carrying over to subsequent consoles.

  • Starman

    Pathetic … desperate, there won’t be a PS5 , the Ps5 is coming alright , and it’s called PS-PRO… Sony is finished , It doesn’t matter how much you fangirls want another system , if Sony could do it , it would’ve been done now….

    • BelAirBoss

      Do you have more bankroll than Sony? No? Then I think you must be finished. Yup. Finished. Sony makes movies, tech products, and more. What do you produce, other than hot air, that is? Precisely. LOL.

    • Brian Tomczyk

      If anything is finished it would be Xbox their exclusives are now on PC so if 30 million people had to buy an Xbox console to play games like Gears of War Forza Killer Instinct etc etc they don’t anymore those games are now on PC where people can game at 4 8 and 12k and that’s 30 million million people that don’t have to buy a Scorpio

  • Mr Xrat

    Doubt it. I wouldn’t expect any more talk of future hardware before 2019 now.

  • Blue Gum

    2019, I’m calling it.
    Bookmark this page, and come back in 3 years.

    • Jim Layhe

      agreed. i can foresee a possible announcement around this time in 2018, but I wouldn’t expect a release until Fall 2019.

    • Soda Popinski

      Debut PS5 launch titles:
      Uncharted 5
      Killzone 4
      Resistance 4
      Twisted Metal
      GTA VI
      Half-Life 3 (ok, now i’m getting crazy i know)
      Portal 3

      (Fully backwards PS4 compatible, makes for easier transitional upgrade)

    • KokoTheMultiversalBanana

      Maybe even a sequel to Spider-Man PS4 if it does well (bookmarked, see you in 3 years lol)

  • PonyExpress

    Sonys greed has no limit.

    • BelAirBoss

      As Einstein once said, the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has it’s limits. You are living proof.

    • PonyExpress

      You bit, so right back at you.

      You need to stop taking all this so seriously lol. If you rage over silly things like your brand loyalty, then go see a shrink.

    • BelAirBoss

      As Einstein once said, the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has it’s limits. You are living proof.

  • Barry Harden

    PS5 release is End of 2018. More than 8 TF’s and ready for full native 4k@60fps gaming.

  • Tachyonic Cargo

    Sony is just slowly killing themselves. How did they go from, “can do no wrong,” in 2013, to this mess? I get the idea of mid-generation refreshes, and even get the idea of generation-less consoles. But doesn’t anyone think that once every two years is a bit much?

    Three years with the PS4 PRo is pushing it. And the only reason why the Pro is anywhere near exceptable, is because the PS4 was underpowered to begin with. So the PS4 Pro, minus the fugly, new chassis, is what the PS4 should have been in the first place, when it launched in back in 2013. So three years later, we finally get the real PS4 . . . and two years after that, they are going to throw us PS5?

    And do you have any idea how much more powerful the PS5 is going to have be over the Xbox Scorpio, for the PS5 to even be remotely considered a true next generation system? And PS5 has to be seen as a true next-gen console, and not another refresh, or no one except the Playstation faithful are going to by it coming two years after the Pro. So what, four, maybe five times the power of the Scorpio – 24tflops to 30tflops . . . a year after Scorpio? I don’t think so. And how much is that going to cost at retail?

    Sony is spiraling, people.

    • BelAirBoss

      This guy is so confused, even his mama is feeling woozy. Let me help you out son……

      1. Spells acceptable as exceptable, but feels he knows what multi billion dollar corporations should or should not be doing. Typical.

      2. Says the ps4 pro is what the ps4 should have been in the first place. Well, couldn’t you say the same for the xbox one? And more importantly, in 2013, the tech to get where the ps4 pro is now would have cost more than the vast majority of gamers would have been willing to spend, if it was even feasible at all. Cost is the major driver of technology. Companies have to make a profit, not simply build a beast and watch the beast sit on shelves because the masses cannot afford it.

      3. You make some nonsensical argument listing off 24 to 30 teraflops. You are completely clueless. Completely. Stop worrying about flops and start worrying about games. 24 to 30 teraflops. Somebody call this boys mother. He’s fallen and hit his head. Hard.

    • Black Candy

      Uh, three years IS the midway point of a typical console generation, so how is that pushing it?

      The PS5, whenever it comes out, will be capable of native 4k 60fps, and that is all anyone will care about. Console gamers aren’t hung up on FLOPS.

      I don’t think most console gamers would mind a shortening between generations from 6 to 5 years either.

    • Eddie Battikha
  • Hans Olo

    Who cares, bring out the PS5 and the next Xbox 2, Scorpio or whatever it is!


    PS5 in 2020 at the earliest Sony just released the PRO they gotta make back their investment

    • BelAirBoss

      Sony’s investment in the pro has been minimal. No 4k drive, not Sony’s own drive which they are working on, nor a bought 3rd party drive either. A simple overclock of the cpu, and all the grunt work on the gpu was mostly done by AMD, and likely was part of the original work order for the ps4, and stipulated in the contract previously.

      PSVR is where the r&d money has gone recently, but I don’t think your 2020 prediction is crazy. I would think more along the lines of 2019 for Sony and if Microsoft has another console in them, 2020 for them. But we shall see eventually.

  • CouldntComeUpWithAName

    2019 and forward would be a better time to talk about PS5.

  • BelAirBoss

    When the ps5 debuts, it should be an absolute beast, and not just allow increased resolutions and framerates, but really free developers to dream more about how they design games and what may be possible. I don’t think that by 2018 it can be that beast for the price the majority of consumers would be willing to pay. And that is the key, really.

  • cweb1988

    as long as they can do backwards compatibility, and peripheral compatibility it wouldn’t be too bad.

  • Hvd

    didnt they say ps4 pro is a MID GEN UPGRADE? so that means 3 moire years till the ps5 which means they are working on the ps5 right now.they will announce it 2018 and release it 2019.

    that also depends on how well xbox xbox scorpio it crushes sony the ps5 mite be out early.

    • Eddie Battikha
    • Hvd

      it sucks to have bought a ps4 pro….lol suckers more hard ware and no games…lmao.

    • Eddie Battikha

      LOL I got the money and get what I want whenever, PS4 Pro will be perfect for 2 years to enjoy all of Sonys game until PS5 comes out in Fall 2018. I heard Taco bell is hiring good luck Lil boy.

    • Hvd

      lol…l.mao….lol….lmao i got moneyu to buy a $10,000 4k gaming pc if i wants to…lulz… are stupid…lol

  • Gamez Rule

    Like I posted before…

    “Scorpio IMO is clearly not going to be a current gen console it’s more of a next-gen console because If you look at how big of a jump it has over the Xbone you’ll see it’s actually four times more powerful compared to Xbone (1.3 TF vs 6 TF) which when you go back and look up older consoles it’s the same level of difference between Xbox 360 and Xbox One (0.3 TF vs 1.3 TF)

    The next gen console made by Sony ( PS5 ) will be the real competitor to Scorpio. It’s clear that MS are just cutting this generation short with starting a new generation just like they did with the original Xbox. A poor strategy for loyal Xbox supporters but the same strategy nevertheless.

    People say “Sony aren’t going to release PS4 Pro and then announce PS5 two years later. It’ll never happen”..BUT MS is doing exactly that because MS just released the Xbone S with upgraded specs and will be releasing Xbox Scorpio within 14 months of Xbone s release date? So why couldn’t Sony release PS5 two years from PS4 Pro release?”

    • Eric Higgin

      PS choosing the 4.2TFlop unit instead of the 5.5TFlop prototype suggests PS5 is coming sooner than later. PS did say Pro is mid gen, but most agree it seems like Slim and Pro were planned to be shown off at E3, and probably were going to hit shelves soon after.

      However, MS pulling a desperate move and announcing Scorpio extra early during the event made PS hold them back. They probably had to regroup and take time to decide what the best approach was based on the kink MS just threw into the hose. PS might have added or removed features because of this, which would explain the later launch of both systems. This would have meant a Pro launch 2.5 years into the cycle, which means PS5 could show up in another 2.5 yrs. PS did specifically say they have been working on Pro for 2.5 yrs, hint hint.

      I would guess the 4k blu-ray might have got the axe to keep the price down for higher, quicker sales. Then throw it into PS5 fall 2018, when the price of 4k is negligible and a bonus in the console. Get as many Pro units sold before PS5 talk begins. If I were PS, sometime before Scorpio launches, I would tease PS5, just like MS teased Scorpio, which would make many gamers step back and rethink if they want to buy Scorpio now, or wait for PS5. Some will have waited for a year already, so whats another year then for a higher spec’d console? Maybe buy a Slim or upgrade to Pro in the meantime?

      If PS5 can launch at much higher specs, say 12-16GB of ram, 8 core zen cpu, 7-9TFlop gpu, 2-4TB HDD, maybe small SSD, maybe 4k blu-ray, then PS5 could cost say $499 at launch late 2018. That would be prefect because Pro could drop to $349, Slim could drop to $249-$199, and Scorpio will probably get a reduction to be $50 less than PS5 always. Before if your funds were low, you would have to get a Slim, which was a huge specs gap compared to the next gen, and so some would jump ship to the slightly more affordable next gen of the competition that launched earlier. Now, there’s less reason to jump ship because you only have to drop to the Pro level, which won’t be near as big of a specs gap this time around, and your PS4 games are still forward compatible.

      PS has every reason to launch PS5 in 2018, and teasing it early and hindering Scorpio sales, much like Scorpios tease will most likely hinder Pro sales early on, is the smartest thing they could do.

    • Gamez Rule

      Agreed.. Late 2018 ( November ) / Early 2019 ( March ) = PS5 in my opinion.

  • oSHINSAo

    So much invest for nothin ?? what a way to throw money, they should keep the ps4 and then work on ps5, then in 3 years a new ps5 Pro… no sir

  • LordCancer Kain

    they should keep them rolling on a two year cycle while phasing out a third skue and supporting two.

  • Skorge

    lol right, between having all of their assets tied up in the VR and Pro, Sony is magically going to fund R and D for a new console that they couldn’t afford to take losses on.

    PS5 2020 at the earliest.

  • kreator



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